Rubbish in the Essequibo River

first_imgDear Editor,I am on the Essequibo River almost every weekend, on my boat between Parika and Bartica, visiting my resort near to Bartica. On every journey, without fail, within about 8 miles downriver of Bartica, I encounter an increasing amount of rubbish dumped in the river by the Bartica community, including plastic boxes, plastic bottles and, worst of all, paper wrapping, which if caught it a boat’s propeller can do extensive damage, and even cause an accident.Our President has recently made much of the Green State Development Strategy, and we celebrate World Ocean Day 2019, which the GTA will be marking by planned cleanup on the Georgetown Seawall.When, may I ask, are we going to apply these admirable and high-sounding strategies in the simplest and most practical terms, by cleaning up our act as a people and in our communities?Yours sincerely,Kit Nascimentolast_img read more