and Airbnb agree: Host accommodation is a worldwide hit

first_imgTHINK GLOBALLY – ACT LOCALLYThis thought accompanies me throughout my life. I’ve always wanted to know “what’s going on behind the hill.” Once upon a time, the world was not very accessible, information passed through strict filters and local “prophets” spread news that corresponded to the then supreme class in a different social order. We marveled at the world beyond national borders and admired the stories of guests, friends who came from that “outside world”. Today we live in a democratic, open society, information is often “at our fingertips”. Personally, I prefer first-hand information, so on this occasion I will convey news that may not yet have “circulated” through the information network of the Croatian media space.TOURIST GIANTS, LEADERS OF THE NEW AGEAirbnbAirbnb was founded 10 years ago. It was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk. In 2011, Airbnb entered the world market for the first time with its platform. Since then, they have accommodated 300 million passengers and today they have 4,5 million accommodation facilities in 191 countries around the world. Airbnb is present in 400 cities worldwide. In 2017, their total turnover was $ 2,6 billion, operating profit $ 450 million, net profit $ 93 million. The value of the company is estimated at $ 30 billion. They have relatively few employees, about 3.000. So far, they have made 142 million arrivals in Europe and generated a turnover of 17 billion USD. But 10 years ago, according to Nathan Blecharczyk, almost no one believed that what they launched would lead to such a result. “Do you think people will stay in other people’s homes?” Was one of the most common questions.Listening to the presentation of this young engineer born in 1983, I felt a special positive energy that goes beyond all existing stereotypes, prejudices and barriers. Nathan Blecharczyk started programming at the age of 12, making money from the job at the age of 14. He completed his higher education at the prestigious Harvard University which he paid for himself from the income of his entrepreneurial activities during the entire period of his studies. In 2005 he joined OPNET Tehnologies as an engineer, continued his career as the chief development engineer of Batiqua and finally in 2008 he founded the world-famous Airbnb with his partners in charge of development.Vision, strategy, actionBig data digital technology, along with increasingly developed artificial intelligence, allows Airbnby, as well as other giants of the digital age, to collect and analyze a huge amount of data from their business environment. This data processing takes place in an incredibly short time, followed by new supply models that are tested in a real environment. All this process gave Airbnb an insight into the greatest values ​​of modern tourist supply and demand.In simple terms, Airbnb asked the hosts what their ideal guest should be like and the guests were asked what their ideal host should be. Out of that came two “personas”, Superhost and Bestgest.Superhost Quality ClubIn addition to all the current benefits enjoyed by the hosts with the title “Superhost”, in the coming days they will be offered new benefits such as a prize in the form of vouchers with a certain amount for travel or free photography of their accommodation, especially affordable prices for “smart” appliances. assistance in paying benefits, an incentive bonus for attracting new guests.By the summer, the possibility of access to Airbnb marketing partners, the possibility of “distance learning” – free webinars to improve business, followed by the offer of various contents with discounts for guests, the possibility of testing tools to better list the offer and other benefits to be enjoyed by hosts. from the “quality club” “Superhost”.Offer specializationThe huge amount of offered accommodation options that are available to the guest today, is becoming an increasing obstacle to the rapid and efficient selection of accommodation that meets the basic habits and needs of the guest. For that reason, Airbnb is launching a new offer of basic “brands” and “sub-brands”. This makes it easier to find the ideal accommodation.The offer starts with the “Shared room” category, which is basically renting a sofa in the house. This is followed by the offer “Private room” (classic double room), then “Entire home” (residential house), “Vacation home” (cottage), “Bed & breakfast” (bed and breakfast), “Boutique” (professionally organized service , such as small family hotels, hostels, etc.) and “Unique” (unusual accommodation such as a tree house, caravan on the beach, etc.).These basic “brands” are followed by “sub-brands”, “narrower specialization”. Such an offer can be offered by the hosts from the “quality club” “Superhost”. The main “subcategories” or “subbrands” are “Dinner party”, “Family”, “Honeymoon”, “Wedding”, “Group getaway”, “One-of-a-kind”, “Social stays”, “Work” and “Accessible.”Airbnb plus and Beautiful HomesBut that’s not all, because a special offer called “Airbnbplus” is being launched. This offer will be offered by hosts with an average rating of 4,8 (out of 5), with 95% acceptance of prices with 0% cancellation. These hosts take care of their guests personally, they have taken care of the special design of their accommodation, they have a specially decorated and harmonized interior. These objects are presented as “Beautiful Homes”. Guests of this accommodation can order and receive services such as transportation, groceries and the like in the household. The best hosts will also have a special logistical support from Airnbnbia called “premium support”. All of the above will be tested in Croatia as well. I managed to notice that Split is on the list of was founded back in 1997 in Amsterdam. In 2002, had only 7 employees. Among them was Gillian Tans, who chairs the company today. 2005 joins the Priceline Group as the group’s smallest company. In 2018, the entire group changes its name to Booking holdings. The planetarily popular brand has imposed itself on Pricelinecom, Kayak, Agodacom, Rentalcarscom, itself today has more than 1,5 million accommodations in 225 countries around the world, employing 17.000 people in 198 offices worldwide. The offer via is translated into 43 world languages ​​and 1,5 million overnight stays are realized every day through this platform. Booking has 17.500 distribution partners and has had one billion overnight stays since its inception. In 2016, the entire group had total revenue of $ 10,743 billion. Operating profit was $ 2,906 billion and net profit was $ 2,134 billion.2016. The group realized 556,6 million overnight stays, 66,6 million rented car days and 7,3 million airline tickets sold.Change of began its business career as a platform for hotel accommodation. Airbnb’s success, which began by offering only accommodation in private homes and apartments, has led to a gradual “change of course” for Today, they have every third request for accommodation in private houses and apartments. This brings booking closer to Airbnb’s business model. Booking is rapidly looking for new opportunities to “pass” modern travelers. 2.000 employees are working on developing new products. Each new proposal is developed in two variants and each variant is tested in a real environment on a selected sample of users.Employees are divided into small teams that hold a meeting each morning on the topic of observations about possible improvements to the system. Each proposal is considered and each development engineer has access to the company’s CEO. Gillian Tans has gone through all the jobs in the company from the most basic to the current position of CEO.Some of the main directions of the company’s development strategy are artificial intelligence, big data systems and personalization of the offer. Each person sees a certain offer in a different way, depending on personal preferences, attitudes, opinions, the nature of the trip, the needs of that trip. Accommodation search will be further developed in just such a way, from the perspective of personalized in CroatiaPhoto: Booking.comIt has not been more than 6 years since we persuaded Expedia to offer family accommodation in Croatia through its platform. It was on one of the world’s major tourism exchanges. Then they flatly rejected us with the explanation that they only mediate towards hotel houses. Not even a year later, by making a strategic, now historic decision, in Croatia is moving strongly towards family accommodation. Today, they have an offer in more than 86.000 facilities. In 2017 alone, more than 25.000 new apartments and more than 5.000 holiday homes and 49 hotels are on offer. Host accommodation, as calls it, is the biggest hit.How does Croatia stand on the platform?The trends are as follows: Weekend trips are on the rise, as many as 47% of passengers in this group claim to be traveling more this year than last. 43% of passengers will replace distant destinations with trips closer to home. 45% of travelers compile a list of destinations they want to visit and as many as 34% of travelers want to revisit a destination they visited as children. Fans of the film industry want to visit destinations – sets of famous film series, as many as 36% of them. As many as 56% of passengers prefer active rest and care for their health.How is Croatian family accommodation on the platform?Travel in small groups will increase by 25% and as many as 64% of travelers want to try local specialties and customs, and appreciate the interaction with the host. Among the top 20 cities in the world with the highest number of awards for guest reviews, there are as many as 4 Croatian ones: Split in 2nd place, Zadar in 9th place, Dubrovnik in 10th place and Zagreb in 19th place.What are the guests looking for? They are looking for accommodation in a certain place. They choose the order according to: price, reviews, distance from the center. Included search filters are: price, number of stars, WIFI, free parking. The user of the platform watches the search results on average for 1 minute. It stays on the object page for an average of 2 minutes. As many as 9 out of 10 passengers will book faster if relevant, clear high-resolution photos are displayed on the page. The passenger pays the greatest attention to the lower third of the screen when searching. You can draw your own conclusions based on the information provided.Croatian accommodation with the hosts is the best in the world!Finally, the information that the highest average rating of the review is in the country, among the top 30 countries (according to the total number of awards) – in Croatia. The average rating of Croatian hosts is 9.0!You can “kill the messenger” but not the newsThis old saying has a new meaning in the context of an attempt to disparage the quality of Croatian family accommodation – accommodation with the host. Regardless of what the (non) representatives of the interests of real estate lobbies with large capital do, travel and the demand for accommodation will develop according to the trends followed by the tourist giants. Among them, Airbnb and are currently the largest and most significant. They “lead the game.” However, if the players change, the game will certainly not be changed by those who participate in it, and especially not by the Croatian “players”.The time of regime “prophets” is over and the traditional economy is also a thing of the past. According to experts’ predictions in 2025 (in just 7 years), the new, “sharing economy” will reach the turnover of the old, traditional economy. Similar to changes in tourism, there are changes in the energy sector (renewable energy sources), transport (superfast trains, e-driverless cars, etc.) and in other sectors.I hope that, until the complete change of the economic model, the political elites in power in Croatia will not make the wrong moves that would take us even further away from joining world trends.Maybe they would do the most if they didn’t do anything.Author: Nedo Pinezić</p>
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