Jagdeo agrees to meet Granger over rejected GECOM list

first_img… reiterates extra-parliamentary actions if President acts unilaterallyLeader of the Political Opposition, former President and People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo, has committed to meeting with Head of State, David Granger on Monday over the brouhaha on the nominees for Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) with a second list rejected again this past week.Jagdeo made the pronouncement on Thursday as he met with members of theOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeomedia at his Church Street Office and said despite his disagreement with the President’s decision, the offer to meet must be taken at face value as an attempt at a collaborative approach in solving the imbroglio.The Opposition Leader was quick to also reject recent speculations published in the public domain purportedly sourced to him as positions adopted in light of the President’s refusal of his nominees.According to Jagdeo, “I do not conduct negotiations or discussion of a critical nature in the media…Nor will I telegraph my position.”The Opposition Leader sought to make it clear that the Executive of the PPP/C will be meeting today at which time the matter will be discussed.The former President prefaced his remarks to the media by openly rejecting theHead of State, David Grangerinterpretation offered by President Granger.According to Jagdeo, “I totally disagree with the President’s interpretation.”Granger in his rejection of the list said all of the persons did not meet with the criteria as set out in the Constitution.Those on the second rejected list by Head of State Granger are retired Justice of Appeal BS Roy; retired Justice William Ramlall;  Attorney and former Magistrate, Oneidge Walrond-Allicock; Attorneys Kashir Khan and Nadia Sagar and businessman, Gerald Gouveia.Granger, in his rejection letter to Jagdeo on Friday last said, “I have examined the Curriculum Vitae of the six persons in light of the criteria defined in my letter to you dated 2017-03-14… I have found the list to be unacceptable within the meaning of the Constitution and of those criteria.”The Opposition Leader had met with media operatives earlier in the day and said, “if he (President Granger) moves outside of the list, he will have a fight.”Retired Judges Desiree Bernard, Claudette Singh, and Attorneys Ralph Ramkarran SC, Timothy Jonas and Ronald Burch-Smith have turned down his requests to be nominated.Meanwhile, Jagdeo did use the occasion to speculate on what the possible outcome of Monday’s meeting could be.According to Jagdeo, the President could request a brand new list; a request with which he will have to comply.He suggested too that the President could also decide to appoint a GECOM Chairman unilaterally and reminded that this course of action will be staunchly resisted.The PPP General Secretary indicated “our big concerns particularly given signals from the government that they may be a move to unilaterally, unconstitutionally, and unlawfully appoint a Chairman of GECOM.”He said should the President go this route he will be faced with “litigation and there are other actions that I will not speak about at this point in time.”According to former President Jagdeo, the PPP/C will be exercising extra-parliamentary and parliamentary actions.Jagdeo suggested too that President Granger could very well suggest a completely different course of action in resolving the imbroglio – a suggestion that would have to be taken under advisement.Meanwhile, on the matter of the pending court case filed by a private citizen with a view to secure an interpretation of the constitutional provision for the appointment of the GECOM Chair, the former President said he will not be awaiting the determination of that case.Jagdeo surmised there is no assurance that the matter will be determined in finality at its next hearing and in fact the matter could very well be appealed all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice.He suggested that the matter is of such a nature that it would be imprudent for him to await its conclusion.GECOM has been without a Chairman since February 28, 2017, when Dr Steve Surujbally stepped down after 15 years at the helm.last_img read more

Wakiso Giants FC launch season tickets, name Kalolo as 2018/19 MVP

first_imgWakiso Giants FC CEO Sula Kamoga (Left) and two other club officials pose with a Gold season ticket at Grand Imperior Hotal. (PHOTOS/ Wakiso Giants)KAMPALA – Wakiso Giants continues to take Ugandan football by storm and it looks they will not be stopping anytime soon.On Sunday, the one-year-old club launched its season tickets at an event held at Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala, becoming only the second club after KCCA FC, to do so, this offseason.“Today (Sunday) we are launching our season tickets for the upcoming season. Said Wakiso CEO Sula Kamoga on Sunday.“The tickets are aimed at helping our fans avoid the inconvenience of having to buy match-day tickets each week.“We have also added other benefits like getting a Wakiso Giants FC jersey on top of others, so as the holders feel special.The tickets have been categorised into three – Gold which has been priced at UGX 500,000 while Silver and Ordinary will go for UGX 200,000 and UGX 100,000 respectively.Wakiso Giants will be participating in the top flight for the first time after achieving promotion last season.After hosting their Big League games in Bugembe last season, the club have already commission Wakisha Stadium, which they intend to use as their home ground.The club is expected to start preparations for the 2019/2020 season on Monday, 1st July, with a Gym session at Freedom City.At the same event on Sunday, Ivan ‘Kalolo’ Kiwewa was named the most valuable player (MVP) for last season.Kalolo who scored six league goals in the 2018/19 campaign, beat off competition from Hassan Wasswa and goalkeeper Ivan Mutumba, to walk away with a 55′ flat-screen TV.Kalolo poses with is falt screen.Wasswa was given a 42′ TV while Mutumba received UGX 500,000, for finishing third.It should also be remembered that Kefa Kisala was unveiled as the new head coach and it was on Sunday that out-going tactician Ibrahim ‘Uchumi’ Kirya handed over to the former.“I and my technical team did our job and elevated this team (Wakiso Giants FC) to the top tier but now I want to hand it over to you so as you continue from where we left off. Said Kirya while welcoming Kefa.Kirya (right) shakes Kisala’s (left) on Sunday.Club President Musa ‘Atagenda’ Ssebulime thanked everyone who was part of Wakiso’s journey to the top flight and urged them not to stop.“We thank the players for the efforts you put in last season, the outgoing coaching staff, media and everyone who helped us in one way or the other, we can’t stop thanking you,” said SSebulime.“I would like to urge you not to stop because the journey to becoming the best team in Uganda has just started.To earn promotion to the top tier, Wakiso topped the Elgon Group of the FUFA Big League, before losing the play-off final to Elgon Group winners-Proline FC so as to finish second overall.Wakiso Giants Season TicketsGold (UGX 500,000)-Free access to all home games-club Jersey-VIP treatment-Car parking-Drinks and snacks.Silver (UGX 200,000)-All Home games-Jersey-Seat in covered stands-DrinkOrdinary (UGX 100,000)-All home games-JerseyComments Tags: Hassan WasswaIvan KiwewaIvan MutumbaMusa SsebulimetopWakiso Giantslast_img read more

Planets Seen Forming! (or Dust Spreading )

first_imgScience headline writers were almost beside themselves with joy at the prospect of watching other planetary systems in the process of forming.  Science Daily nearly set a record with a large-print, bold, 22-word headline: “Zooming in on an Infant Solar System: For the First Time, Astronomers Have Observed Solar Systems in the Making in Great Detail.”  PhysOrg, which regurgitated the same press release from University of Arizona, headlined only the first 7 words.  A quick internet search showed this press release reverberating throughout the web, with little modification, usually accompanied by the same artwork.  What on other earths was going on?    The press release was based on a paper by J. A. Eisner et al published in Astrophysical Journal, available online in an open-access PDF at Los Alamos National Laboratory.1  The title talks about spectra of hydrogen around certain stars – nothing about planets.  The paper itself only makes a brief, data-free, theory-laden statement about planets in the introduction: “Protoplanetary disks play an integral part in the formation of both stars and planets.  Disks provide a reservoir from which stars and planets accrete material, and a knowledge of the structure of inner regions of disks is needed to understand the star/disk interface as well as planet formation in disk ‘terrestrial’ regions.”  That was it.2  Wading through the hype about planets in the press release to get to the data, though, took a strong machete.  The claims were audacious from the first sentence.  Not only did the press release deliver planets; it outfitted them for life:For the first time, astronomers have observed solar systems in the making in great detail.A team led by University of Arizona astronomer Joshua Eisner has observed in unprecedented detail the processes giving rise to stars and planets in nascent solar systems. The solar systems the astronomers chose for this study are still young, probably a few million years old.“These disks will be around for a few million years more,” Eisner said.  “By that time, the first planets, gas giants similar to Jupiter and Saturn, may form, using up a lot of the disk material.”More solid, rocky planets like the Earth, Venus or Mars, won’t be around until much later.“We are going to see if we can make similar measurements of organic molecules and water in protoplanetary disks,” he said.  “Those would be the ones potentially giving rise to planets with the conditions to harbor life.”Surely claims of this magnitude were based on incredibly hard evidence.  Did Eisner and his colleagues actually see any planets?  Actually, no.  They saw dust and hydrogen.  They looked at 15 stars with dust disks around them, and measured things like mass, rotation, and magnetic fields.  They saw some of the dust getting sucked into the stars.  They saw some dust disks getting pushed back by magnetic field lines.  They saw violent process, like hydrogen flung out by magnetic field lines: “the gas is being funneled along the field lines arching out high above and below the disk’s plane,” Eisner said.  “The material then crashes into the star’s polar regions at high velocities.”  The press release explained what happens next: “In this inferno, which releases the energy of millions of Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs every second, some of the arching gas flow is ejected from the disk and spews out far into space as interstellar wind.”  Notice that this environment forms the boundary conditions for the story.Question: where are the planets?Answer: in Eisner’s imagination.“‘But the building blocks for those could be forming now,’” he said, which is why this research is important for our understanding of how solar systems form, including those with potentially habitable planets like Earth.”    Summing it up, here’s the score.  Observations of planets: zero.  (This includes habitable planets.)    Uh, what was that headline again?  “Zooming in on an Infant Solar System: For the First Time, Astronomers Have Observed Solar Systems in the Making in Great Detail.”    Incidentally, their work was funded by a Major Research Instrumentation Grant from the National Science Foundation.1.  Eisner et al, “Spatially and Spectrally Resolved Hydrogen Gas within 0.1 AU of T Tauri and Herbig Ae/Be Stars,” Astrophysical Journal Vol. 718, July 20, 2010 (scheduled); preprint at Los Alamos Natl Laboratory.2.  The paper talks much about accretion, but it’s apparent both from the paper and the press release that the accretion being spoken of is material getting swept into the star – not material building up planets.  Planet formation (not even mentioned in the technical paper) was not spoken of in terms of data or observations, but only as theoretical possibilities: “gas giants similar to Jupiter and Saturn, may form, using up a lot of the disk material,” and “More solid, rocky planets like the Earth, Venus or Mars, won’t be around until much later, ‘But the building blocks for those could be forming now,’…”Calling on all skeptics who respect science.  Will you let this pass?  Those of you whose mission is to expose pseudo-science and skewer crackpots, do you ever turn your energies on the likes of these?  They’re not your usual targets, but look at what these people have done.  Don’t be distracted by the fact that they work for major universities, like the University of Michigan, Caltech, Berkeley, and Max Planck.  Don’t be impressed by the fact that they used observations from Keck, one of the finest observatories in the world.  Don’t be intimidated by the fact that they got a major research grant from the NSF.  Who cares?  If someone says a dumb thing, it’s dumb, no matter who says it.    If you could, in your mind’s eye, transport yourself to the middle ages, and find the King of France funding alchemical or astrological research, and all the esteemed academics of the University of Paris thinking it was a great idea, would you endorse it on those bases alone?  Surely, science must be about more than (1) equipment, (2) prestige, (3) money, (4) consensus, (5) power and authority, (6) publicity, (7) rhetoric, (8) hype, (9) enthusiasm, (10) imagination, (11) some of the above, (12) all of the above.  Presumably, science has at least something to do with truth.  It has something to do with gaining knowledge about the world through rigorous, testable, empirical methods, and applying what is gained logically, consistently, and conservatively – avoiding the exaggerations to which our natures incline us.  Can we agree on that?    But look what these scientists, intelligent as they are, educated as they are, privileged as they are to work on the world’s greatest telescopes, honored as they are with taxpayer dollars, did in this press release.  They observed spectra of hydrogen around a few T Tauri and Herbig Ae/Be stars.  From these spectra, it was reasonable to infer some violent processes at work: hydrogen being accelerated along magnetic field lines, and dust disks apparently either spiralling all the way in to the star or being compressed outward.  That’s it.  But look at their inferential equation in the press release:Dust + violence = planetsPlanets + time = lifeLook at the absurd teaser in the headline.  Look at the suggestive artwork.  If that isn’t pseudo-science, if that isn’t an example of wild swings of speculation way out of bounds beyond what the data can bear, then please, pray tell, what is?  Why is it that the world’s press just laps up this garbage and barfs it back out for the public?  Why is Creation-Evolution Headlines the only site with the guts to call this disgusting?  Look; even Space.com fell for it hook, line and sinker – no critical analysis whatsoever.  Not a hint of questioning.  None of the debate or dispute or controversy that should characterize good science.  The media just fall in lockstep like a bunch of gutless, mindless lemmings.    If you agree, then do something about it (this is for skeptics).  Write some letters to the editors of news sources that regurgitated this press release uncritically and complain.  Write the University of Arizona and say that this press release was very unscientific.  Tell them it violated your skeptical sensibilities.  Tell them it gives the creationist wackos occasion to mock science.  Tell them it is illogical to extrapolate from hydrogen and dust to earth-like planets and life.  Point out that such talk only encourages the critics of evolution to keep up their rhetoric and grow more bold.  Tell them that if they keep publishing thoughtless press releases like this one, intelligent design is going to continue to grow and proliferate, because evolutionary science is going to continue looking like a lunatic fringe of laughable pseudo-science the way it is being exaggerated beyond all logic.  Further, tell them that when it gets spoon-fed to the public this way, with no critical analysis, the public becomes skeptical that they are being led down the primrose path.  (It might be effective to tack on the quote at the top right of this page.)    Do it.  Read them the riot act for a change.  Then at least we will know you are consistent.  Then we will at least know you are an honest skeptic.(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

87th Ohio FFA Convention 3rd Session Recap

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Ohio’s Country Journal/Ohio Ag Net FFA Student Reporters recap the 3rd Session of the 87th Ohio FFA Convention.last_img