Police Warn of Bill Collector Scam in Ocean City

first_imgThe Ocean City Police Department has received reports of attempted fraud targeting local businesses in Ocean City over the past few weeks.The fraud involves a person calling a business and identifying herself as an Electric Company representative attempting to collect on overdue bills. The caller gives a return phone number and extension for the business to call back.The initial call is usually made by a female. She tells the business to call back and speak with a named representative. If the business calls back, the phone will be answered. The business will be told they have one hour to make a cash payment by phone either with a prepaid money card or PayPal account. If the payment is not made the electric will be turned off, according to the scam.To date, the Ocean City Police Department has received a few reported incidents. One business did make a payment based on the information provided by the caller. This has been occurring in other surrounding communities and also in Ocean City since early summer 2014.If any local business owners receive a call of this nature, they should disregard the caller and contact the police department to report the incident. Do not give out any confidential information to a person on the phone. Do not send money to any unverified person or address before contacting the Ocean City Police Department at (609) 399-9111.— News release from the Ocean City Police Department Ocean City Police Departmentlast_img

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