FFWPU East Africa Region We held our one day semi

first_imgFFWPU East Africa Region: We held our one day seminar on September 16, 2015 at Peace House, Nairobi, Kenya with 27 participants. This was a kickoff of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship which was guided by the East African Regional President Rev. Bakary Camara and the lectures were given by Rev. Mwalagho Kililo the Sub-Regional Director.The purpose was to give more information, inspirations and Testimonies to the Tribal Messiahs and to kick off the activities of 120 days when at least 12 Tribal Messiahs should determine to reach the goal of witnessing and blessing 430 couples.Rev. Kililo gave the Lectures that they received while in Korea and also the participants had a chance to listen to testimonies from Phillipines, Nepal, Thailand and Brazil where there have been a success in Tribal Messiahship.Rev. Camara gave more explanation of our True Mother`s expectation and also encouraged participants to determine themselves, have a strategy and work in teams to accomplish this goal. He also gave insights of the Tribal Messiahship in the Philippines and mentioned that he will be going to the Philippines to learn from those who have succeeded.After the workshop, all the participants were asked to make a new determination to fulfill their goal of 430 couples and Rev. Camara asked them to write their action plan.The workshop was deeply appreciated by all the participants and they all determined to work hard and fulfill their goal.last_img