Tax watchdog warns the GM closure is a sign governments shouldnt give

first_imgCALGARY (660 NEWS) – While some people in Alberta say the federal government should help out the oil and gas industry, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) says the General Motors closure should act as a warning signal that corporate bailouts don’t work.CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick said while it is difficult to watch some major corporations struggle, that doesn’t mean the government should be picking which ones to invest in.“I certainly don’t blame folks in Alberta for saying ‘why will you bail out Bombardier? Why will you bailout the auto sector? But you won’t bailout the oilsands?’ I think the answer is that you can’t afford to bail anyone out.”He noted some of the regionalism that comes into play when corporations are bailed out in eastern Canada.“People rightfully start to get upset when they see one communities company getting saved, and then when something happens in their community there is no help, it strikes them as unfair. They are right, it is unfair.”When govts bail out Bombardier but not Blackberry; when they help automakers but not the oilsands; when they deem some companies worthy of taxpayer life support while letting others die; they are not just distorting our economy for the worse – they are sowing regional divisions.— Aaron Wudrick (@awudrick) November 26, 2018He is not, however, advocating for governments to do nothing about these layoffs.“I think it is entirely appropriate for governments to concern themselves with how do we help people who affected, but that is very different from bailing out the company.”He believes a few things could help the country.“What we can do is try and create business environments with streamlined regulations and lower taxes that attract all industries and have a level playing field,” he said. “You can look at ways to retrain people, you can look at ways to create an environment where you are confident that you are going to attract new work so that you are not so concerned about one particular company going under.”last_img read more

Competition Bureau reaches anticompetitive agreement with software developer

first_imgOTTAWA – The Competition Bureau says it has reached an agreement with a Canadian developer of travel industry software alleged to have created barriers that prevented its competitors from participating in the marketplace.The bureau says that Softvoyage Inc.’s well-established control of the market for content management software used by most tour operators allegedly saw the company start including exclusivity clauses in its contracts.These exclusivity clauses would then allegedly force tour operators that were using Softvoyage’s software to use only the company’s software for the distribution and sale of their vacation packages, among other claims.The bureau says this created a barrier to entry or prevented the viability of any current or potential competitors in the marketplace.As part of its consent agreement with the bureau, Softvoyage will refrain from enforcing certain clauses or portions of its clauses contained in its contracts with its clients over a period of seven years.The company did not immediately respond to requests for comment.last_img read more

US stocks edge lower in early trading as the markets lacklustre September

NEW YORK, N.Y. – U.S. stock indexes are opening slightly lower as the market’s sluggish September continues.The Dow Jones industrial average eased 27 points, or 0.2 per cent, to 17,021 as of 9:34 a.m. Eastern time Friday.The Standard & Poor’s 500 index slipped three points, also 0.2 per cent, to 1,994. The Nasdaq composite nudged five points lower, down 0.2 per cent, to 4,586.Bond prices are falling, pushing up the yield on the 10-year Treasury note rose to 2.60 per cent from 2.55 per cent late Thursday. by The Associated Press Posted Sep 12, 2014 7:39 am MDT US stocks edge lower in early trading as the market’s lacklustre September continues AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Citing Syria UN Chief tells forum that governments around the world must

“I have consistently urged leaders to stop flouting human rights and start meeting the legitimate demands of their people,” Mr. Ban said in his keynote address to the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, France. “This is my message to leaders around the world, from President Assad of Syria to others who must listen to their citizens before it is too late,” he added.According to the website of the event’s organizers, the Council of Europe, the Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy brings together reformers and global leaders to identify democratic responses to the economic, social and political challenges which affect societies today. In his speech, Mr. Ban noted that the case of Syria shows how the current democratic transitions have given life to hope and many changes, but have also generated uncertainty and fear. “Success is not guaranteed. It takes time to build democracy. But we must join forces to nurture progress until democracy takes a firm root in all countries around the world,” he said.More than 18,000 people, mostly civilians, have died since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began some 18 months ago. Amidst an escalation in violence over recent weeks, UN agencies now estimate that some 2.5 million Syrians are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.“The recent escalation of the conflict along Syrian-Turkish border and the impact of the crisis on Lebanon are extremely dangerous,” Mr. Ban said referring to shelling incidents that took place between the two countries last week. “They show that this is a regional calamity with global ramifications.”While the situation in Syria has worsened, putting at risk the stability of its neighbours and the entire region, it is still possible to find a political solution to the crisis, the UN chief stated, stressing that militarization only aggravates the situation and puts civilians in danger.“I call on those who have influence over any side in Syria to exert it to promote a political solution, and empower political leaders, not armed groups or the regime’s military. Our goal is to create the appropriate conditions for a credible political transition that meets the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people, and ensure their equal rights and human dignity,” Mr. Ban said.The Secretary-General reminded the Forum that UN Member States have “clearly defined democracy as a universal value,” and stressed that they must make sure that nations live up to their obligations under international law.In addition, he stated that democracy is not just about giving citizens a voice, but also about advancing their economic and social development. “That is why it is so critical to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs),” he said, referring to the eight anti-poverty targets which have a completion deadline of 2015. “There has been progress since the Goals were adopted a dozen years ago, but for the mothers of South Sudan and countless others around the world, we have to press for urgent action.”The eight MDGs, agreed on by world leaders at a UN summit in 2000, set specific targets on poverty alleviation, education, gender equality, child and maternal health, environmental stability, HIV/AIDS reduction, and a global partnership for development, all by 2015. The Secretary-General has put together a top-level panel advise on the global development agenda beyond the 2015 deadline. In addition its 23 members, the panel is co-chaired by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, and Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom. “Their approach will be participatory. They are seeking the views of development experts and ordinary citizens around the world,” Mr. Ban told the audience in Strasbourg.He added that the United Nations will also continue to foster democracy around the world, promote human rights and help countries make a smooth transition from insecurity to instability. Also on Monday, the UN chief met with the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, and the Council’s President of the Parliamentary Assembly, Jean-Claude Mignon. The three men exchanged views on ways to strengthen cooperation on democracy-related activities between the world body and the Council of Europe, and the latest developments in the Middle East and North Africa.In addition, they discussed access to asylum and the situation of Roma and minorities in Europe, as well as developments in the Western Balkans. read more

Commentary Ohio State football is simply too big to fail

I am 23 years old and have lived in Columbus, Ohio, for almost my entire life. Between having 10 players being ruled ineligible by the NCAA due to multiple scandals, the firing of a Hall-of-Fame-caliber coach, a 6-6 record and a loss to Michigan, I can honestly say that this is the worst calendar year of Ohio State football that I can remember. And yet it still began with a win in a BCS bowl game and it will end with OSU hiring a 47-year-old coach with two national titles under his belt in Urban Meyer. So what can we determine from knowing that the worst calendar year in almost a quarter century of OSU football included both a win in a major bowl game and the hiring of arguably one of the greatest college football coaches alive? It’s that OSU is simply too big to fail. And that’s something that a lot of schools can’t say. Michigan, who endured three underwhelming and two bowl-game-less years under Rich Rodriguez, certainly can’t say that, and as we’ll learn in the coming years, neither can Penn State. The reasons behind OSU’s inevitable success are tied to two factors: the state’s rich football history and the football program’s history of winning. Even if Meyer had chosen to stay retired and away from OSU, this point would’ve been proven by whoever had taken over Columbus. From Bob Stoops at Oklahoma to Nick Saban at Alabama to Pete Carroll in the NFL, there is no plethora of coaches who happen to have both stellar resumes and ties to the Buckeye state. Prior to this season, OSU had won a share of each of the past six Big Ten titles, regardless of what the NCAA record books tell you. The school has won 35 Big Ten conference titles and seven national titles, thanks to a lineage of Hall-of-Fame-caliber coaches in Paul Brown, Woody Hayes, Earle Bruce, John Cooper and Jim Tressel. And now Meyer, OSU’s first choice to join the fraternity of Buckeye coaches, has accepted the school’s offer. Unlike Michigan, who was passed on by Les Miles — a Michigan alum — twice in the past four years, OSU got its man and never even had to consider a plan B. Meyer’s idol, Woody Hayes once said, “We hate to lose, but when we do, rest assured we’ll be back, and someone will pay the price.” With the way the Buckeyes bounced back from the season they’ve had since winning the Sugar Bowl in January, Hayes would be proud. Because the Buckeyes are back, and it’s time for lesser programs to start paying. read more

Nationwide JobBridge ban for creche chains featured in RTÉ programme

first_imgTHE CHILDCARE FACILITIES which were alleged to have abused children in their care on Tuesday night’s Prime Time broadcast will be barred from taking on any interns through the JobBridge programme.The Department of Social Protection says it will not permit any internships at the facilities while they remain under investigation by the Gardaí and the HSE after the footage broadcast on Tuesday night.The ban on any internships will extend not only to the three individual facilities involved, but at any facility operated by any of the three firms – Giraffe, Links and Little Harvard – who featured on the programme.The Department said none of the three locations featured on the programme had ever taken on an intern under the JobBridge scheme, which offers unemployed people a weekly stipend of €50 in addition to their jobseeker’s allowance.“Two of the firms have not previously placed any JobBridge interns,” it said.“The remaining firm placed one JobBridge intern but not in the location featured in RTE Prime Time. This placement finished in April 2013.”The Department said one of the general guidelines of the JobBridge scheme was that the host operation needed to abide by all its legal requirements, and to comply with vetting regulations were appropriate.“JobBridge is subject to strict control measures to protect the intern and ensure the integrity of the scheme,” the Department said.It added that it had undertaken 2,100 monitoring visits to check the validity of the placements offered under the JobBridge scheme, with 98 per cent of the visits being “of a satisfactory nature”.“Any individual who suspects that an internship may be in breach of the scheme’s criteria – including quality issues, lack of appropriate mentoring and support, or cases of suspected displacement – may contact the JobBridge team. All such reports are fully investigated,” it said.Earlier today, Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald had taken to the Dáil to criticise the advertisement of “no experience required” positions on the JobBridge website, including some locations where the intern would be working in the field of childcare.“Our children are worth more than that, the parents of Ireland expect more than that,” McDonald had said.Read: McDonald criticises JobBridge’s ‘no experience required’ childcare positionslast_img read more

Create a highpowered antenna out of almost anything with sprayon nanoparticles

first_imgLiving in a rural area in Missouri, it has been a struggle to get both a mobile phone signal and television reception in my home. I have tried all the different antennas and cell-boosters I can get my hands on, all of them promising to solve my problem and none of them even coming close. I had almost given up hope until I saw a presentation by the CEO of a small Utah-based company called ChamTech at this years “Solve for X” forum. In eleven minutes, Anthony Sutera shined a bright light into the black hole of connectivity in which we live by demonstrating a new spray-on technology that can turn almost anything into a high-powered antenna. By high-powered, we mean that this technology can improve the range of a RFID tag from five feet to almost 700 feet. That’s impressive. The secret behind the technology are the nanocapacitors that are suspended in the paint-like mixture. When they are applied in the right pattern, they are able to both charge and discharge very rapidly, which does away with the heat issue of regular metal or copper antennas. As with any electronic, heat is bad and in this case can interfere with reception. Of course, the technology behind the product is a closely kept secret, but I did get to speak with a rep from the company to confirm that all the claims that Sutera made in the Solve for X forum have been documented and confirmed. Right now the company’s main customer is the US Military, so it’s safe to assume that ChamTech is legit. The unnamed product is currently not available for consumer purchase, but the company rep I spoke with on the phone mentioned that some big news is coming up in the next two weeks for the company. When I asked about such uses as creating a television antenna out of a large board that was on my roof, the response I got was “I can’t comment on that, but isn’t having a house with large attic space a nice thing?” While not an official confirmation, I am excited about his question because it’s exactly what I had in mind (and I know you did as well) when I first heard about the presentation. One of the other things that the rep was totally clear on is that this isn’t a process of spray-painting an item haphazardly and then magically getting an antenna as a result. There is a process in which it must be applied, one in which they will be working with manufacturers to perfect in the future.Some other potential applications for the nanoparticle spray is being able to create better antennas for mobile phones, as well as broadband access for vehicles in the form of the painted white lane-stripes that are standard across the country. While we wouldn’t want ChamTech to paint everything in sight and make the world one giant antenna, this has amazing potential for the future.last_img read more

Court has funds to aid addicts kids

first_imgClark County has received a $1.48 million grant to serve children emotionally affected by methamphetamine-abusing parents.The grant, provided by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, will pay for services for children whose parents are in Clark County Superior Court’s Family Treatment Court.In an October specialty courts newsletter, Bradley Finegood, Superior Court’s therapeutic courts coordinator, called the grant innovative and said it will cover psychological testing of children and parenting classes for their drug-abusing parents.The grant, one of three awarded to the county’s therapeutic courts in the past month, comes when money is especially tight. Clark County Commissioners announced this year that 20 percent of the “meth tax” has to be cut from the $5.8 million earmarked for treatment programs in the 2011-12 budget.But it’s been nothing but good news for therapeutic courts since last month. Clark County District Court received a $350,000, three-year grant to launch a court for military veterans charged with misdemeanor crimes. And Superior Court’s juvenile recovery court received a $900,000 grant for substance abuse treatment and evaluation.Cleve Thompson, the county’s drug and alcohol program manager, said the grants allow the programs to serve a burgeoning number of drug-affected families at a cash-strapped time.last_img read more

County adds 2000 jobs since November 2011

first_imgClark County’s labor market continued to improve slightly in November, adding 400 jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis from October. Modest growth in most employment sectors increases the county’s year-over-year employment growth to 2,000 jobs, according to the Employment Security Department labor report released Wednesday.The county has added 2,000 jobs since November 2011, a 2 percent growth rate, regional economist Scott Bailey said in his report. But employment is still 5,700 jobs below its pre-recession peak, Bailey said. Without seasonal adjustments, employment was unchanged in the month at 130,800.There was seasonal hiring in retail sector, which added 600 jobs, slightly above average for this time of year. Those gains were offset by typical seasonal layoffs in construction and food processing, both down 400 jobs for the month.For all of 2012, industries showed modest employment gains. Manufacturing led with a 500-job increase. Only information services, which lost 100 jobs, and government, down 200 jobs, have retrenched throughout the year.The county’s October jobless rate was revised from a preliminary 8.2 percent up to 9.7 percent. Bailey predicted November’s preliminary 8.0 percent jobless rate, which does not take into account Clark County residents who work in Oregon and have filed claims there, will likely end up at about the 9.7 percent when a revised figure is released next month.last_img read more

Local Idol contestant Daniel Seavey advances

first_imgVancouver “Idol” Daniel Seavey, 15, will continue his quest to become America’s next singing sensation.Seavey passed the scrutiny of “American Idol” judges in an episode that aired Thursday night on the Fox TV network.This week’s two episodes focused on “Hollywood Week,” where 218 contestants identified in the regional tryouts were brought together for the first time. Judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. are winnowing the field to the contestants who will appear on the weekly shows leading to the May finale.Next week’s episodes will show the last part of Hollywood Week, which ended with the judges picking the top 48 contestants. Those 48 contestants advanced to a new part of the competition, Idol Showcase, which was taped in December at the House of Blues in Hollywood. From there, 24 semifinalists will go to Motown Week, to be taped at the Fillmore Theater in Detroit, according to a website,, that is distributing the live audience tickets. This is the first time “American Idol” has taped in Detroit.From there, the finalists for the series of live shows, which begin March 12, will be identified.last_img read more

Administration Misses Opportunity to Close Guantánamo Prison McCain Says

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR The Obama administration’s failure to complete a detailed plan for closing the military prison at Guantánamo Bay has cost it a prime opportunity for gaining Congress’ assent to transfer detainees to a U.S. facility, John McCain (R-Ariz.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said this week.McCain, who supports closing Guantánamo, intended to include language in the fiscal 2016 defense authorization bill permitting the detention facility’s closure if the White House submitted a proposal that passed congressional muster. But despite its promise months ago, the administration failed to deliver a closure plan before conferees finished putting together the conference report for the annual defense policy bill, which was unveiled on Tuesday.If conferees had been able to see the plan and agreed with it “we would’ve put into the bill,” McCain said. “If the administration complains about the provisions on Guantánamo, it’s their fault because they never came forward with a plan, that we probably could’ve supported, to get rid of this issue,” he said, reported Defense One.“We acted as we had to, without any plan or blueprint from the administration,” McCain added.Instead, the bill returns to a stricter standard that would freeze the remaining population at Guantánamo for at least the next year. The legislation would prohibit the transfer of detainees to the United States, or the construction or modification of facilities in the United States for housing the detainees.In place of McCain’s initial plan for providing a pathway to closure, the final version of the authorization bill would require DOD to submit a plan within 90 days on the current and future detention of individuals, including a “specific facility or facilities that are intended to be used” for holding detainees, reported CQ.“The conferees expect that discussion to include an explanation of the department’s plan for the disposition of all detainees held at Guantanamo, on a case-by-case basis, and the costs associated with each element of that plan,” according to the conference report.A senior administration official said the White House strongly opposes language in the defense authorization bill that would “impede efforts to close” the Guantanamo detention center and said its closure plan will be ready soon.last_img read more

4097 children rescued under Operation MuskaanV IG Swathi

first_imgHyderabad: Swathi Lakra, Inspector General of Police, Law and Order and in-charge of Women Safety Wing on Thursday said a total of 4,097 children including 3,613 minor boys and 484 minor girls were rescued under Operation Muskaan-V across the Telangana State in July. Out of which 1,648 children reunited with their parents or guardians. She said 2,266 children were admitted in rescue homes. Swathi Lakra further added that 1,192 children including 1,112 boys and 80 girls belonging to other States were rescued. Also Read – Vemulawada school seized after road accident Advertise With Us The teams also rescued 955 street children, 1,200 bonded labourers, 25 brick workers and 115 child beggars. By using Facial Recognition features on TS Cop App, Darpan and Child Track portal, the teams rescued vulnerable children from railway stations, bus stations, religious places, traffic junctions and footpaths. Women and Child Welfare Department maintains the database of children in Child Care Institutions, digitise it and share the information with Police Department who further compare photographs of missing children, trace and rescue them. Also Read – Non-bailable warrant to Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury Advertise With Us She further added that three missing cases had been solved across the State in this manner through DARPAN App. 478 cases were registered under various sections. Highest number of cases was registered in Cyberabad Commissionerate with 244 cases followed by Khammam 44, Rachakonda and Nizamabad Commissionerates 16 each. All the cases will be further categorised into trafficking and non-trafficking sections and monitored accordingly.last_img read more

Victorias Secret Angel Kelly Gale goes topless flaunts her figure in barely

first_imgKelly GaleKelly Gale Official Instagram (kellybellyboom)Victoria’s Secret Angel Keely Gale set temperatures soaring with her recent social media posts. Reportedly to her Instagram and flaunted her pert derriere in a white G-string bikini before going for a dip.The supermodel is known to regularly storm the runway in skimpy outfits for the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand. But Kelly proved that she doesn’t need a fashion show to make people notice her. The model could be seen flaunting her lithe frame as she turned to face the camera in the skimpy swimwear.’Water is so cold I’m freezing my little [peach emoji] off,’ Kelly captioned the racy snap. Her brunette locks could be seen falling around her face and shoulders. The Victoria’s Secret model paired her swimwear with simple small gold hoop earrings. Kelly GaleKelly Gale Official Instagram (kellybellyboom)Last year, she told Vogue Australia that she works out ‘six days per week, all year round’ and consumes a diet of fish, vegetables, fruit, oatmeal and yogurt.” Kelly Gakle is known to take her health and fitness seriously. Her profession demands it. ‘That’s how I was brought up,’ Kelly said of her healthy diet. ‘I was never introduced to bad, unhealthy foods, so for me it’s just natural to eat healthy.’Hwer healthy living seems to have paid off as the model looked gorgeous in the snaps. Kelly added that she snacks on ‘nuts and raw vegan chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar’. Kelly Gale is one of the most successful models in the world. And it sure looks like she is just getting started. The stunner added that said she swears by infrared saunas to make her ‘skin glow’ and ‘help get rid of any puffiness or water retention.’ Well, whatever she swears by, it seems to be working, because Kelly Gale looks beautiful. You can check out the pics here:  Kelly GaleKelly Gale Official Instagram (kellybellyboom) Kelly GaleKelly Gale Official Instagram (kellybellyboom) Kelly GaleKelly Gale Official Instagram (kellybellyboom)last_img read more

You Cant Remove the Battery From the Nintendo Switch

first_img The Nintendo Switch is being pitched as both a home console and a handheld device. If one were to play the system at home when it is securely placed in its dock, there’s not much to worry about. But on the road, consumers have to be mindful of the system’s battery life.The problem of a short battery life can be mitigated with removable batteries. This allows folks to swap out their old batteries for new ones or for longer-lasting ones. For a system like Switch, having a removable battery would solve the problem of running out of power mid-game while on the road. However, it appears that the Switch will not allow users to swap out the system’s battery.According to a report from Engadget, an FCC filing states that the system’s battery cannot be removed. This is surprising considering how users were able to change the battery of the Wii U gamepad. In fact, Nintendo even released a high-capacity battery for the console. On the other hand, a lot of smartphones and tablets do not feature removable batteries. In that sense, the Switch isn’t doing anything radically different from other hardware manufacturers.An important thing to note is that this FCC filing is based on a production prototype of the Switch. This means that the final version could have a removable battery. Also, since we still do not have much concrete information about the Switch’s capabilities, it is possible that the system could have a USB port (or ports). If it does, users might be able to charge the system’s battery by using a standard portable charger.Nintendo will hold a special Switch-centric Nintendo Direct on January 12, 2017. It is expected that we’ll finally get official information regarding the system’s games, hardware capabilities, and of course, battery life at that time. Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)Controller Patent Teases SNES Games on Switch Stay on targetlast_img read more

Countdown on for Dallas Fort Worth Qantas partnership

first_imgWith the countdown on to the long awaited partnership between Qantas and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), Phil Ritter, executive vice president DFW took time out to speak with e-Travel Blackboard. Currently meeting with stakeholders in Canberra including Martin Ferguson, Australian Minister for Tourism, Mr Ritter shared his excitement at a partnership that seems set to benefit both regions. The result of 10 years work will come to fruition on 16 May 2011 when the first 747-400 ER aircraft flies from Sydney airport non-stop to DFW. Return flights will fly direct to Sydney with a stopover in Brisbane to refuel. Ideal for business travellers needing to access cities like New York and Washington, it also bodes well for cruisers wanting to take advantage of the increase in home ported ships in Galveston, Texas or the busy ports throughout Florida. Any connection within the USA takes 4 hours or less. The first interior connection between the USA and Australia will allow travellers to fly non-stop to 146 domestic destinations and 46 international destinations beyond DFW. “Dallas Fort Worth is the largest US hub…it (DFW) has no slot constraints, no curfews, seven runways and 5 terminals,” Mr Ritter said. DFW also features heavily in Queensland’s bid to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games, with a final decision on the successful city being made in just over 180 days. Plans for joint marketing campaigns with Australian tourism boards will be discussed when DFW delegates arrive in the country in mid-July and Mr Ritter expects the Qantas partnership to bode well for an increase in tourism to both regions. Offering flights 4 times per week, the world’s 3rd busiest international airport is hoping to increase visitation to Dallas and their surrounds in addition to presenting an easier option to those wishing to continue through to alternative destinations within the USA, Mexico and Latin America. Currently serving 57 million passengers per year, travellers will be privy to the efficient workings of an airport that offers such features as the ‘Skylink’ high speed train that allows transport between the gates in 8 minutes or less. The development of International Terminal D was completed in 2005 with a further US $2 billion set to be invested in the remodeling of the remaining four terminals over the next 5-6 years.Click here for a photo gallery of Dallas Fort Worth International AirportAre you more likely to fly into DFW instead of LAX with the new partnership with Qantas? Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Alast_img read more

Travel agents can order their Viking Cruises 2019

first_imgTravel agents can order their Viking Cruises 2019 World Cruise brochure from Brochure Flow ocean cruisesViking Sun Viking Cruises has taken delivery of Viking Sun, the company’s fourth ocean ship, and she will set sail from Venice on 4 October 2017. The 47,800 tonnes, 930 passenger Viking Sun joins award-winning near-identical fleetmates, Viking Star, Viking Sea and Viking Sky, in offering a destination orientated cruise experience, with few days at sea, long days in ports and more overnights in key destinations than offered by other lines.In early November, Viking Sun will cross the Atlantic to sail American autumn itineraries, and on 15 December, the ship will embark on Viking’s first-ever World Cruise. Over the course of 141 days, Viking Sun will journey around the world, visiting 35 countries and 66 ports, before the itinerary ends in London on 5 May 2018. In 2019, Viking Sun will continue to sail the globe on the recently-announced second World Cruise, which spans 128-days, five continents, 21 countries and 44 ports with 10 port overnights.last_img read more

Part of LimassolPaphos highway to close Friday morning for works

first_imgThe transport ministry on Tuesday announced works that will close sections of the Limassol-Paphos highway, the A6, on Friday.An announcement from the ministry said that on Friday between 8am ands 1pm, sections of the highway in two directions would be closed from the roundabout of Konia to Petra tou Romiou for maintenance work on road lighting by the department of electrical and mechanical services.During the execution of the work, lanes will be closed in both directions and traffic will be fed into the slow lanes.The department of public works apologised “for the unavoidable inconvenience that will arise” and asks the public to demonstrate the necessary understanding and to comply with the temporary road signs and the instructions of police.The public can keep informed about the planned works on the ‘ ‘ website, which will display a map and traffic information.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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