Panenka thinks Sergio Ramos is his best impersonator

first_imgThe Czech Republic legend Antonin Panenka, has officially named Spaniard Sergio Ramos as the best impersonator for his famous penalty kick.In the football vernacular, pretty much everybody knows what a Panenka penalty is and it appears that Sergio Ramos is the one who has the style locked down perfectly.The Czech Republic’s former footballer Antonin Panenka, made this style of shooting penalties famous around the world during the 1976 European Championship when his National Team faced Germany in the final and shocked the world by winning the competition with this penalty from Panenka.The special feature about this style of penalty, is the way in which the taker fools the goalkeeper with a soft dink of the ball that seems to stop time for a few fractions of a second.Right after scoring the winning penalty against legendary goalkeeper Sepp Meier, Antonin Panenka never imagined the influence that this career-defining moment had in world football for the rest of eternity.Today, every time a player scores a penalty like this, the shot gets recognized as a ‘Panenka’ attempt and this is one of the reasons why the Czech legend feels so honored every time this happens.There have been many players like Andrea Pirlo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, even Ronaldinho.All of them have scored a ‘Panenka’ penalty throughout their careers, but the man himself has just named the player he thinks does this trick best.Antonín Panenka en @Goal_en_espanol: “@SergioRamos es el que mejor tira los penalties a lo Panenka. Me encanta”. Aquí, mi entrevista 👇🏻— Alberto Piñero (@pineroalberto) November 9, 2018“I love how Sergio Ramos does it. I think that he has done several more times, I remember him doing it at the 2012 European Championship actually,” said Panenka to Goal.“I do think that he can be my best ‘impersonator’, the one who takes the best Panenka penalties out there.”“The most impressive part is that he has already done it several times and the people know he can do it again, and yet he still manages to pull it off. It’s a work of genius.”“I love Spanish football. Even when there are not many goals scored, I always find interesting things when I’m watching a match from La Liga. There is always a great pass, an exquisite ball control technique…”Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.“I was very close to playing in Spain. Real Murcia actually wanted to sign me one time, but the negotiations didn’t go through in the end.”“I had actually practiced that penalty for two years prior to the European Championship in 1976. I just realized that pretty much all goalkeepers chose to go to one side or the other, which made me decide to kick the ball to the center.”“After every training session, I used to compete with our goalkeeper Hruska from the spot. This goalie was very good, which meant that I was always losing bets against him.”“I lost all kinds of things when I wagered with him, money, chocolate bars, etc. The moment I started winning was when I decided to kick the ball like that, suddenly I started winning more and more often.”“My problem was that I also started gaining weight after so many chocolate bars I won. If I had failed that penalty, maybe I would already have over 40 years of experience in the chocolate factory,” he added.Antonin Panenka is one of those players who go through a very strange process, one in which something that he did during his career became a norm for every single footballer after him.Having a signature penalty kick style in your name, is perhaps one of the greatest honors that any athlete can ever have and Panenka knows how lucky he is for that.But we have to disagree on his pick for the best Panenka impersonator out there, although Sergio Ramos does it very well but there are other players who have done it better.The biggest example that comes to mind is Francesco Totti, the Italian did it with his national team back in the 2000 European Championship and redefined the technique.Antonin Panenka: “Me encanta cuando Sergio Ramos tira un penal a mi estilo. Diría que es mi mejor imitador, nadie los ha podido ejecutar mejor que él.”— Mundialistas (@Mundialistas) November 10, 2018But tell us, which player do you think is the best Panenka impersonator out there? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Nir Bitton fit and raring to go

first_imgCeltic midfielder Nir Bitton is happy to be back from a lengthy layoff and ready to fight for his place in Brendan Rodgers’ side.Nir Bitton underwent surgery for a knee injury in February last year and has been on the treatment table since then.After months of intense rehabilitation, the Israeli midfielder returned to training this week and wants to help Celtic win a domestic triple-treble this season.“It’s tough staying positive, especially when you get a long-term injury,” Bitton told Sky Sports.“Sometimes people don’t understand, sometimes people take the simple things in life for granted.Mikey Johnston, CelticJohnston is disappointed after being injured Manuel R. Medina – September 11, 2019 Celtic winger Mikey Johnston was disappointed to miss Scotland Under 21 national team’s victories over San Marino and Croatia, and he hopes he can return to play soon.“It was only after getting this injury that I realized I need to appreciate every single minute on the training pitch, every single minute on the pitch, because in one moment you can lose everything, and you can do nothing about it.“From here, I’ll put the injury behind me, and my main focus is to get back to full fitness now, have a good time in Dubai with the team, to get back into shape, get some thorough training sessions in.“After the winter break, I’ll keep pushing, keep training hard, and hopefully I’ll get some game time, and hopefully we’ll win some more trophies this season.”last_img read more

Ziff Davis Buys ComputerShoppercom

first_imgZiff Davis has made five acquisitions in the last 16 months, including, Focus Research Inc. and The company has been amassing a larger and larger audience of technology enthusiasts and IT managers and, through the acquisitions of Focus Research and, has formed a demand generation unit called B2B Focus. The 33-year-old Computer Shopper has some legs on it yet. The venerable brand dedicated to product reviews and comparison shopping of computer and technology products has been acquired by Ziff Davis, which owned it from 1993-2001.Ziff Davis sold Computer Shopper to CNET in 2001, which then sold it to SX2 five years later when the company decided it was no longer a core brand. SX2 intended to use it as a stepping stone for a larger media portfolio which doesn’t seem to have panned out. SX2 took Computer Shopper online-only in early 2009 and the site now claims about 1.5 million unique visitors per month. last_img read more

NASA telescope spies unusual galaxies from dawn of the universe

first_img Share your voice Spitzer’s deep-field view of the sky awash with galaxies. Circled in red are incredibly faint, distant galaxies that the telescope observed for over 200 hours.  NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESA/Spitzer/P. Oesch/S. De Barros/I.Labbe Astronomers surveying the sky with NASA’s Spitzer space telescope have been able to peer back to the early universe, 13 billion years in the past, and find some of the very first galaxies. They look like tiny, orange dots aglow in a sea of darkness — not too dissimilar to the famed first image of a black hole — but the miniscule lights imaged by Spitzer contain a host of young stars, composed mostly of hydrogen and helium. The discovery of these unexpectedly-bright galaxies could provide new clues about one of the most important cosmic events in history: the “Epoch of Reionization.”The new research, published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in April, required Spitzer to stare into the same region of sky for over 200 hours, studying the ancient cosmos as part of a campaign known as the GOODS Re-ionization Era wide-Area Treasury from Spitzer (GREATS). Another great, the Hubble Space Telescope, also contributed to the data. Post a comment More space news Tags NASA Space With Spitzer trained on a region of the sky for so long, it was able to gather light that had traveled across the universe to reach us. In what amounts to a cosmic staring contest, Spitzer didn’t blink. The telescope detected faint infrared signals from 135 distant galaxies, produced by high levels of ionizing radiation. It’s a particularly important finding, because ionizing radiation is believed to have contributed to the Epoch of Reionization in the early universe — a cosmic transformation that shaped the universe as we know it today. Astronomers are still stumped as to what exactly caused these changes, but the early galaxies detected by Spitzer may provide some clues.”Our latest Spitzer result reveals how different these early galaxies are to those at later times and pinpoints our sample as a key set for providing insights into how galaxies so efficiently reionized the universe,” said Garth Illingworth, a co-author on the new study. The results were surprising for Michael Werner, project scientist with Spitzer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.”We did not expect that Spitzer, with a mirror no larger than a Hula-Hoop, would be capable of seeing galaxies so close to the dawn of time,” he said in a statement. “But nature is full of surprises, and the unexpected brightness of these early galaxies, together with Spitzer’s superb performance, puts them within range of our small but powerful observatory.”  Spitzer, launched in 2003, is an infrared observatory in an Earth-trailing orbit operated by NASA and the California Institute of Technology. It carries three instruments that allow it to “see” across the wavelengths of infrared light, providing spectacular views of the gaseous, dusty distant cosmos.center_img Sci-Tech 0 Your wedding ring came from a neutron star explosion, 4.6 billion years ago Scientists just observed a crash between two neutron stars Gravitational wave detectors upgraded to hunt for ‘extreme cosmic events’ NASA Spitzer telescope celebrates 15 years of astounding images 15 Photoslast_img read more

Karnatakas betting mafia now wagers for Lok Sabha candidates

first_imgWhen Michael was apprehended CBI officer said the investigators recovered Rs 17 lakh from the accused. [Representational Image] in the picture: Stacked bundles of demonetised notes seen.  Reuters [Representational Image]The betting fever has got hold of the people in Karnataka as they are eagerly pledging their land, cattle and money, that too huge sums to earn double of what they have paid.Now the gamble in the state is for who will win the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Earlier, a high wage was declared over the candidates of Mandya district, Sumalatha Ambareesh and Nikhil Kumaraswamy. As the district saw an amazing 80 per cent voter’s turnout (highest in the state) people are betting cash and other valuables on the outcome of the elections.According to the reports, there are several agents or bookies who collect cash from the people who want to place their bet over the preferred candidate in all parts of Karnataka. The betting scene has increased drastically after the first round of polls in Karnataka. While the youths are organising and placing bets on social media the older generation is pledging theirs inside their own circle or villages.While the capital city Bengaluru had a very low voter count, the people have not backed their interest in the elections due to the illegal betting.According to News9, BJP candidate Tejasvi Surya is a favourite among the betting mafia in Bengaluru South and the prices are also high here. For a bet of Rs 25,000, the winner can take as much as Rs 1,00,000 with him, which is triple the amount they have paid. The same scene amount is applicable to the Congress candidate DK Suresh from Bengaluru rural.In Bengaluru Central, the tough competition between the Congress candidate Rizwan Arshad and BJP’s PC Mohan has also created a curious wave among these betting mafias, reports News9.The rates may differ slightly from bookie to bookie, but the amount placed are ridiculous in the state. In Mandya, where there is a neck-to-neck fight between the JD(S) candidate Nikhil Kumaraswamy and Independent candidate Sumalatha, there is higher bid on these candidates. The mafia is branching out to their client’s in order to flourish themselves in this illegal racket.The betting mafia has taken the state by storm with their doubled and tripled rates over the Lok Sabha candidates who are contesting from different constituencies of the state. People are also visiting the districts to understand the ground reality there in order to place their bets.The voters in Karnataka may shy out from exercising their franchise but not from illegal money making at this crucial time of elections and who knows maybe some of the millionaires will be born during this polling season.last_img read more

Police responding to shooter in Las Vegas

first_imgHarvest country music festival after apparent gun fire was heard on 1 October, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: AFPPolice swarmed the Las Vegas strip late Sunday following reports of multiple shots fired from the Mandalay Bay casino, police and US media reported.”We’re investigating reports of an active shooter near/around Mandalay Bay Casino,” police said on Twitter. Several people including a police officer had been shot at a nearby outdoor concert, the Las Vegas Sun newspaper reported.last_img

3 Strategies for Taking a Bite out of the Booming App Market

first_img Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer 5 min read “There’s an app for that” used to be a tongue-in-cheek slogan in the iPhone’s early days. Now, it’s a fact of life: By 2020, it’s estimated that 6.1 billion people will rely on smartphones. Users will install 210 billion apps between now and then, a trend that will earn developers a collective $57 billion in revenue in 2020 alone.Related: 4 Ways a ‘Data-Driven’ Approach Anticipates Buyer BehaviorApps are quickly becoming a brand imperative. But going after downloads or in-app purchases isn’t enough anymore; those are just the beginning stages of a product’s life cycle. To make apps a part of long-term growth strategies, companies must evolve these products based on users’ behaviors.Every business needs an appThe app industry is big — and getting bigger — but the major proportion of the industry’s usage and revenue are still concentrated among the top 200 apps. Localytics found that 20 percent of apps are used only once. Consumers are far more likely to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube than spend time exploring more novel smartphone products.A word-of-mouth campaign might draw users to a new app, but what happens when their initial curiosity wears off? If there’s nothing that repeatedly engages their attention, they’ll reopen Instagram or Snapchat, as fresh content from a reliable source will always beat the flashy new thing.Brands can’t rest on their laurels, then. They must constantly iterate on their apps to retain users. But launching occasional updates or announcing minor tweaks once a quarter isn’t enough. “Twenty-five new features” that no one wants won’t have as powerful an impact as the one key upgrade that aligns with users’ expectations and in-app behaviors.People have finite time and energy. They want to know that an app is worth their attention, so companies must make their value propositions clear. Perhaps your company can offer users a coupon for $10 off a new feature as a thank-you for creating their in-app profiles. Such incentives will keep the app top of mind so users return to it often. At that point, brands can track users’ behavioral patterns in order to deliver better customer experiences.Building effective appsCompanies that don’t monitor in-app behavior are taking shots in the dark with their marketing strategies. In contrast, businesses that know how and when customers use their apps can formulate campaigns based on their audiences’ needs. Users will be thrilled by the personalized experiences and become increasingly reliant on the app, as a result.Behavioral data also plays an important role in feature road maps. Your development team might brainstorm 15 cool-sounding functions, but none of those will land effectively if customers aren’t interested in them.Brands can’t know what the best feature set is until they monitor their customers’ patterns. How long do they stay within the homepage feed? How often do they hit “refresh”? Do they go down rabbit holes to discover new features? Or, do they favor the same one or two options over and over again?Here’s how companies can answer those questions and build effective long-term strategies:1. Integrate with an analytics service.Dozens of platforms offer must-have analytics services for any company that’s serious about app monetization. The price points vary from free access to several hundred dollars a month, so there are affordable options for businesses at every level. Choose a solution based on which data types it collects and how deep it can go when gathering insights.Google Analytics, the tried-and-true website standard, works wonderfully with both iOS and Android. It tracks how often users open an app, how long their sessions last and where they are when they’re using it. Google Analytics also records usage flows and button taps. Optimize the customer experience around these insights by creating a more intuitive, customized mobile experience.Related: 3 Mobile Analytics Platforms for Measuring User Engagement2. Transition to feature-rich platforms as the app grows.As the app gains traction, upgrade to more complex services, such as Mixpanel or Flurry. These platforms track in-depth metrics, including the average number of social media friends, frequency of social posts and engagement drop-off points. Deeper analytics go beyond anonymous user data and provide information about behaviors within the app enables companies to record the entire customer journey, from the moment users tap an ad in Safari to the time it takes to click download in the App Store. Those data points indicate which marketing campaigns and promotions work.3. Refine the app experience based on user behavior.Behavioral patterns offer raw, real-time customer feedback. Analyze this data to learn which areas draw the most attention and which inspire people to use the app day after day. Invest in the areas that generate the most significant engagement and ROI. People will appreciate the fact that the app both meets their needs in increasingly specific ways and feels customized to their interests.Related: 6 Tips on Getting Customer Feedback and Making It ActionableSuccessful apps depend on great customer experiences. In order to stay competitive in an increasingly saturated world, companies must be ruthless about eliminating unpopular features and responding to user needs. After all, every garden must be weeded so the flowers can blossom. October 10, 2016 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Listen Now Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger.last_img read more