UNESCO Paper Shows Governments Not Keeping Pace

first_imgA new policy paper from the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report and the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) at UNESCO shows that the number of university level students doubled to 207 million between 2000 and 2014.It said, however, that governments are struggling to keep pace with rapidly rising demands and large disparities in access, with a large cost of higher education often falling to families, many of whom cannot afford it.The paper sets out a series of measures to make higher education more equitable and affordable, including ensuring that student loan repayments do not exceed 15 percent (%) of their monthly incomes. Anything more threatens to leave the disadvantaged behind.“By creating and transmitting vital knowledge, skills and core values, higher education is a cornerstone for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO. “Demand for higher education is going to continue rising. Governments must respond by introducing a range of new policies that will ensure the expansion doesn’t leave the marginalized behind, and that access is based on merit, not privilege.”Analyzing global trends, the paper mentioned six ways to ensure higher education leaves no one behind, and shows that only 1% of the poorest have spent more than four years in higher education, compared to 20% of the richest.Disadvantaged groups are also missing out. In South Africa, around a sixth of Africans and ‘Coloreds’ attended higher education in 2013, compared to over a half of whites. Similarly, in Mexico, less than 1% of the indigenous population attends higher education. In China, youth from rural areas are seven times less likely to attend university than students from urban areas.Access to higher education has expanded most rapidly in wealthier countries: Only 8% of young adults are enrolled on average in the poorest countries, compared to 74% in the richest countries. The greatest gender disparities are found among the poorest countries as well. Women made up only 30% of bachelor students in low-income countries in 2014.“In certain countries with deeply rooted social inequities, affirmative action through quota or bonus systems may be necessary to expand access to underrepresented groups, even if these mechanisms are controversial,” says Suzanne Grant Lewis, director of the IIEP.Private colleges and universities have expanded to cater to the growing pool of students, enrolling 30% of all students worldwide, rising to 50% in Latin America.Governments can’t keep pace financially with this expansion and families are left with the tab. Across 26 countries in Europe, households paid for 15% of the cost of higher education in 2011. In other high-income countries, household expenditures were even higher: 40% in Australia, 46% in the USA, 52% in Japan, and 55% in Chile.UNESCO, the only UN organization with responsibility for higher education, advises governments to use a combination of policies aimed at helping the disadvantaged, such as low tuition fees, need-based scholarships and loans repayments adjusted according to income, to help families manage the costs. The paper draws on a range of examples to show how different countries are expanding and diversifying higher education offerings to achieve greater equity.“The last thing we want is for higher education to be the ball and chain around students’ ankles,” said Aaron Benavot, Director of the GEM Report. “Coping with dramatic student expansion is not easy, but there are policy solutions governments can put into place to stop the bill falling to households.”Six specific recommendations are given to policy makers to make higher education equitable and affordable for all. They advise: 1) keeping an eye on the target by making sure those who need help the most are getting it. 2) Putting it into law in order to guarantee equity and affordability in regulatory frameworks. 3) Stepping up monitoring by establishing national agencies to ensure equal opportunities. 4) Varying admissions criteria by using different admissions criteria to respond to different individuals’ needs. 5) Providing varied student aid  through an agency established specifically to coordinate different forms of student aid, such as loans and grants; and 6) Limiting student loan repayments to 15% of their annual income.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgAn early season meet held Wednesday at Finn Valley attracted 15 clubs and proved a positive enough exercise despite the bitterly cold conditions.Some 300 plus athletes turned out, with the performance highlight being a Personal Best shot from John Kelly from the host club 16.16m and another Persona Best for Sara Moore, Omagh.The next athletics meet on the Valley track is the local area primary school challenge, an annual affair on May 15/16. RESULTS FROM FINN VALLEY A.C. OPEN TRACK AND FIELD MEETING – 25th April U8 Girls 60m Zara Burke, OlympianAbbie McGranaghan, Finn ValleyAbigail Temple Asokuh, Finn ValleyU9 Girls 60mBrenda Carr, Finn ValleyAloisha Cuskelly, LiffordCassie Donaghy, InishowenU8 Boys 60mRyan Galvin, Finn ValleyOran McMenamin, CranfordJordan Ryan, MilfordU9 Boys 60mOran McLoughlin, InishowenPaul Ryan, MilfordMichael McLoughlin, InishowenU10 Girls Ball ThrowZara Burke, Olympian, 18.28mEva Gallagher, Cranford, 15.67Lauren Hegarty, 13.32mU16 Girls Long JumpTara Leech, Sligo, 4.32mSusan O’Donaghue, Sliagh League, 4.20mShannon Bonner, Sliagh League, 4.13mOver 16 Girls Long JumpSarah Hannah Ward, Olympian, 3.80mOver 16 Boys Long Jump Brian Breslin, Lifford, 5.86mConall Mahon, Enniskillen, 5.41Bertram Barrett, Lifford, 5.02mU16 Boys Long JumpIan Brennan, Finn Valley, 5.21mFergus Cox, Inishowen, 4.47mAlan Porter, Lifford, 4.30mOver 16 Shot PuttJohn Kelly, Finn Valley, 16.16mBosco Reid, Finn Valley, 10.91mRyan Stewart, Finn Valley, 10.87mU10 Boys 60m FinalAlan Quigley, LiffordAdhran McLoughlin, InishowenSeamus Harley, InishowenU12 Girls 60m Final CiaraBonner, LetterkennyDanella Jansen, Finn ValleyAine Kerr, Finn ValleyU12 Boys 60m FinalOisin McElhinney, Finn ValleyPauric Harold, Finn ValleyShane McMonagle, Finn ValleyU14 Girls 80m FinalJanine Boyle, Finn ValleyMichaela Lyons, OlympianSommer Lecky, Finn ValleyU14 Boys 80m FinalEoin Kelly,  CranfordJoseph Doherty, LetterkennyThomas Mullen, LiffordU10 Boys Long JumpPeter Leech, Tireragh AC 3.52mDean Quigley, Lifford, 3.40mOran Sweeney, Finn Valley, 3.30mU12 Boys Long JumpDillon Woods, Finn Valley, 3.77mOisin McElhinney, Finn Valley, 3.75mRonan Gallagher, Cranford, 3.75mOver 16 Boys High JumpAdam Gallagher, Tirchonaill, 1.60mDominic Gallagher, Sliagh League, 1.55mOisin McDermott, Milford, 1.35mU16 Boys High JumpJames Clarke, Olympian, 1.45mC. O’Loughlin, Tir Chonaill, 1.35mOver 16 Girls High JumpBlaithnaid Patton, Finn Valley, 1.40mSimone Crawford, Finn Valley, 1.30mU16 Girls High JumpKaren Kelly, Finn Valley, 1.30mKathleen Craig, Lifford, 1.30mNicole Cuskelly, Lifford, 1.30mU16 Boys 80m Final Kevin Mc Gill, OlympianAlan Porter, LiffordGraham Kerry, SligoOver 16 Men 100mJordan Hylton, Lagan ValleyMartin O’Donnell, OlympianDaniel Borgan, Tirchonaill.U16 Girls 100mStacey Kerr, SligoPauline Kelly, CranfordChristina Logue, OlympianWalkOrla Delahunt, SligoRobbie Kelly, SligoNiamh Murphy, Finn ValleyAoife McLaughlin, Finn Valley,Ciara Phelan, Finn ValleyEmer McCauley, Finn  ValleyOver 16 Girls 300mEmily Burns, SligoStacey Kerr, SligoOlivia Webb, OlympianOver 16 Boys 300mKieran Elliott, SligoZak Irwin, SligoShaun Woods, Finn ValleyU12 Boys High JumpOisin McElhinney, Finn Valley, 1.20mAlex McGeehin, Finn Valley, 1.20mU10 Girls Long JumpCaoimhe Thompson, Finn Valley, 2.85mCharlene Patton, Finn Valley, 2.68mAoife Giles, Cranford, 2.68mU14 Boys Long JumpDillon Kearns, Killybegs, 4.46mEoin Kelly, Cranford, 4.32mAlan McGinley, Lifford, 4.16mU12 Girls Shot PuttAoife Doherty, Finn Valley, 5.59mMegan Moss, Finn Valley, 5.48mNiamh Murphy, Finn Valley, 5.45mU12 Boys Shot PuttCharlie Worth, Letterkenny, 7.79mMark McElhinney, Finn Valley, 7.17mRory O’Donnell, Milford, 6.16mU14 Girls Shot PuttNaoimh McGranaghan, Finn Valley, 10.74mEadaoin O’Raw, Inishowen, 8.29mAlton Murphy, Letterkenny, 7.70mU14 Boys Shot PuttJames Kelly, Finn Valley, 11.37mJoshua Fullton, Letterkenny, 7.86mJames Sweeney, Letterkenny, 6.96mU16 Girls Shot PuttMolly Donovan, Sliabh League, 8.15mEmer McNern, Sliabh League, 7.81mSarah Conroy, Sliabh League, 7.15mU16 Boys, Shot PuttMark Hegarty, Tir Chonaill, 10.78mGavin McLaughlin, Finn Valley, 10.57m3000m MixedJames Speight, 9.21Gerard Gallagher, 9.24Mark Bonner, 9.42James Geough, Sligo, 9.58Duayne Long, 11.32Andy Scanlon, 11.50Martin Anderson, 12.40Charmaine O’Brien, 12.52Sean McMenamin, 13.36Mary Speight, 13.36Sharon Hamilton, 14.30Bernie Maguire, 15.53Keran McHale, 16.01Colleen O’Brien, 18.31U12 Girls Long JumpAine Kerr, Finn Valley, 3.60mKate Smith, Lifford, 3.58mClare Doherty, Letterkenny, 3.38mU14 Girls JavelinNaoimh McGranaghan, Finn Valley, 26.88mSinead Doherty, Finn Valley, 8.82mNiamh Doherty, 7.76mU14 Boys JavelinGareth Crawford, Strabane, 33.04mDylan Kearns, Killybegs, 23.09mCharlie Worth, Letterkenny, 20.78mU16 Girls JavelinHolly Donavon, Sliabh League, 15.80mEmer McNern, , Sliabh League, 10.40mSarah Connolly, Sliabh League, 10.06mU16 Boys JavelinDarryl Crawford, Strabane, 36.51mFergus Cox, Inishowen, 35.01mAlan Porter, Lifford, 34.50mU12 Girls Ball ThrowUna Cox, Inishowen, 25.61mJennifer Sanches, Finn Valley, 21.90mDanielle Johnson, Finn Valley, 21.72mU12 Boys Ball ThrowCharlie Worth, Letterkenny. 36.80mSean Martin, Letterkenny, 33.87mMartin McElhinney, Finn Valley, 33.41mU10 Boys Ball ThrowKillian Browne, Cranford, 28.20mJamie Lecky, Finn Valley, 26.80mPeter Leech, Sligo, 26.34mU14 Boys 800mArron McGlynn, Finn ValleyBrian McNamee, Finn ValleyEoin Kelly, CranfordU16 Boys 800mOisin Gallen, Finn ValleyMark Hegarty, Tir ChonaillConor Edwards, OlympianOver 16 800mMark McGuinness, Tir ChonaillDean Toland, Finn ValleyChristopher Murray, Finn ValleyOver 16 Girls 800mSara Moore, Omagh HarriersU16 Girls 800mCaitlinn McGonagle, SligoU10 Girls 500mCorrie Doherty, InishowenAndrea Browne, Finn ValleyCara McConnell, Finn ValleyU10 Boys 500mMichael McLaughlin, InishowenDean Quigley, LiffordSeamus Harley, InishowenU12 Girls 600mAoife Morris, SligoZoe Kelly, Finn ValleyU12 Boys 600mJack Gillespie, Finn ValleyShane McMonagle, Finn ValleyKeith McColgan, Finn ValleyU14 Girls 800mSaoirse Callaghan, LetterkennyAisling Altan Murphy, LetterkennyMichaela Lyons, OlympianU16 Girls 800mDenise McLaughlin, Finn ValleyEve Travers, Tir ChonaillCaitlin Travers, Tir ChonaillOver 16 JavelinMark Doherty, Lifford, 37.12mJeremy Worth, Letterkenny, 30.94mBertram Barrett, Lifford, 26.03mU14 Boys High JumpConal Lynch, Lifford, 1.40mThomas Mullan, Lifford, 1.25m       )JointAaron McGlynn, Finn Valley 1.25m)Alan McGinley, Lifford, 1.25m        )Brandon Connolly, Lifford, 1.25m    )U14 Girls High JumpShannon Craig, Lifford, 1.30mOrla Coughlan, Tir Chonaill, 1.20mShauna McFadden, Letterkenny. 1.15mU14 Girls Long JumpJanine Boyle, Finn Valley, 4.52mNiamh Doherty, Finn Valley, 3.88mSommer Lecky, Finn Valley, 3.82mATHLETICS: RESULTS AND PICTURES FROM THE FINN VALLEY AC OPEN MEETING was last modified: April 26th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:ATHLETICS: RESULTS AND PICTURES 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