Brisket prices heating up with summer weather

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By David P. Anderson, Extension economist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension ServiceBrisket prices are heating up just like summer temperatures. One of the most interesting beef demand trends over the last few years has been the growth in demand for briskets. It’s not just new craft BBQ joints popping up everywhere in Texas, but even big chains like Arby’s jumping in and they all serve brisket.Briskets used to be an inexpensive beef cut that benefited from long, slow cooking at low temperatures. They are no longer inexpensive. What used to be a very inexpensive cut, the primal brisket is now only behind the primal rib and loin in value. In the last week of May, the comprehensive cutout brisket value was $213.47 per hundredweight (cwt), up 19.4% from the same week the year before. Just during May brisket prices jumped from $194.39 to $213.47 by the end of the month. The monthly average price was up 12% compared to last year. In comparison, only the primal short plate was up as much as 1% and the primal rib and loin were both down about 1% from a year ago.Many top-end BBQ joints working to produce a truly exceptional meal use and advertise USDA Prime or branded briskets. USDA Prime briskets hit $215.76 per cwt at the end of May and were outpaced by branded primal briskets that hit $220.82 per cwt. Prime, branded, and Choice primal briskets are up 21% compared to a year ago, while Select and Ungraded are “only” up 17% and 15%, respectively.This is a case where demand is outstripping supply, leading to quickly rising prices. Fed steer and heifer slaughter is up a little less than 2% through May compared to last year. Quality grade composition of beef supplies matter. About 8.1% of cattle graded, graded Prime in May, compared to 6.9% in May 2018. Slightly fewer cattle graded Choice 70.1% in May 2019 compared to 70.4% in May 2018. Select supplies were down just over a percentage point in May. Increasing steer slaughter and cattle on feed should increase available supplies in coming months.The future growth rate in the nation’s cattle herd will be critical for brisket prices. While we cut many products from other primal beef cuts, a brisket is a brisket (forgive my simple economist description). As herd growth slows and overall cattle prices decline, brisket supply growth won’t keep up with current demand growth. It’s likely that restaurant prices will rise in response to higher wholesale brisket costs to try to preserve a bit of margin.last_img read more

Tunisian Government Hackers Probably Behind Phishing: This Week in Online Tyranny

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… curt hopkins Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… “The hacking method was basically to block access to the secure Gmail so that Tunisians are required to sign in via a non-secure Gmail, then divert them to a machine running a fake Gmail login page under EasyPHP, to steal their passwords and later, when needed, hack their email accounts.”Given the scope and the focus, it seems unlikely, though possible, that this phishing was for money. More likely, given the rash of online censorship actions in the country, and the increasing role of quasi-government hackers (virtual death squads), is Tunisia’s intelligence services wish to gain control of all information transiting the country. China sentences a commenter to a year in prison. Tang Lin, whose child died in the infant formula scandals in China, “Tang wrote on the ‘Sanlu Milk Powder Incident’ QQ group saying that he would ‘take extreme action’ that would be “reported by newspapers.” Dumb, but understandable, thing to say. But now he works at hard labor for a year. He’s not the first to serve time for being mad that his baby was murdered by a bunch of greedy trolls with Central Committee connections. Wikileaks soldier sentenced. Private First Class Bradley Manning, an Army intelligence analyst is being charged with two crimes for passing secret video footage of an attack to Wikileaks. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, he’ll be charged with transferring classified information and violating federal laws on the handling of classified information.Belarus’s Internet censorship and control laws now in effect. Decree No. 60 establishes control over Internet content and access, and requiring ISPs to register with the communication and information ministry and to identify all devices using its service to connect to the Internet, including phones. NSA building cyber-attack detection system. In conjunction with the kill switch bill we reported on last week, the U.S. government is clearly headed the wrong way on Internet control issues. This sort of early-detection system, said to be build by military contractors Raytheon, is heavily positioned for abuse. CNN fires editor for Tweet. Octavia Nasr, who was CNN’s senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs, was fired after using her Twitter account to say, “Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah … One of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot.” Even if you did not appreciate her praise of a man who seemed to violent acts, the speed of the firing seemed a bit unseemly, if not arguably as unseemly as the praise itself. Venezuela arrests more social media users. Two Twitter users were arrested for allegedly “spread(ing) malicious rumors” regarding the country’s economy “with the aim of creating runs on banks.” Notwithstanding “cui bono,” the phrasing sounds ominously like any of the other dozens of countries who arrest people for using social media and call it “libel” or “defamation” of one sacred cow or another. It never happens that those so arrested wind up being of the leadership’s political party (or ethnicity or religious denomination or whatever). They always somehow wind up being people who are critical of those who run the country. Perhaps these Twitterers really did spread false information in a malicious fashion in order to, for some reason, destabilize the economy of Venezuela. Either that or they don’t believe Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez did the right thing in his tenure economically, including closing down banks last year. Tunis photo by Ashley Good Tags:#Government#international#web Tunisian Gmail users targeted. Slim Ammanou reports that Tunisia has been hit by a phishing scam with an intelligence element. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

7 Free Filmmaking Books and Guides

first_imgWhether or not you’ve been to (or are currently attending) a film school, No Film School’s DSLR Cinematography Guide is an ultimate resource of beginner’s filmmaking knowledge. With a focus on DSLR cameras and digital filmmaking tips and techniques, the book is a hodgepodge of tutorials, interviews, gear news and all types of practical DSLR filmmaking advice. There’s also a Spanish version online when you subscribe to their newsletter.Download the eBook here.Have any other free filmmaking books to add to the list? Let us know in the comments! Looking to read up on filmmaking but not wanting to spend lots of money? Check out these totally free filmmaking books and guides!Jumping into filmmaking and video production and editing can be tricky — especially if you’re just starting out. While it will always be the best advice to simply go out and do it (even if you fail now and again), reading up on your craft can be a great way to continue your education.That’s doubly true when you’re looking to jump into specific problems you’d like to troubleshoot or speciality skills you’d like to learn. If you’re ready to develop your filmmaking skills, these seven free resources are some of the best around.1. PremiumBeat: 101 Filmmaking Tips & TricksThis free eBook is produced by yours truly, PremiumBeat. In addition to running a daily blog that offers pro tips, production and editing tricks, and filmmaking articles on a wide variety of subjects, we’ve highlighted 101 of our best tips & tricks for your eReading pleasure. All told, the books amounts to over 300 pages with in-depth details, diagrams, illustrations, and pictures on all elements of filmmaking , video production, and video editing.Download the eBook here.2. Shutterstock: The Explorer’s GuideShutterstock’s Explorer’s Guide to Travel Photography and Destination Video is a perfect companion piece for the modern-day adventurer. If you’re planning an upcoming videography (or photography) trip, this guide is a must-read for preparations in travel, cameras and lenses, gear and filters, adverse weather wear and on how to get the most best footage from your epic adventure.Download the eBook here.3. The Crowdfunding BibleWritten by Scott Steinberg, The Crowdfunding Bible is an excellent niche resource for funding your next project. The book (which is free online) is jam packed with real-world advice on how to build your crowdfunding campaign from concept to execution. While not specific to just film, the book’s focus is on all the tried-and-true tricks and methodologies behind building a successful campaign. A must read before jumping into funding your next project.Download the eBook here.4. Filmmaking Stuff: Take Action and Make Your Movie Now!Filmmaking Stuff provides exactly what it promises: filmmaking stuff! The book, written by Jason Brubaker, is a comprehensive and well-designed book that helps you slam your way through the world of filmmaking. The best part, Brubaker has been on all sides of production and distribution, so the advice is deep and personalized. A great read if you’re just waiting to be the next Scorsese.Download the eBook here.5. Kodak: The Essential Reference Guide for FilmmakersIf your looking for a subject matter expert on filmmaking, there’s no better resource than one of most proficient film makers. Kodak has been a mainstay manufacturer (as well as a very helpful resource) when it comes to the world of film. Their reference guide is a goldmine of in-depth analysis on practical techniques — as well as an abundant resource of technical specs and processes to keep with you.Download the eBook here.6. The Black and Blue: Becoming the Reel DealOver 200 pages of free advice and templates that can help you build your career in the camera department. Becoming the Reel Deal focuses on the technical (and non-technical) aspects of film and video production and the roles you could fill therein. The book starts from the beginning, with advice on film schools, all the way through setting your day rates and building your resume. This is the camera operator’s book of choice.Download the eBook here.7. No Film School: The DSLR Cinematography Guidelast_img read more

10 months agoPrandelli angry Genoa denied late penalty for Roma defeat

first_imgPrandelli angry Genoa denied late penalty for Roma defeatby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveGenoa coach Cesare Prandelli was furious over the manner of defeat to AS Roma last night.Prandelli felt Genoa had a “really clear” penalty in stoppages as they lost 3-2.He stated, “It’s strange, because from the bench the push was really clear. It was obvious. We feel somewhat defrauded. I don’t understand why it wasn’t viewed again on VAR.“We knew that Roma were in a difficult situation psychologically and wanted to start strong to take advantage of that.“Football is a fast-paced sport and it is essential to always be concentrated, as the smallest errors can make a big difference, especially inside the penalty area and on set plays.“We had a lot of scoring opportunities and attacking moves, but our final ball wasn’t always correct. I think we lost the game five seconds from half-time, as we were caught in possession, they went on the counter and equalised.“We knew Roma were playing a new system and they hadn’t practiced it much, so inevitably their preventative marking and defensive movements weren’t well-oiled and we tried to take advantage.” About the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

10 months agoBurton and Hesketh face loan battle with Southampton

first_imgBurton and Hesketh face loan battle with Southamptonby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveBurton Albion and Jake Hesketh face a battle with Southampton over his loan.The Mirror says Hesketh faces a Southampton recall and Carabao Cup semi final heartbreak.The on loan Southampton midfielder fired Nigel Clough’s side into the last four on Tuesday – but his loan deal ends before the glamour ties kick off in January.Boss Clough admits they landed Hesketh on a favourable loan deal which ends soon, and he fears they might not get him back because of his good form.Hesketh is desperate to keep playing for Burton and wants Manchester City in the semis, but admits he wants a chance to test himself in the Premier League, and could face a huge dilemma. TagsTransfersLoan MarketAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

a month agoAndy Carroll delighted to be fully fit and back at Newcastle

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Andy Carroll delighted to be fully fit and back at Newcastleby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveAndy Carroll is delighted to be fully fit and back at Newcastle United.Carroll is desperate to make up for lost time and prove the doubters wrong.He said, “When I left Newcastle I was enjoying my football. I was scoring goals. Yes, it’s been pretty tough since.“I’ve grown up massively. I’ve made mistakes in the past but I now know what life is all about.” last_img

National Water Policy to be Tabled in Parliament Soon

first_img The National Water Sector Policy and Implementation Plan 2019 is to be tabled in Parliament soon.Director, Water Monitoring, Water Policy and Monitoring Branch, Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (Water Division), Talia Gibson, said the policy is an update of the 2014 water sector policy and embodies the Vision 2030 National Development Plan for Water.Speaking at the recent Red Stripe Water Stewardship Knowledge Forum, held at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston, Ms. Gibson said the policy seeks to address challenges in the water sector.“The Government, in achieving its objectives, aims, goals, and to deal with several of the challenges identified in the sector, intends to adopt an integrated water resources management approach to managing our water resources. The management of our water resources is a key factor. Water is not an endless source,” she said.Challenges in the sector include inadequate storage, inadequate infrastructure, and vulnerability to climate change, poor waste management practices, high energy consumption and high levels of non-revenue water.The objectives of the policy are to effectively manage water supply in utility and non-utility service areas; to increase resilience to climatic shocks, such as drought; to ensure effective management of wastewater; and to encourage rainwater harvesting, both as a primary source of access and as a drought management mechanism.Additionally, the policy seeks to provide sufficient water for achieving food security by improving irrigation services; ensure effective flood water control; and establish policy, programmes and physical structures in place for climate adaptation and energy efficiency in the water sector. The policy will also seek to facilitate private-sector participation in the water sector.Ms. Gibson further noted that the overall aim of the policy is to provide universal access to potable water and adequate sanitation by 2030.“In this policy, access to water means everyone should have access to at least 50 litres of water each day within 500 metres of their home. The goal of the policy is to ensure that Jamaica’s water resources are effectively managed, so as to provide for our nation’s social, economic, and environmental well-being, now and in the future,” she said. Director, Water Monitoring, Water Policy and Monitoring Branch, Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (Water Division), Talia Gibson, said the policy is an update of the 2014 water sector policy and embodies the Vision 2030 National Development Plan for Water. Speaking at the recent Red Stripe Water Stewardship Knowledge Forum, held at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston, Ms. Gibson said the policy seeks to address challenges in the water sector. The National Water Sector Policy and Implementation Plan 2019 is to be tabled in Parliament soon. Story Highlightslast_img read more

Grande Prairie Mounties still investigating disappearance of 33 yearold woman nine years

first_imgGRANDE PRAIRIE, A.B. – The Grande Prairie RCMP say they’re still investigating the disappearance of a woman nine years ago, and are hoping members of the public might have more information about the case.It was nine years ago Thursday when Jody Hockett was last seen in Grande Prairie. Hockett was last seen entering a white vehicle outside of the York Hotel on February 22, 2009.Hockett is described as Caucasian, standing 5’5” tall, with blue eyes and dyed strawberry blonde hair. When she was last seen she was wearing jeans, a tank top, a black zip-up hooded sweatshirt, and high heeled shoes with fur on them. Hockett was 33 years old at the time of her disappearance. She may also be known by the names “Jody Smith”, “Jodi” or “Jessie”.After years of searching for her, Jody’s family is looking for closure. Police say they are continuing to actively investigate all leads, and urge anyone with any information about Jody Hockett’s disappearance to contact Grande Prairie RCMP Detachment at 780-830-5700. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1.800.222.8477 (TIPS).Photo supplied by RCMPlast_img read more

City looking at future options for water as the community grows

first_imgCity Staff will continue with community consultation before Council makes a final decision.  Staff will also look at grants to help some of the expected costs. The report said the City’s current wells located along the banks of the Peace River are slowly losing capacity and have higher operational costs than originally forecasted twenty years ago. Conservation measures that have taken place over the years such as metering and water efficient toilets have helped save a lot of years of having to build new infrastructure.The current system does already rely on dipping into storage which is “a little Risky,” said Peter Coxon of Urban Systems. ‘This water should be held in reserves for fire or emergency.”Further conservation measures could be implemented including possible water restrictions during the summer.  A new industrial water reuse facility is also being built.  The City received $5 million in grant money for the project, which should be completed in October of 2019.Additional ways to improve or rebuild ways to collect water were presented in the plan. These included upgrading the current water source to looking at other water sources in the area such as Site C. All options presented came with their own sets of challenges yet in terms of Source Option Comparison chart the most favourable option would be a horizontal collection well. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The current water system works hard to meet the City’s needs and will struggle as consumption and water demands grow.At the Committee of the Whole meeting, the ‘Long-Term Water Supply Plan’ was presented to Council by Peter Coxon of Urban Systems and Victor Shopland, General Manager of Integrated Services. The presentation outlined the current infrastructure, water use, projections, goals and future supply.Current water pumps are getting tired and work that has been done previously to upgrade never brought them back to peak capacity.  Victor Shopland, General Manager of Integrated Services, said, “There is less than a week of treated water in case something happens,” In regards to the holding tanks of reserved water. On average 410 litres of water are consumed per person per day in the City of Fort St. John.last_img read more