Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Feb. 23

first_imgAmazon deal wasn’t worth the trade-offI’ve never been much of a supporter of government tax breaks to big business.An Amazon quote: “Amazon pays all the taxes we are required to pay.” That’s terrific; but last year they were given an “effective tax rate of minus one percent.” Seems to me an incentive of $3 billion to such a successful company (last year’s profits over $11 billion) is rather exorbitant, since New York state residents are supplementing this gift. It has also been stated that average wages for the 25,000 employees they were projecting would be $140,000 annually. The residents they were going to displace are typically low-income. Not an equitable trade-off in my book. And where was the disclosure from Cuomo and DiBlasio?Virginia GraneyGlenville Now the president is proposing to fund the wall by declaring a national emergency. Instead, why not fund the wall by securing a loan, as Wilbur Ross suggested for the government workers who received no paychecks? Forbes magazine estimates that the combined wealth of Trump and his cabinet is about $7.6 billion, more than enough collateral for such a loan.Don SteinerSchenectady Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionCity police need to issue more tickets When President Trump used “wall funding” as the basis for the partial government shutdown, he was being disingenuous and callous.Trump was being disingenuous because he was implying that our southern border represented a major security threat. There’s no evidence to support his claim.A recent threat assessment by our intelligence agencies didn’t mention any need for Trump’s wall. Moreover, while most Americans would agree that border security is important, few border experts have argued that “the wall” is essential to security. If construction of “the wall” truly represents a national emergency, why was it not funded when the Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate?Trump was being callous because he was “proud” to put at risk 800,000 government workers simply to fulfill a campaign promise. Many of the employees who were kept at work without pay and who were furloughed were subjected to significant economic and emotional stress. Trump seemed totally indifferent to the plight of the impacted workers and said, “I’m sure that people that are on the receiving end will make adjustments. They always do.” Easy for him to say. Passage of a new law doesn’t make it moralIn response to Assemblyman Phil Steck’s Feb. 17 editorial in The Daily Gazette, I believe that because the RHC Act was signed into law does not make it morally acceptable. I think if a poll is taken, more people would agree. Concerning name calling, Mr. Steck thinks The Gazette was not acting responsibly when he was called a “murderer.” What about freedom of speech? It’s also one of our fundamental freedoms of American life. Mary WhiteNiskayuna Let Trump’s wealthy friends fund his wall We must take action on climate seriously and earn the support of everyone. Please cover these issues more than the stupidity that often is covered. Alixandra FoisyAlbany Concern for people shouldn’t be limitedI want to thank Assemblyman Phil Steck for his attempt to separate fact from fiction in his Feb. 17 column on New York’s Reproductive Health Care Act. Sadly, he knows that he’s preaching to the choir. Not a single solitary mind will be changed by his reasonable facts, unfortunately.I do have a question though, for those who insist that the state or any religion has a moral obligation or a legal right to tell any female what she is and isn’t allowed to do with her body.My question is this: Once out of a female body, once disconnected from an umbilical cord, why the lack of moral outrage when this being who requires education, nutrition, shelter, medical care, a thriving healthy community, respect and dignity, can so easily fail to obtain adequate levels of these? Why so few tears, prayers and activism? If and when a time comes that I begin to hear the prayers and see the tears of “believers” for the incarcerated, for the perpetually hungry, for those who are insufficiently educated for decent-paying jobs, then we’ll actually have something to talk about.A being’s immediate connection to a uterus cannot be nearly the sole criteria for concern for human life. Now, keep your religion off my body. Thanks.Elisa WinterAlbany Hatred on liberal TV networks is very clear Abortion law helpful to the irresponsibleSo much confusion with words. A new human being is a result of a sperm joining an ovum, either in the body of a female or in a laboratory. When this new being begins, it’s called a zygote. Within seven or so days, this being, now called an embryo, works its way into the womb or is placed there from the lab. As it grows in the womb, it’s called a fetus until it’s ready to outgrow its home in the woman. For people who want this being, it’s called ‘our child.’ For people who don’t want this being of human origin, it’s called an ‘invader.’  Who should protect whom? From all scientific evidence, this growth has its own DNA, unlike a tumor or a tooth. On delicate ultrasound equipment, this being has a heartbeat after 20 days from implantation in the womb. These data are available on medical research sites, or ask a veterinarian who does artificial insemination. Whose choice is it for the sperm getting into the ovum to form the zygote? When females are respected for the very specific beauty of fertility and have a trusted spouse, a responsible family unit is begun. Often, without a marriage of equals, children are put at risk. Our society needs the bedrock stability of committed spouses. Abortion isn’t the answer, especially when it’s deemed government approved.  We must all act to stop climate changeClimate change is happening here and now, and I’m terrified. When I was young, I tried to take action, just like young people who are involved with the Sunrise Movement. I’m now in midlife and am not sure what we will be going through in our community and our world if we don’t act now. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Green New Deal is not equivalent to the progressive agenda and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Markey’s resolution.We know that there are only 12 years to transform our economy to preserve the stable climate human civilization has depended on for millennia. We need a massive mobilization of every sector of society on par with what science and justice demand.A Green New Deal will keep Americans safe from climate change and create millions of green jobs, and it will help to address the issues of racial and social justice that we all eventually face. I work with people who are older, those who have a disability and people with mental-health issues. Global warming affects us all and only exacerbates issues we are currently facing.  Where are the Schenectady police? I had a business meeting in downtown last week.When I left the meeting at 3:00, traffic on Erie Boulevard was a nightmare. People running red lights, speeding, weaving in and out of traffic. The circle at Nott Street was dangerous. People coming into the circle were not yielding to the cars in it.Schenectady has a budget problem. If the police started giving out tickets, they would have a lot of money coming in.Thomas DonovanBallston Lakecenter_img Need national policy based on scienceI’m very disappointed with Congressman Paul Tonko. In 2018, the IPCC report on climate change was issued, informing us that by 2030 global carbon levels need to be lowered by 45 percent to maintain a 1.5-degree C increase in global warming. Newly elected Alexandra Octavio-Cortez called for Green New Deal (H.R. 109), which would rapidly transition us from dirty to clean energy. But Tonko refused to be a co-sponsor. It’s only because Jesus supernaturally keeps the United States of America together because he appreciates its protection of the freedom of faith that it hasn’t fallen long ago.But that will not always be so. Soon, Jesus will give up and let the United States of America tear itself apart.In the meantime, I suggest that you get on the right side of history by leaving whichever party you are now in and joining up with Jesus instead. That way, you will leave the vast majority tearing this nation apart and instead work with Jesus to keep this nation together.Joel NelsonSchenectady In one of his neutral letters, he wrote: “We must keep an open mind to effectively tackle the problem of climate change. It is essential that we ensure that government policies are reflective of the most innovative ideas … with the goal of decarbonizing our economy as rapidly as economically and technically possible.”Why can’t we decarbonize too quickly? For the sake of Big Business? Well, that’s what we must do to prevent runaway climate change. Propping up an oil-based, endless growth economy will bury us all.Green jobs are the future. The fastest renewable energy job growth has occurred in the solar and wind sectors, 24 percent and 16 percent in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Jobs in these sectors outnumber jobs in coal and gas in 31 states.What’s missing is a science-based public policy that imagines a different climate future that works to lower emissions, impact wise land use and prepare population centers for extreme weather. I’m looking to my representative to help craft a Green New Deal that replaces the resource-extracting, ecocidal policies with environmentally sustainable plans of action.Barbara TrypalukSaratoga Springs Steck made very clear case for health actAssemblyman Phil Steck’s clear explanation of New York’s Reproductive Health Act (Sunday, Feb. 17) is deserving of both our attention and support. He clearly explains what the law does and does not allow. He clearly explains that no one is coerced in any way to violate one’s own beliefs. He provides background information that clarifies why the law is written as it is. The law provides safe medical options for women who need them.In our highly polarized political climate, it takes courage to take a stand that not everyone will support. I support the New York Reproductive Health Care Act and I definitely support Mr. Steck.Eleanor AronsteinSchenectady Who needs jobs when we have socialism?Here’s what everyone is forgetting as they attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for celebrating Amazon’s withdrawal from Queens and her seeming not to care about the loss of 25,000 jobs: The folks in New York City and Queens don’t really need those jobs.Remember, when AOC’s “Green Dream” economic package is passed, the government (read you and I) will provide “economic security to all of those unable or unwilling to work.” I really thought when the USSR collapsed, we had seen the last of Karl Marx and his nutty ideas.George NigrinyGlenville Killing our own kind promotes a broken society. The Reproductive Health Act is oxymoronic; no pregnant female will be helped by it. The RHA is a big win for feral fathers.Sheila M. NeugebauerBallston Spa Hate; I find it amazing what television has done to our country. There are six major TV networks in our country: ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and FOX, which supply the majority of political news.CNN and FOX are cable stations that a large portion of the country don’t subscribe to. All of these news outlets, with the exception of FOX, make up the Liberal Propaganda Network (LPN).The LPN has given up all pretense of being fair and unbiased. The LPN’s so-called news broadcasts hate conservatives talk shows and comedians that aren’t funny. The hatred for conservatives and hatred for the president of the United States comes through loud and clear. Dictators around the world have one thing in common; they control the media and the media controls people’s minds. When you hear them hate the president and the conservatives day after day, the hate mind-control is working on many liberals. I find it interesting to watch the faces of the hosts of the LPN. The hatred is very clear and is transmitted to the viewers.Marv LivingstonCharlton Schenectady must invest in road repairSchenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy, please drive on Guilderland Avenue from the Pointe Café to Bond’s Funeral Home. The road is in horrible condition. No amount of patching will work.A lot of money was spent to make downtown Schenectady more appealing to visitors. There have to be well-maintained roads leading to the Rivers casino. I like going to Rivers. I drive on city roads to get there and I don’t want to have to have a wheel alignment because the roads are awful.It amazes me that government wasted millions of dollars on those stupid signs along the highway (that the feds forced us to take down because they were too close to each other and posed a distraction to drivers), but can’t find the money to make our roads safer.  Lorraine VanDerWerkenSchenectady Work with Jesus in order to save AmericaBecause of extreme fanaticism on the part of both parties, during this century at any given time, half of the population of the United States of America hates its own nation because its president doesn’t belong to the same party they do.“If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” (Mark 3:24 or Abraham Lincoln; take your pick). Don’t let $3 billion for Amazon be wastedWhat an amazing event occurred this past week. Amazon has decided not to locate a distribution center in Queens, New York City.In doing so, they turned down Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s offer of about $3 billion of “tax relief,” i.e. money we taxpayers would have had to ante up. Now if I remember correctly, our governor just announced a week or two ago that an impending revenue shortfall of about $3 billion (what’s a billion or so dollars here or there) was lurking in this year’s budget for New York State, i.e. us taxpayers.Now it should be no problem. Put that $3 billion worth of “tax relief” that Amazon turned down back in the revenue bucket, and the shortfall will disappear. Our politicians sometimes take a long time to understand changes, so I urge all New Yorkers to contact their representatives and tell them to make that happen. Don’t let that unexpected $3 billion leak out of the revenue bucket and disappear, say into further raises for our governor and legislators. Forman PhillipsBallston SpaMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationlast_img read more

Holiday supply? P1.8-M ‘shabu’ seized in Bacolod drug bust

first_imgAccording to Gever,the suspect had been under surveillance for over a week. She was tagged as ahigh-value drug target. An undercover officerinitially bought from Berbor a sachet of suspected illegal drugs for P2,000. “She (Berbor) did notstop selling illegal drugs despite her live-in partner being arrested on similarcharges last October,” he said. The suspect was detained, facing chargesfor violation of Republic Act 9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of2002./PN Seven more sachets ofsuspected shabu were recovered during Berbor’s arrest around 3:30 p.m. onWednesday. center_img Major Charles Gever,chief of Police Station 8, identified the suspect as 25-year-old KimberlyBerbor, a resident of the city’s Barangay 30. BACOLOD City –Antidrug operatives here seized suspected shabu weighing about 150 grams valuedat around P1.8 million in a buy-bust operation in Barangay Pahanocoy.last_img read more