Indonesian justice system treats two British journalists as criminals

first_img to go further Organisation British journalists Rebecca Prosser and Neil Bonner were sentenced today to two and a half months in prison on a charge of violating Indonesia’s immigration law. Having already been held for more than twice that time, they are due to be freed shortly. Red alert for green journalism – 10 environmental reporters killed in five years August 21, 2020 Find out more News Receive email alerts November 19, 2020 Find out more Help by sharing this information November 3, 2015 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Indonesian justice system treats two British journalists as criminals IndonesiaAsia – Pacific News On eve of the G20 Riyadh summit, RSF calls for public support to secure the release of jailed journalists in Saudi Arabia Detained by the immigration authorities on the western island of Batam since late May, Rebecca Prosser and Neil Bonner were found guilty today by the Batam district court that began examining their case in September.“We are relieved to learn that Rebecca Prosser and Neil Bonner will soon be released,” said Benjamin Ismaïl, the head of the Reporters Without Borders Asia-Pacific desk.“Nonetheless, their conviction by this court confirms Indonesia’s troubling tendency to treat journalists as criminals when all they have done is violate a regulation. How can locking up journalists for long periods like criminals be regarded as justice? The law on foreign journalists’ visas must be repealed.”Prosser and Bonner, who work for the Wall to Wall production company, entered Indonesia on tourist visas and were arrested by the Indonesian navy on 28 May while filming a reenactment of pirates storming an oil tanker for a documentary commissioned by National Geographic.Indonesia is ranked 138th out of 180 countries in the 2015 Reporters Without Borders press freedom index. IndonesiaAsia – Pacific August 12, 2020 Find out more News News Follow the news on Indonesia Melanesia: Facebook algorithms censor article about press freedom in West Papua RSF_en last_img read more

Wi-fi? Maybe you, not me

first_img Sponsored Content Remember America’s heroes on Memorial Day Published 10:00 pm Saturday, September 20, 2008 I was in Montgomery. I had no idea what a “local” call would be.“It’s a 256 number.”That was not a local call so the manager of the store could be of no further assistance.Back in the car, I was in my comfort zone. “Maybell” has rollup windows, gears that shift, a clutch, manual steering and brakes and a radio with a knob.Otherwise, I’m a woman out of her time.But it comes as no surprise that the world has left me far behind.I’m one whose first telephone conversation was on two tin cans linked with a waxed string. I’m one who learned to type on a manual Royal with round keys and an ink ribbon.I know that I’m out of touch with this high tech world that has made pay phones and Brownie cameras the dinosaurs of my day.That was brought home to me some time ago when Sis and I didn’t know that a cell phone actually knows when you cross from one time zone into another.We thought that we had entered the Twilight Zone and actually lost an hour of our lives.Then, we also didn’t know that televisions at motels can be set to turn off at a designated time.We were certain that the innkeeper of that quaint, historic hotel must have come in with a pass key while we were asleep and turned off the television because neither of us had.How dare that man come in where we were sleeping in our pajamas!My son explained those things to me.He also said Sis and I should not be allowed to go out alone. We are just too out of touch with today’s world.I did not tell him that my first, and only, attempt to use my check card resulted in the ATM machine gobbling up my out-of-date card.Nor did I tell him of my attempt to punch in a friend’s check card at the ATM machine.“I’ll get out and do it,” said Bannie who was on the passenger side.“No, just tell me. I can do it.”I followed her instructions. “Punch this button and that button and, no, not that button. The other one.”Instead of a $10 bill shooting out, the screen admonished me: “Too Slow. Try Again!”Bannie got out and did it.Just the other day, the marquee at Grandmaw’s kitchen caught my eye. Wi Fi.That’s an odd way to abbreviate the days of the week, I thought.And, I wondered what specials Grandmaw’s was having on Wednesdays and Fridays. So, I asked around and nobody knew. Finally, I asked at the restaurant. One of the owners called to tell me that Wi Fi is Wireless Internet Free Inside.“What?” I said.“That means that you can bring your computer inside and connect to the Internet. It’s an “in” thing. Like going to the coffee shop and sitting around logging in on the computer.”“My word in the garden!”That reminds me of those “hip’ and high falutin’ folks out in Aspen who sat around the outdoor cafés reading the newspaper with big dogs on a leash lying at their feet.Guess, Wi Fi is now the “hip” thing to do.Well, at least that’s better than sitting around with the dogs.At least, the computers don’t Wi Fi on the floor.WiFi You Might Like Messenger launches new website Don’t let your eyes deceive you … has a new look. The Messenger launches a redesign of its award-winning… read more “Do you have a pay phone?”Finally, one of the stone statues came to life. A “mature” man. He walked over, put his arm around my shoulders and gently guided me to an obscure place in the store. He mouthed the words very deliberately and in a low whisper, as if I were senile or something.“We..don’ By Jaine Treadwell Print Article Plans underway for historic Pike County celebration Troy falls to No. 13 Clemson Wi-fi? Maybe you, not me Latest Stories The Penny Hoarder Issues “Urgent” Alert: 6 Companies… By The Penny Hoarder I said, no, I was in Montgomery to see my grandson’s baseball game that had obviously been rained out. I was just trying to get in touch with my son to find out where to meet them for supper.“Supper?”“To eat out,” I explained to the city slicker.“Will this be a local call?” Book Nook to reopen Pike County Sheriff’s Office offering community child ID kits Skip Email the author Why, I reckon they thought I was E.F. Hutton speaking.Every single soul in the place stood stone-still quiet with their mouths gaping open like a Venus flytrap.So, I said it again. 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Teacher recruitment needs upgrading for better quality, equality: IGI

first_imgAs a result, schools would rush through their selection process to find anyone who could replace their outgoing teachers, neglecting their selection criteria and perhaps sacrificing quality in terms of the incoming teacher.“We have [a saying] that ‘if a goat holds a bachelor’s degree, then the goat might as well teach’,” said Ramli.The policy to cancel the civil service exams also means that nonformal teachers would be denied the opportunity to advance to civil service status, which has a higher salary scale. At least 60 percent of all teachers in Indonesia were nonformal teachers paid by honorarium, Ramli said. Meanwhile, the preliminary results of an ongoing IGI survey found that 80 percent of all nonformal teachers it polled earned less than Rp 1 million (US$69.5) per month.Indonesia’s civil service system recruits both formal and contract teachers, and requires all teacher candidates to pass the civil service exam. Other aspiring teachers are informally recruited by individual schools as nonformal teachers who are paid by honorarium. Ramli’s warnings follow last week’s announcement from Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Tjahjo Kumolo.Tjahjo announced on July 6 that the government had canceled the civil servant recruitment program for this year and next due to a delay in the final process of the 2019 recruitment program, which he attributed to the COVID-19 health crisis.Read also: Civil servant recruitment for 2020 and 2021 canceled due to COVID-19, minister saysTeguh Widjinarko, the reform ministry’s acting undersecretary for state human resources, said on July 14 that while no new civil servants would be recruited this year, including teachers, the government planned to resume the selection program for contract teachers next year.He added that the ministry also planned to collaborate with the health and the education ministries to hold “coaching clinics” for local administrations to manage state employees.“We are responding to the concerns of stakeholders, in this case the [regions], the Education and Culture Ministry and the public, with good planning right from the outset,” said Teguh.While praising the planned initiatives, IGI’s Ramli also cautioned the government’s “halfhearted” stance on teacher recruitment, warning that poor recruitment had resulted in many current teachers who were teaching subjects in which they lacked expertise.He pointed to poor regularity clarity for the shoddy recruitment process, low wages for the lack of professionalism among nonformal teachers, and teacher training institutions (LPTKs) for producing substandard teachers.Ramli recalled a recent teacher recruitment held at his school in Makassar, South Sulawesi, during which only two out of 12 teacher candidates for English-language classes had demonstrated fluency in the language.“No matter how good the curriculum or the facilities may be, the quality of the education that the students receive will be poor if the teachers are not good at teaching,” Ramli said. He stressed that Indonesia could lag behind other countries in education if it did not reform its teacher recruitment system.Read also: Spotlight on teachers as Indonesian student competence worsensThe 2019 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey found a declining trend among Indonesian students in reading, mathematics and science skills, with the country ranking below Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Thailand.Meanwhile, the SMERU Research Institute published on June 29 a working paper indicating that the country was still struggling to improve the quality of its teachers because of institutional, political economy and social obstacles in recruitment.The paper revealed, for instance, the muddled delegation of tasks between the relevant ministries and the centralized recruitment system. This had resulted in ideas raised at interministerial discussions playing a greater role in teacher recruitment than the input from local administrations, all the while stakeholders pursued their own interests over educational goals.It also said that inequality between formal and nonformal teachers, as well as systemic bias for seniority over merit, had discouraged teachers from developing their professional skills and instead encouraged them to pursue civil servant status as a career goal.Read also: Nadiem’s reforms, up to teachers nowThe SMERU paper recommended limiting the term of contract teachers to identify the best qualified and most passionate candidates for the job.It also advised the government to address the absence of a state-level teacher management institution. Further, the government should develop mechanisms to stimulate public demand for high-quality teachers, instead of creating new laws to discourage politicking.“The key to improving education performance starts with improving the stock of the country’s teachers,” said the paper’s authors, who reviewed legal documents, conducted in-depth interviews and held focus group discussions.Topics : Indonesia could see a decline in the quality of new teachers, as the government’s recent cancellation of civil service entrance exams could result in a haphazard recruitment process, a teachers’ union has warned.Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) chairman Muhammad Ramli Rahim said that the new policy would affect schools, which would struggle to replace outgoing teachers who retired or left for a different job.IGI data shows that over 544,000 civil servant teachers will be retiring in the next four years, while around 226,000 teachers had retired in 2017-2020.last_img read more

Woods done as king of the hill, maybe for good

first_imgIt’s premature to pronounce Woods “done,” even for this calendar year. At the latest, he will be back on the golf course by November, in the Australian Open. Maybe sooner. And if he’s desperate, Woods could still pick up a tournament round or two stateside or somewhere in Europe.But his reign as king of the hill is over, maybe for good.Every golfer suffers through lean stretches. Woods was never like any other golfer, but he’s already mired in year two of the longest drought of his professional career. He walked off the course at the Atlanta Athletic Club with his head held high; more telling was the glazed-over look in his eyes. Once he opened his mouth, the words spilled out as if delivered by a punch-drunk heavyweight, certain there was more fight left in him.“Now I’ll have nothing to do but work on my game. That’s going to be good,” he began.Asked if this was a step backward, Woods conceded it was, “in the sense that I didn’t make the cut and I’m not contending in the tournament.“But it’s a giant leap forward,” he added a moment later, “in the fact that I played two straight weeks healthy. That’s great for our practice sessions coming up. We are going to now be able to work and get after it.”He went on to parrot all the optimism and plenty of the mumbo-jumbo that his latest swing coach, Sean Foley, packages as instruction. Woods says he’s “hitting the ball further and that’s something I have to adjust for. I have way more compression now than I ever have, so the ball is coming off cleaner, faster and I’ve got to get used to that.“So again, today was another example … a lot of my shots I missed were over the greens, over the flags,” he added.Several went into the woods and ponds, too, and another 22 into bunkers, but who’s counting? Maybe Woods is in denial. What’s abundantly clear in any case is how far his game has declined.It hasn’t been a steady fall, interrupted by the occasional top five finish and time off to rehab his increasingly injured left leg. Here, though, Woods came out of the starting gate on fire, making birdies on three of his first five holes, and then skidded all the way out of the tournament. He hit the same number of fairways and greens both days—just six of 14 and 10 of 18, respectively—was slightly better saving pars out of the sand and needed one fewer putt, 28 vs. 29 on Thursday. That explained the four strokes Woods managed to shave off his opening round.But as we noted at the end of the first day, Woods’ ranking in several crucial driving, short game and putting categories have all tumbled more than 100 places since his 2009 season. He still oozes talent. What he can’t produce anymore are results.Woods and Foley have been working together for a year. Asked whether even in that short time he’s convinced the changes he’s undertaken will succeed in the long run, Woods replied, “Absolutely.”“So it’s just a matter of just doing the work. I need to go out there and spend hours getting it done,” he said.It seems a fair question to ask whether Woods couldn’t have plowed some of that work back into his game before this. Deep as the hole looked even before he stepped back out on tour two just weeks ago, it suddenly looks a whole lot deeper now.(Jim Litke is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at [email protected]) by Jim LitkeJOHNS CREEK, Ga. (AP)—Everyone who wanted their pound of flesh has it now, and more.Nearly two years into his free fall, it seemed Tiger Woods couldn’t go any lower. He just did.Love Woods or hate him, the takeaway from his second round Friday at the PGA Championship—where he shot 73 for a 10-over 150 total and missed the cut by six strokes—should be sadness. Once the greatest golfer of his generation, and arguably the best of all time, the same golf swing that thrilled millions around the globe no longer scares anyone in the field. MISSES THE CUT—Tiger Woods answers a question following his second round of the PGA Championship golf tournament Aug. 12, at the Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, Ga. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) last_img read more


first_imgFESTIVE DERBY DAY ACTIVITIES AT SANTA ANITASanta Anita will host the “Biggest Derby Party West of Kentucky,” the KROQ Kentucky Derby Beer Festival, in the track’s spacious Infield Area on Saturday.In addition to the Run for the Roses from, Santa Anita will offer fans a full card of live Thoroughbred action, with first post time at 12 noon. Admission to the KROQ Beer Festival starts at 12 noon. Approximate post time for the Kentucky Derby is 3:40 p.m. PDT.            Santa Anita in partnership with KROQ will offer a Kentucky Derby Trackside Package that includes Club House admission, a drink voucher (must be 21 or over), a racing program and tip sheet, access to Trackside and reserved Grandstand seating areas and an American Pharoah Tote Bag.            For more information on the Derby Day KROQ Beer Festival or to purchase tickets online, please visit BEHOLDER ‘STRETCHES HER LEGS’ FOR 2016 DEBUTNYQUIST GETS DERBY NOD FROM TRAINER SHERLOCKD’AMATO SEEKS FAST START IN SANTA ANITA STAKESBARRY ABRAMS ‘SUSPENDS CAREER’ DUE TO HEALTHUNBEATEN CHAMPION SONGBIRD BACK ON THE TRACKFREE SHUTTLE SERVICE FOR FANS AT SANTA ANITA SHERLOCK FANCIES NYQUIST IN KENTUCKY DERBYGary Sherlock, trainer of California Chrome Stakes winner Uncle Lino, has seen the best of Exaggerator, having been beaten by the Santa Anita Derby winner twice. Not so for Nyquist, the undefeated male two-year-old champion of 2015 who is favored to win Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. Nyquist and Uncle Lino, both sons of Uncle Mo, have never raced against each other.That could change should Nyquist run in the May 21 Preakness, a race Sherlock has ticketed for Uncle Lino.But all that speculative data didn’t prevent Sherlock from having an opinion on the 142nd Run for the Roses, which fans can watch and wager on at Santa Anita.“I think Nyquist is the best horse,” Sherlock said. “He’s an athlete and so far he’s done nothing wrong. If he doesn’t win, then I think it’s wide open. Exaggerator freaked in the mud (winning the Santa Anita Derby by 6 ¼ lengths on a sloppy track), and also, the pace was ridiculous (45.20, 1:10, 1:36.20 with a final time of 1:49.60 for a mile and an eighth).“We set it up for him by osmosis. Danzing Candy went too fast and I went too fast. I took the lead from Danzing Candy but Exaggerator just ran by us.”Sherlock concedes that Nyquist has a more favorable style for the mile and a quarter Derby, while Exaggerator, although in attendance to the pace in the Delta Jackpot and the San Vicente, has run his best coming from behind.“Exaggerator has to come from out of it, as do several others,” Sherlock said, “so I’m looking for a mid-pack horse that’s going to get the trip and lay fourth or fifth.” HEALTHY SONGBIRD ‘HAPPY TO BE BACK’             Undefeated female two-year-old champion of 2015 Songbird is back doing her thing after a fever forced her to miss Friday’s $1 million Kentucky Oaks at Churchill Downs.“She was back on the track Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,” said Dan Ward, assistant o Jerry Hollendorfer.“Each horse is different in dealing with a fever,” Ward said. “She got over it in quick fashion. There was nothing abnormal. Her blood was always good, so it was easy to get over.“She’s just happy to be back in training.” BEHOLDER DRILLS FOR ADORATION STAKES ON SUNDAY            Three-time Eclipse Award winner Beholder blew out three furlongs Wednesday morning in 37.60 as she prepares for her 2016 debut at age six in Sunday’s Grade III, $100,000 Adoration Stakes for fillies and mares, three and up, at 1 1/16 miles.“It was just to stretch her legs,” trainer Richard Mandella said by phone from Kentucky Wednesday morning. “She’s had her serious works. We’re excited to have her back.”Beholder worked a mile in company Friday under Janeen Painter in 1:40 flat, with fractions of 26, 38.60, 51, 1:28.40. Stablemate Atypique got a seven furlong time of 1:29.40.Painter was also up for Wednesday’s blowout.Among those expected to face Beholder in the Adoration is Sheer Pleasure, a California-bred daughter of Birdonthewire who won the restricted Dream of Summer Stakes last out on March 27 for Little Red Feather Racing or RM Racing.“We’ve gotten her ready little by little,” said Rudy Cruz, assistant to Phil D’Amato, who, like Mandella, was in Kentucky Wednesday. “She’s better than she’s ever been, so we have to give Beholder a try. It’s the first time back for Beholder (since last Sept. 26), so if we’re ever going to get her, this is the time.” SANTA ANITA OFFERS FREE SHUTTLE SERVICESanta Anita will offer complimentary shuttle service every racing day during the Spring Meet that runs through July 10.The operating times will be from 12 noon to 8 p.m.  Regular first post time during the spring is 2 p.m.On Kentucky Derby Day Saturday with a first post of 12 noon, two shuttles will be available from 7a.m. to 8 p.m.On Sunday, May 8, Mother’s Day, the shuttle service will be available from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Service will be offered from the Metro Arcadia train station to the Infield Admission Gates, Club House Admission Gates, and the South Battery.The shuttle will be picking up/dropping off every 25 minutes from all locations (subject to traffic delays). FINISH LINES: For Thursday’s second and fifth races on turf, the rail will be set at 20 feet, while it will be set at zero for the eighth race on grass . . . Owner Arnold Zetcher reports that 2015 Kentucky Derby runner-up Firing Line is scheduled to have his first breeze next week since running in last May’s Preakness . . . Santa Anita offers a $300,000 guaranteed Late Pick 4 pool every weekend during the Summer Meet, and a $500,000 guaranteed Late Pick 4 and a $100,000 guaranteed Pick 6 every Saturday and Sunday. D’AMATO BACK IN ACTION AT SANTA ANITAPhil D’Amato, who won his first-ever training title by finishing with a flourish to take Santa Anita’s Winter Meet crown, 41-34, over Doug O’Neill, hopes to continue his winning ways with Havanna Belle and Fanticola in Thursday’s opening day feature, the $200,000, Grade II Royal Heroine Stakes at a mile on turf, and Cape Wolfe in Friday’s Grade III American Stakes.Havanna Belle, an Irish-bred daughter of Teofilo, won the Astra Stakes at a mile and a half on a “good’ course Jan. 17, and captured an overnight race in hand by 6 ½ lengths April 7.Fanticola, a committed front runner in races at a mile or longer, was third in the Grade III Las Cienegas at about 6 1/2 furlongs on turf closing day of the Winter Meet, AprilThe six-year-old mare won the Royal Heroine last year.Cape Wolfe, an English-bred gelding, was second in the Grade III San Simeon Stakes at about 6 ½ furlongs on turf April 2, his best finish in three U.S. starts.The field for the Royal Heroine: Her Emmynency, Tyler Baze, 6-1; Smoove It, Fernando Perez, 15-1; Nancy From Nairobi, Abel Lezcano, 6-1; Prize Exhibit, Santiago Gonzalez, 12-1; La Berma, Rafael Bejarano, 10-1; Elektrum, Victor Espinoza, 8-1; Keri Belle, Alex Solis, 15-1; Living The Life, Martin Garcia, 15-1; Sharla Rae, Tiago Pereira, 15-1; Havanna Belle, Flavien Part, 5-1; Glory, Mike Smith, 8-1; Fasnacloich, Brice Blanc, 15-1; Faufiler, Drayden Van Dyke, 6-1; and Fanticola, Joe Talamo, 8-1.The field for the American, race six of nine with a first post time of 2 p.m.: Si Sage, Santiago Gonzalez, 12-1; Southern Freedom, Martin Garcia, 8-1; Little Curlin, Martin Pedroza, 8-1; Ohio, Brice Blanc, 3-1; Patentar, Alonso Quinonez, 12-1; Cape Wolfe, Edwin Maldonado, 3-1; Producer, Tyler Baze, 12-1; Twentytwentyvision, Rafael Bejarano, 5-2; and Home Run Kitten, Joe Talamo, 12-1. CANCER VICTIM BARRY ABRAMS SOLDIERS ONLike Ted Cruz a day earlier, Barry Abrams has suspended his campaign.The 62-year-old trainer has turned in his license and is taking a leave of absence due to health problems.“I might go back to training, I might not. At this point, I’m officially not training any horses,” said Abrams, who has battled cancer for the past 11 years.Wednesday morning, back at his usual table at Clockers’ Corner, Abrams was barely audible as he explained his dire circumstances, resulting from inoperable throat cancer that first surfaced in 2005.“I had to turn in my license,” Abrams said. “Otherwise I can’t run horses that I own, even though I only own pieces of horses now. I turned over my four horses to Tim Yakteen.”Abrams also is minority owner of the remarkable 26-year-old stallion Unusual Heat, who stands for $20,000 at the Harris Ranch in Coalinga.Surgery in 2005 cost Abrams half of his voice box. He has no taste buds, can’t swallow, uses a feeding tube, can’t eat, and can’t run. “I’m just happy to be alive,” he said.“After my initial throat cancer, six years later cancer came back on my jugular and carotid arteries, and I had to go through surgery with only a 10 percent chance of survival. No doctor wanted to touch me, because one wrong move operating on the jugular and it’s over.“I found one brave cancer surgeon, Dr. Poomima Rao of Huntington Memorial Hospital, who agreed to perform the surgery. After a five-hour operation, she was able to scrape the cancer off the carotid and jugular. I then had to undergo chemo and radiation in the throat area twice a day for 40 days.“It was a miracle that I survived.”Abrams, who started as a groom in 1971 and began training in 1975, has been to hell and back. Right now, hell has the upper hand.It is difficult to understand Abrams, even when a listener puts his ear close to his lips. “I can’t communicate to my owners,” Abrams said, “but I’ll be back. The horses will be here forever but it’s not fair to my owners when I can’t communicate. It’s hard to train when you can’t yell at the jockeys or your help.“I’ll be at Santa Anita every morning until I’m dead. Right now, I’m just worried about waking up every morning.”last_img read more

Cosmologists Lurk in the Dark

first_imgCreepy cosmologists, who think everything came from nothing, have a fascination with darkness.Watch out for creatures who love darkness rather than light. Their deeds are evillusion.Dark Matter: It Sneaks Up on YouPlacing another piece in the dark matter puzzle ( “Very little is known about the exact nature of dark matter,” this article begins. Actually, nothing is known. The only thing cosmologists can say they “know” is what dark matter is not, because every candidate so far has been a no-show (30 May 2019, 26 July 2019). They keep looking, nevertheless, for mysterious unknown stuff that MUST exist, because their pet theories require it. The latest candidate is the axion, a ghostly particle that eludes detection. But is CASPEr really a friendly ghost?Photograph of dark matter. White background provided for contrast.Budker’s group is searching for dark matter through the Cosmic Axion Spin Precession Experiment (CASPEr). The CASPEr group conducts their experiments at the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz (HIM). CASPEr is an international research program that uses nuclear magnetic resonance techniques to identify and analyze dark matter….This particular form of sideband analysis enabled the scientists to search for dark matter in a new frequency range. No dark matter signal was detected, as the CASPEr team reports in the latest edition of Science Advances, allowing the authors to rule out ultralight dark matter with couplings above a particular threshold. At the same time, these results provide another piece of the dark matter puzzle and complement previous results from the CASPEr program reported in June, when the scientists explored even lower frequencies using another specialized NMR method called comagnetometry.They didn’t find it in June, either. Whatever they are looking for, they keep not finding it. To them, it counts as a success.Daily briefing: Why the search for dark matter depends on ancient shipwrecks (The Atlantic). Lead (the metal) is a good shield for radiation. There’s a lot of it down in sunken ships. It might help in the search for dark matter: that is, if they can get the lead out.Particle-physics experiments look for the most fundamental building blocks of the cosmos, including dark matter, an as-yet unseen substance that acts like glue within and between galaxies. This ancient lead, then, is helping humanity unlock the secrets of the universe—but obtaining it often presents practical and ethical uncertainties.Read on to learn about World War II, atomic testing, and historical artifacts. But don’t expect any scientific facts about dark matter. There’s only empty promises about a “discovery [that] will revolutionize our future,” if they ever find the dark stuff.Axion particle spotted in solid-state crystal (Science Daily). Did they really spot a particle of dark matter? Did the hopeful monsters at Max Planck actually see an axion? Can cosmologists celebrate, now that “Scientists have spotted a famously elusive particle: The axion – first predicted 42 years ago as an elementary particle in extensions of the standard model of particle physics”? Well, it depends on what they mean by “spotted.” If you raise the perhapsimaybecouldness index sufficiently high, you can propose that a particular quantum properties of a charge-density wave of a dark crystal might be consistent with the predicted features of the theoretical particle. It’s like an eager hunter saying he spotted a tiger. Other striped things could also be be consistent with what he thought he saw.Beware the Dark Energy, My Son5,000 Mini-Eyes Just Blinked Open to Scan the Skies for Dark Energy (Live Science). It’s downright spooky. “Thousands of tiny eyes just blinked open and will soon scan 35 million galaxies for evidence of dark energy.” The ghost of DESI is prowling about on Kitt Peak.These 5,000 mini-telescopes make up the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), which was installed on the Mayall Telescope at the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona. Astronomers recently completed the first test run of the nearly-complete DESI, which, from its high mountain perch, will soon scan the cosmos for dark energy, beginning early next year.Dark energy is a ghost, they say. “Dark energy is an invisible force that’s thought to be accelerating the expansion of the universe and is thought to make up 68% of it, according to the statement.” Who thought that? Did you? Welcome to the spooky use of Tontologism, employed frequently by true believers in occult physics.Does this pie chart represent reality?Probing the Universe’s Dark Energy with a super-telescope (BBC News). A video clip with spooky music tries to convince you, like a Twilight Zone episode, that all we know, love and experience is only a small fraction of a dark, ghostly reality out there. But there’s a moment of comic relief when astronomer Ofar Lahav says, “It’s just embarrassing to live in a Universe where we understand only 5% of it.” Speaking of dark energy, Pallab Ghosh admits, “Scientists… haven’t got a clue what it is.” More spooky music, then a woman scares the children with thoughts of parallel universes in a multiverse. Maybe more mysterious unknown stuff is leaking out of those universes and driving ours to rip apart! [Cue sound of scream.]A crisis in cosmology: New data suggests the universe expanding more rapidly than believed ( If Keck Observatory scientists keep looking in the dark, they might find something: darkness.The team’s results add to growing evidence that there is a problem with the standard model of cosmology, which shows the universe was expanding very fast early in its history, then the expansion slowed down due to the gravitational pull of dark matter, and now the expansion is speeding up again due to dark energy, a mysterious force. Spider in shale still glows (Tae-Yoon S Park / Paul Seldon)Dark energy: new experiment may solve one of the universe’s greatest mysteries (The Conversation). Like Dad reading a scary story to the kids on Halloween, Bob Nichol tells about DESI and other hunters in the dark, ending with a photo of astronomers in clean-room suits peering through a lens, looking like ghosts.The ‘Dark’ Legacy of Nobel Prize Winner Jim Peebles ( Astrophysicist Paul Sutter tells his ghost story about Jim Peebles, one of the culprits behind the dark matter mystery story. “Peebles and his friends led the way to explaining the origins of the cosmic web, finding that structures in our universe grow slowly over time, building up from smaller bits to larger bits with every passing eon.”Oh, great. Now we have to worry about the Cosmic Spider.If you’re tired of mystery stories in the dark, come out into the light and learn about Reformation Day, October 31. It’s the day that opened the doors in a world of darkness, tradition, authority and superstition, to bring in the light of God’s Word. “The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple” (Psalm 119:130).Recommended Resource: Illustra DVD “Call of the Cosmos” talks about real things out there. See sample clip below.Now on sale: 50 DVDs for $75. Give copies to family and friends!Episode from this DVD: see it also on (Visited 404 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Miracle escape

first_img“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them under control. I trust you are not in too much distress.”The chilling address delivered calmly by Capt. Eric Moody over 30 years ago has become the greatest airline passenger announcement of all time and is brought back to life by the eruption of yet another Indonesian volcano.For the 263 passengers and crew aboard flight BA9, a British Airways 747 flying through a moonless night from Kuala Lumpur to Perth on June 24, 1982, death was only a matter of time.Initially, they were in awe of the strange, static electrical light show outside but that quickly turned to terror as the jet’s four engines glowed white, spurted flames and halted. It was 9.43pm.“Horrific, ” is how passenger Arthur Ewen, of Scarborough, described the feeling in this 2012 interview. “It still affects me and Shirley today. The cabin was quiet, people were praying. We just hugged and held hands.”The 747 had blundered into the ash cloud from the sudden eruption of Mt Galunggung, 110km south of Jakarta.The passengers and crew faced an agonising 42 minutes before the 747 touched down in Jakarta.Capt. Moody was on his way to the toilet.“Suddenly I was summoned back to the cockpit, ” he told Australian Aviation. “On the way back, I noticed puffs of smoke billowing out of the floor vents and there was an acrid smell or ionised electrical smell.”When Capt. Moody entered the flight deck, he saw the most intense display of St Elmo’s fire — a blue-glowing form of atmospheric electricity — dancing across the windshield.Senior First Officer Richard Greaves and Senior Engineer Barry Townley-Freeman were already taking action.“Richard pointed out the glow from the engines and what could only be described as tracer bullets streaming towards the cockpit, ” Capt. Moody said.What worried Capt. Moody — and terrified the passengers — was the smoke billowing out of the air-conditioning system.The air was then punctuated by a chilling call from the engineer: “Engine failure number four.”Within seconds the problem became worse. “Engine failure number two, three’s gone . . . they’ve all gone.”The crew was faced with a bewildering array of confusing dials and amber caution lights. They noticed a slowing of airspeed and put the 747 into a slow descent.Capt. Moody instructed FO Greaves to put out a mayday call: “Jakarta, Jakarta, mayday, mayday, Speedbird 9. We’ve lost all four engines.”But it took some time for the full gravity of the message to get through because the static around the 747 was interfering with radio transmissions. “We had absolutely no idea what had happened, ” Capt. Moody said. “We had to think outside the box — it was so confusing.”At 26,000ft, the cabin pressure warning sounded and the crew donned their masks. But the FO’s mask fell apart in his hands, forcing Capt. Moody into an emergency descent.Mr Ewen remembers the passengers were numb with fear, which turned to horror as repeated failed attempts to restart the engines sent fuel spewing out the back, which was then ignited by the St Elmo’s fire dancing over and around the wings.As the 747 reached 14,000ft, Capt. Moody said he started to consider a water landing. “I think we had another 10 minutes of glide left. My pondering was broken by the jubilation of the rest of the crew as number four started.”Within 90 seconds the other three engines had come back to life.Speedbird 9 was cleared to Jakarta but there was a complication Capt. Moody recounts.“We had great difficulty picking up the lights and what we didn’t realise is that the front windows were almost opaque from the ash.”The landing — despite many problems — was smooth and was greeted with “thunderous applause and cheers from the passengers”, Mr Ewen said.Reflecting on the incredible events Capt. Moody mused: “When I learnt to fly in the 50s, flying was dangerous and sex was safe. “When I retired in the 90s, that had gone the other way around!”last_img read more

a month agoJuventus defender De Ligt: I can’t split Van Dijk and Ronaldo

first_imgJuventus defender De Ligt: I can’t split Van Dijk and Ronaldoby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveJuventus defender Matthijs de Ligt says Holland teammate Virgil van Dijk deserves his individual success.The Liverpool defender ultimately lost out to Barcelona star Lionel Messi for FIFA’s The Best gong.De Ligt told TMW: “It is a great honour to be here. “I was fortunate to have played with both Van Dijk and Cristiano Ronaldo, but frankly I can’t choose between the two.” While De Ligt attended the awards last night, Ronaldo stayed at home. About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Video: Check Out This Incredible “Vengeance” Hype Video About The SEC West’s 2015 Season

first_imgSEC West promotion feature Dak Prescott.SEC West Hype VideoWill there be a better division in college football in 2015 than the SEC West? Probably not. The division that has ruled the sport for the majority of the last decade is expected to be great once again this fall. In ESPN’s first “Football Power Index” poll, the SEC West has five teams in the top 10 and a sixth team, Auburn, ranked No. 17. In anticipation of the 2015 season, a fan created an awesome “Vengeance” hype video about the SEC West. It’s pretty great. last_img

Education is key to fighting humanitarian crises Angelina Jolie

first_imgTORONTO – With so many humanitarian crises in the world, it’s on everyone to educate themselves and continue pushing for democracy and human rights, Angelina Jolie told a Toronto conference focusing on women Monday.“There’s just so much for all of us to do and the first and foremost is we have to just get the best education … With all that’s accessible to us sometimes we get completely overwhelmed and we don’t know what to believe and what to do, so I’m just trying to listen to other women, I’m trying to lend my voice where possible,” Jolie told the Women in the World summit in an afternoon panel.“We all need to do, I think, even more than we’ve ever done because we’re at a very dark time.”The filmmaker and special envoy for the United Nations refugee agency was in Toronto to promote “First They Killed My Father,” a movie about the Khmer Rouge era in Cambodia, which was to have its Canadian premiere Monday night at the Toronto International Film Festival. Jolie directed, co-wrote and co-produced the film.She said bringing her six children — three of whom were adopted from orphanages in Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam — to work on movies and humanitarian projects around the world has been a key part of their education.Her son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, who was born in Cambodia, was involved in “First They Killed My Father” and has a producer credit on the film.“I hope they’re being raised to see the value of diversity, the value of other people,” Jolie said. “They ask the questions we’re all asking. They see what’s happening in Syria or in Myanmar and they ask why, and we’re all trying to find the same answers.”It’s particularly important that they learn about their own background from a culturally relevant perspective, she said.“I will look for all different ways to communicate about their histories and really to teach them,” she said.“We homeschool and I’m very very aware of their education, mostly very aware of what’s lacking. For example it’s very important to me my daughter Zahara doesn’t start learning about her history through the civil rights movement in America, that’s not how she begins to learn about herself as a young African-American,” she said.“She needs to learn about the great history of Africa and who she is…and not start with the civil rights (movement).”last_img read more