Reebok Releases 40th Anniversary Alien Stomper Sneaker

first_img There’s something simultaneously inspiring and frustrating about a great fictional shoe. On one hand, when a movie or TV show really nails the design or function of a custom sneaker one of their characters wear it can serve as a killer world-building tool and a standout piece of costume design. On the other hand, it can be frustrating when that shoe isn’t readily available. Some classics like the Space Jam Air Jordan 11 are a bit more readily available but the crème de la crème, the self-lacing Nike Air Mag from Back to the Future Part II received such a limited release that picking up a pair now will set you back at least five figures.Photo Credit: ReebokSomewhere between the two lies the beloved Reebok Alien Stomper. Way back in 1986 when Aliens dropped, Reebok designed some custom uber-futuristic sneakers for the characters in the film to wear. Featuring bold color schemes and a puffy hi-top design, they notably eschewed laces for large velcro straps (who has time to tie shoelaces in the future, you know?). For decades these shoes remained unavailable to the masses, until the film’s 30th anniversary in 2016. To commemorate that landmark, Reebok produced a series of shoes from and inspired by the films. The standouts were by far the Stomper, produced in both a high and mid cut and taken directly from the film. They were an instant sellout and today anyone hoping to cop a pair of the highs is going to have to be willing to throw down a couple thousand bucks.Photo Credit: ReebokBut for those of you who regret missing out on the mid, fear not. In honor of the original Alien film’s 40th anniversary this year, Reebok is rereleasing the Alien Stomper in limited supply this weekend. On April 26, at the stroke of midnight EST, fans of the film (and sneakerheads as a whole) can hit up Reebok’s site and get themselves a pair of Alien Stompers, complete with a series of unique hangtags and a custom Weyland Yutani keychain, for $125.Photo Credit: ReebokEach will also come in a vintage-styled box and include a Bug Stomping guide. While the silhouette is mostly similar to the original Stompers seen in Aliens and released to the public in ‘16, this release is actually based on unreleased designs for the original film that were never put to use. They were discovered recently and Reebok ran with it, building the shoe as originally designed.These are sure to sell out in an instant, so if you’re looking to be well equipped for any future Xenomorph invasions be sure to set your alarms appropriately. The biggest sneaker geek release of the year is here. Don’t miss out.Learn more on on Shoes of 2019 (So Far) for Sneaker GeeksThe New Nike Air Max 720 Is a Wearable XenomorphNike Kyrie 5 ‘UFO’ Brings Conspiracy Theories to Sneakers Mr. Peanut Is a Hypebeast Now With These Surprisingly Fresh Kicks100% Recyclable Adidas Sneakers Are ‘Made to be Remade’ Stay on targetlast_img read more