Tele-medicine and E-learning possibilities for Guyana – Cathy Hughes

first_imgTelecommunications Minister Cathy HughesIn an effort to create a green, smart, information-based Guyana, Public Telecommunications Minister Cathy Hughes is touting tele-medicine and E-learning as possible initiatives that can be embarked upon with the development of an inter-connected digital platform.“Here we are talking about establishing an inter-connected digital platform that can provide Government services systems to citizens in an efficient cost-effective and timely manner. It is about establishing links that can manage both Government and Private Sector data in a safe and secure manner,” Hughes said at a recent press conference.She highlighted that Guyana has to explore directions and implement strategies that can foster a more technologically advanced country.“Inter-connectivity is the foundation of the platform that we can build and of course, it is an integrated cross-sectoral programme. It offers citizens the benefits of tele-medicine: having a doctor in Georgetown connecting with a patient in Mabaruma,” she explained, adding that a lesson taught in Georgetown can be received in far-flung hinterland regions where subject teachers are limited and, of course, this can be done in an informed format.She said the digital platform could also create a pathway where the use of E-books can be utilised to reduce the imbalance of those who cannot purchase hard copy or photocopy text books.“The technology exists today for us to really make the change. So, we have to change the focus and identify our own priorities as a nation. It is time for Guyana to think big, but act small,” she said. “It is about implementing a strategy to bridge the digital technological economic gap we face today.”Hughes stated that during her trip to China with the Huawei technology giant, the Ministry and the E-Government Unit were able to explore new directions and create new strategies that can propel the development of a green, smart, information-driven Guyana.“It is clear to me today, that we cannot solve Guyana’s problems in the traditional way. What’s exciting is that with the use of existing technologies, we have the capacity and many opportunities to truly connect, transform and innovate,” said Hughes.She added that it was also critical for the establishment of a 21st Century system that can manage all Government and Private Sector data in a safe and secure manner. “No more collecting and disposal of mountains of paper after a flood, no more loss of important information that was only available on paper.”last_img read more