Leigh Griffiths close to Celtic return

first_imgCeltic striker Leigh Griffiths has hinted at returning to football after taking a break for his “mental health state”.Griffiths has taken a break from football for close to a month to seek professional help for personal issues and has dropped a major hint that he’ll soon return to play for Celtic.According to Sky Sports, the 28-year-old posted a message on social media announcing his imminent comeback.“Not long before I’m back doing all this!” he wrote on Twitter while retweeting a message from a Celtic fan with clips of him lifting trophies and scoring goals for both Celtic and Scotland.Last Sunday, he corrected the record by stating the reason for his break, saying: “Despite what has been written about me, rumored or said to you from afar, I just want to settle one thing and to make it clear once and for all,”Mikey Johnston, CelticJohnston is disappointed after being injured Manuel R. Medina – September 11, 2019 Celtic winger Mikey Johnston was disappointed to miss Scotland Under 21 national team’s victories over San Marino and Croatia, and he hopes he can return to play soon.“I am off work due to my mental health state. Not gambling, drugs, or any other issue that has been written about me since December.”“I’m putting this out there now because family and friends are being asked questions and they’ve been told to say nothing,” he explained.“But I’ll not be silenced, especially by newspapers and idiots who can write tweets and make up stories and it grows arms and legs due to people’s sad and pathetic lives.”last_img read more

Threeday fair in Salt Lake to showcase organic products

first_imgKolkata: Prakriti Organic Farmfresh India Ltd. (POFIL) is organising a three-day carnival of products at Salt Lake City Centre which will be inaugurated by state Technical Education, Training and Skill Development minister Purnendu Basu on Friday. “The state government has identified 120 clusters across the state under which more than 7,500 farmers have been involved in the production of organic vegetables. The farmers who have worked in this area have got assistance under the “Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana” (PKVY) — a scheme under which farming is promoted through adoption of organic village by the cluster approach and PGS certification. Our aim is to enable people of the state to have organic products at a reasonable rate. The most important part in this venture has been the motivation of farmers in the state to adopt organic farming and the Bengal government has been successfully able to do the same,” said Mannu Chowdhary, Managing Director of POFIL. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsApart from a plethora of organic vegetables and fruits, the special attraction will be two varieties of mangoes — Amrapali and Mallika from Bankura and also export quality watermelons from Bankura. The Himsagar and Langda varieties of mango from Malda will also make it to the three-day carnival along with organic tea from Darjeeling and three varieties of rice — Tulaipanji, Gobindobhog and Black Rice. The state government is laying a lot of emphasis on production of organic vegetables as various studies have highlighted excessive use of pesticides in normal ones. The state is also holding two markets of organic vegetables — one at Bidhan Sishu Udyan in Ultadanga and another at Baguiati weekly.”We are processing the products in a scientific manner and packaging it mentioning the name of the farmer who has produced that particular vegetable so that customers can have a direct link with the farmer. A number of farmers will also be present at the carnival,” Chowdhary added. Organic products from Uttar Pradesh will also be a part of the event.last_img read more

Smartphone monitoring can boost behavioural studies

first_imgInterpreting the data collected from volunteers’ own smartphones — which has the potential to emulate randomised trials — can boost research into human behaviour, finds a new study.Fani Tsapeli from the University of Birmingham, and her colleague and Mirco Musolesi from the University College London used user-generated data, harvested from their phones to evaluate the cause of increased stress levels of participants. Most of the earlier research works relying on smartphones focused on detecting factors in the features extracted from smartphone data. But that pure correlation analysis did not provide for a sufficient understanding of human behaviour. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Therefore, the study authors tried to identify factors that could be at the root cause of issues revolving around health and well-being.In this study, the authors used data from a research project at Dartmouth College, Hanover, US, called StudentLife. It included information on participants’ location taken from raw GPS data, which helped determine whether they were working or socialising.Also included was data on activity levels, like running, walking or travelling on public transport, inferred from participants’ raw accelerometer data. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThey found that exercising and spending time outside the home and working environment have a positive effect on participants’ stress levels. By contrast, they found that reduced working hours only slightly impact stress. The conclusions cannot be extended to the general population due to the small sample size. But the approach has been validated and shows great promise for further studies.The study was published recently in EPJ Data Science.last_img read more

Radiological emergency mock drill to be held at NRS and South City

first_imgKolkata: A radiological emergency mock drill will be conducted at two different places in the city on Thursday and Friday to ascertain the preparedness based on the detection, protection and decontamination of radioactive consignments in case of any incident during the movement of hazardous materials.The first mock drill will be carried out at the NRS Medical College and Hospital on Thursday. The process would be conducted for two hours from 2 pm to 4 pm at the radiotherapy department of the hospital. Another mock drill will be undertaken at the South City Mall from 7 am to 9 am on Friday. A press statement issued by the state government says that people should not get panicked as the mock drill is meant to check the preparedness of various agencies and the departments. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe department of Disaster Management and Civil Defence is organising a mock drill on radiation emergency in collaboration with NDRF, disaster management group of both the city police and Bengal police, Civil Defence and Fire and Emergency Department. Various other agencies and departments such as Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Fire and Emergency Services, State Health department and search and rescue team and observers from concerned agencies are extending their support for making the mock drills a success. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateOne of the main objectives of the exercise is to reinforce the efficiency of the contingency plan of the hospital and the shopping mall and familiarisation of roles and responsibilities of the other stakeholders during any emergency situations. It was learnt from the NRS hospital sources, a scenario might be enacted for this drill both at the hospital and the shopping mall where there is always a possibility of radioactive consignment getting exposed to fire. The mock drill will be conducted at critical zones to address any possible crisis situation. A senior official from the NRS Medical College and Hospital said: “The state government has decided our hospital as the venue for conducting mock drill. We have made necessary arrangements at the radiotherapy department where the mock drill will be done.”last_img read more

Rep Cole lauds budget focus on fixing roads and bridges

first_img Categories: Cole News,News State Rep. Triston Cole today applauded his House colleagues in joining him to vote for a balanced budget that allocates a record amount for fixing and maintaining roads and bridges throughout the state.Cole, of Mancelona, said the fiscal year 2017-18 budget approved by the House includes strategic state government downsizing to put more funds into asphalt and concrete and less state taxpayer money for administration purposes. Additional money for local government to complete road projects and provide vital services such as fire, police and emergency medical care is included as well.“We made our transportation system – from the visible roads and bridges to the unseen infrastructure of underground water and sewer systems – a priority in this budget, and kept up pressure to make sure we had the funding necessary to have an impact,” Cold said. “The transportation system and infrastructure was all but ignored during the Lost Decade, and we have emphasized the need to dedicate more state money to fix the problems.”Cole said the budget also includes record funding for K-12 education, including additional money for students in Northern Michigan to close the per-pupil funding gap that has existed for decades between wealthy downstate districts and smaller schools in Northern Michigan.Other key factors of the budget include:The 2017-18 budget spends less on the state budget next year than was spent during the current year.Overall growth in spending does not exceed the rate of inflation. Just like families across Michigan, the Legislature is tightening the state’s belt by cutting inefficient programs and eliminating waste in state government.The budget helps make life better in communities across Michigan by adding money for road repairs, public safety departments, parks and other programs to improve our daily lives.The plan pays down millions of dollars in debt, helping relieve state liability and opening the door for a more secure financial future. 20Jun Rep. Cole lauds budget focus on fixing roads and bridgeslast_img read more


first_img Harry Furthermore, a few months ago when I went to my bank (Wells Fargo) to cash a check from Ambassador (any time you cash in more then $600 of precious metals here in Tucson you are issued a check instead of cash) the teller at the bank asked me what the check was for. I asked the bank clerk to elaborate on what she meant by ‘what the check was for’. The teller (a nice young lady) told me it was now ‘required policy to ask everyone who was cashing or depositing a check from a jewelry store, coin store or a coin & stamp store’. I told this clerk that in all fairness it was none of the bank’s business why the jewelry store issued me a check. At this the clerk went and got the bank manager. I told the bank manager that it was none of the bank’s business why the jewelry store issued me a check. The bank manager told me that he was required to record this information otherwise he could not process the check. I asked him if he couldn’t process the check or the bank couldn’t process the check (I was starting to get irritated). I just thought I’d let you know that yesterday I went to Ambassador Jewelers here in Tucson to sell (sadly) a measly 10 ounces of silver. To do so I had to submit to having my right index finger inked and fingerprinted. When I told them (politely) that I would prefer not to have to have my finger inked up and pressed onto a piece of paper I was informed that they would be unable to purchase the silver. I asked them when this process of finger printing became a standard step they told me January 1st of this year.  Considering it’s a Saturday column, I don’t have that many stories for you today…and I’m rather happy about that.You’ve never been lost until you’ve been lost at Mach 3. – Paul F. Crickmore…SR-71 test pilotToday’s pop ‘blast from the past’ is almost fifty years old…scary stuff, as I remember this song all too well.  I’m sure you will as well…and the link is here.Today’s classical ‘blast from the past’ is an old chestnut from the master of the romantic era…Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky and, after two unsuccessful attempts, was rewritten in the form we know it today way back in 1880.  Whenever this was programmed in the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra‘s season, it was pretty much guaranteed to be a sold-out house…and a standing ovation at the end.  This performance is with the London Symphony Orchestra with Russian Maestro Valery Gergiev conducting.  The run time on this is a hair over 20 minutes…and the link is here.  Enjoy!Well, was that the bottom?  Beats me, but if I had to bet a dollar, I’d say we’re pretty close…at least in gold.  Both Ted Butler and I are still concerned about silver, because the short position is still massive, even if JPMorgan et al took another 10,000 contract off the Commercial net short position during the last three days of the week.  If you remember, I’ve been commenting on the lack of silver volume all week long during this engineered price decline.  Even yesterday’s net volume was underwhelming.In June of last year, the Commercial net short position in silver got down around the 12,000 contract mark…and even with those estimated 10,000 contracts removed from the current Commercial net short position, it still stands at 36,000 at the moment…and that’s light years off that June 2012 low.Can JPMorgan et al get the liquidation necessary to get their short positions that low again?  I don’t know.  But if they tried, we’d have to see significantly lower silver prices to get there.  But can they, or will they?  That is the $64,000 question at the moment.Of course the other question that has to be answered is this.  If we have seen the bottom, either yesterday…or early next week, what will “da boyz” do on the next rally?  Will they be the short sellers of last report as they have been for the last twenty-five years, or will they stand aside at let the prices go?The answers to both those question should be known in the not-to-distant future.  So, in actual fact, there are two $64,000 questions floating around out there…and nothing else matters except the answers to those two questions.Here are the 3-year charts for both silver and gold.  As you can see, we are pretty close to what I consider to be a major bottom…and once “da boyz” can’t get any more technical fund long liquidation, the bottom will be in, regardless of the price…or the size of the Commercial net short position at the time.So we wait.(Click on image to enlarge)(Click on image to enlarge)In closing today’s column, I’d like to point out one more time that the world’s fiat currency system…and the financial and economic system that has risen out of it since August 15, 1971…is pretty much on its last legs.  What will replace it is still unknown…but the powers that be know all too well that they can’t muddle along much further without everything either blowing up or melting down…and the ever-increasing signs of that are all around them.As GATA’s Chris Powell said many years back…”There are no markets anymore, only interventions”…and that pretty much describes what passes for monetary, financial and economic policy on Planet Earth today.It can’t…and won’t…last much longer.Because of the President’s Day holiday in the U.S. on Monday, I may or may not have a column on Tuesday…so if there isn’t one posted on this website by 7:00 a.m. Eastern time on that day, you’ll know why. Freegold Ventures Limited is a North American gold exploration company with three gold projects in Alaska. Current projects include Golden Summit, Vinasale and Rob. Both Vinasale and Golden Summit host NI 43-101 Compliant Resource Calculations.An updated NI 43-101 resource was calculated on Golden Summit in October 2012 and using 0.3 g/t cutoff  the current resource is 73,580,000 tonnes grading 0.67 g/t Au for total of 1,576,000 contained ounces in the indicated category, and 223,300,000 tonnes grading 0.62 g/t Au for a total of 4,437,000 contained ounces in the inferred category. In addition to the Golden Summit Project the Vinasale also hosts a NI 43-101 resource calculation (March 2012)  of 49,320,000 mt @1.09 g/t for a total of 1,735,000 contained gold ounces in the inferred category using a 0.5 g/t cutoff.Please visit our website for more information. And so it goes … (down the toilet). All the best, Well, was that the bottom? Beats me, but if I had to bet a dollar, I’d say we’re pretty close…at least in gold.The gold price traded pretty flat through Far East trading on their Friday…but then dipped slightly at the London open going into the a.m. gold fix.  From there it traded flat until 1:00 p.m. GMT…8:00 a.m. in New York…and about twenty minutes before the Comex open.By the time that JPMorgan et al were done for the day, the low tick checked in at $1,596.00 spot around 10:35 a.m. Eastern time.  From there, the price rallied back to the $1,610 spot mark, but wasn’t allowed to trade above that price for the rest of the Friday session.On an engineered price decline of this magnitude, the trading volume was immense…around 284,000 contracts, give or take…and gold closed at $1,610.10 spot…down $24.30 on the day.Of course silver was the metal that “da boyz” were really after…and it was under light selling pressure right from the moment that Far East trading began on their Friday morning.  However, by 1:00 p.m. GMT in London, silver was only down about a dime from Thursday’s close.But once the engineered price decline began, it was sold down hard throughout the entire Comex trading session…and the low tick of the day [$29.59 spot] was set at precisely 2:45 p.m. Eastern time in electronic trading.The subsequent rally wasn’t allowed to get far…although the price did recover about 20 cents from its low.Silver closed the Friday trading day at $29.80 spot…down 60 cents from Thursday’s close.  Gross volume was around 96,000 contracts, but once the spreads and roll-overs for March were subtracted, the net volume was only 44,000 contracts.The dollar index opened at 80.39 on Friday morning in Japan…and hit its nadir [80.22] just minutes before the London open.  The high tick [80.57] was in around 7:30 a.m. in New York…and from there the index faded a hair in the close.  The dollar index finished the day at 80.48…up about 10 basis points.For the umpteenth day in a row, there was no correlation between the currencies and the precious metal price action.The gold stocks gapped down and then headed for the nether reaches of the earth…and from about 10:30 a.m. Eastern time onwards, the stocks bounced along the bottom despite the fact that the gold price recovered a bit after that.  The HUI got smoked to the tune of 3.61%.The silver stocks got hit pretty hard as well, but did a little better than their golden brethren.  Nick Laird’s Intraday Silver Sentiment Index closed down 3.20%.(Click on image to enlarge)And here’s the long-term Silver Sentiment Index so you can see how things look going back several years.(Click on image to enlarge)The CME’s Daily Delivery Report showed that 78 gold and 65 silver contracts were posted for delivery on Tuesday within the Comex-approved depositories.  It was “all the usual suspects” in gold…and in silver it was Jefferies as the big short/issuer of note once again with 60 contracts issued…and Canada’s Bank of Nova Scotia stopping 63 contracts.  The link to yesterday’s Issuers and Stoppers Report is here.There were no reported changed in either GLD or SLV yesterday.The U.S. Mint had a small sales report yesterday.  They sold 5,000 ounces of gold eagles…1,000 one-ounce 24K gold buffaloes…and 35,000 silver eagles.  Month-to-date the mint has sold 43,000 ounces of gold eagles…3,000 one-ounce 24K gold buffaloes…and 1,643,500 silver eagles.  Based on these sales, the silver/gold sales ratio for February to date stands at just under 36 to 1.Over at the Comex-approved depositories on Thursday, they didn’t report receiving any silver, but did ship 350,997 troy ounces of the stuff out the door…and the link to that activity is here.I’m happy to report that were big improvements in the Commercial net short positions in both silver and gold in yesterday’s Commitment of Traders Report from the CFTC.In silver, the Commercial net short position declined by 5,149 contracts…or 25.7 million ounces.  The total Commercial net short position is now down to 234.0 million ounces of silver.The Big 4 traders are short 256.7 million ounces of silver, or 109.7% of the entire Commercial net short position…and Ted Butler says that JPMorgan Chase is short 167.5 million ounces of that amount all by itself.The ‘5 through 8’ traders are short an additional 54.2 million ounces of silver, bringing the Big 8’s total up to 310.9 million ounces…of which JPMorgan Chase holds over 50% of the Big 8’s short position on its own.As far as concentration goes…the Big 4 are short 50.5% of the entire Comex futures market in silver…of which 33 percentage points of that amount is held by JPMorgan on its own.  Just think about that for a second….one trader is short one third of the entire silver market!  And it’s my opinion the Canada’s own Bank of Nova Scotia is short about 11 percentage points of the Comex silver market as well…so these two banks are short about 44% of the entire silver market between them on a net basis…and these are minimum percentages.The ‘5 through 8’ traders are short another 10.7 percentage points of the Comex futures market in silver.  So the Big 8 are short over 61% of the silver market on a net basis.In gold, the Commercial net short position declined by 13,954 contracts, or 1.40 million ounces. The Commercial net short position in gold is now down to 16.07 million ounces.The Big 4 are short 9.92 million ounces…and the ‘5 through 8’ largest traders are short an additional 5.66 million ounces.  The Big 8 are short 15.58 million ounces of gold, or 97.0% of the entire Commercial net short position.As far as concentration goes, the Big 4 are short 27.1% of the entire Comex futures market in gold on a ‘net’ basis.  The ‘5 through 8’ largest traders are short an additional 15.4 percentage points…so, in total, the Big 8 are short 42.5% of the entire Comex futures market in gold on a net basis and, once again, those are minimum percentages.Here’s Nick’s now world famous “Days of World Production to Cover Short Positions” chart.  JPMorgan is short about 87 days of world silver production…and it’s my opinion that Canada’s Bank of Nova Scotia is short about 27 days of world silver production.  That’s two banks short 114 days of world silver production between them…just about four months.  Also note how the four short traders in silver totally dominate the short side.  The ‘5 through 8’ trader’s position…even in total…just don’t matter.If you’d like to view the interactive, long-term COT charts going back about sixteen years, you can do so by clicking here for silver…and here for gold.It nearly goes without saying that since the Tuesday cut-off for yesterday’s COT Report, there has been an even bigger improvement in the Commercial net short positions in both silver and gold than we had in this last report.  I’m guessing between 7-10,000 more contracts in silver…and 20-30,000 additional contracts in gold…especially after the engineered price declines we saw yesterday.  Yesterday was a capitulation to the down side in spades…all courtesy of JPMorgan and friends.Further to the story about producing I.D. for buying or selling gold bullion or jewellery in the U.S.A…I got the following e-mail from reader Harry Morgan yesterday…Hello Ed, Sponsor Advertisement Anyway, the reason for my email was to let you/others know that, at least in Tucson, when you sell any precious metals (even 10 measly ounces of silver), you will be fingerprinted. So I said I worked at the store and this was a paycheck, then said that I had robbed a home, stolen some jewelry and sold that to Ambassador, then I said I had bought them all lunch and this check was to cover my expenses. Admittedly I was being an ass but I was very agitated about this intrusion into my personal business. So we had this little stand off until I said (firmly and evenly) that I sold a couple of my watches. At this they processed my check.last_img read more