A minister has refused to promise that the governm

first_imgA minister has refused to promise that the government will protect disabled people from further benefit cuts in next month’s budget.Lord Freud, the welfare reform minister David Cameron, had promised during the election campaign that he wanted to “enhance” and “safeguard” PIP, which is replacing working-age disability living allowance (DLA).But Lord Freud said only that the government would “continue to support the disabled and the vulnerable in months to come”.The question was repeated by Labour’s Baroness Sherlock, a shadow work and pensions minister, who added: “The government want to make £12 billion of welfare cuts. Will he say today that none of those will fall on disabled people?”Lord Freud replied: “I repeat what I said: we will continue to support disabled people and the vulnerable through that process.”Another Labour peer asked him to clarify his response, asking him: “Did he say that the government will protect disabled and vulnerable people during the forthcoming cuts, as the prime minister said they would, or did he say that they will not protect them?”But when Lord Freud said again that the government would “support disabled and vulnerable people through this process”, Baroness Campbell intervened to say: “Protect!”The Liberal Democrat disabled peer Baroness [Celia] Thomas had earlier raised concerns about last week’s high court judgment, which found that work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith had been “unreasonable”, “irrational” and had acted “unlawfully” by delaying payments of PIP to two disabled people.The court said the delays of up to 13 months were “unacceptable”.Baroness Thomas said she accepted that waiting-times had fallen, but that the judge’s comments had been “pretty scathing about the introduction of PIP before all the systems were fully in place”.She asked Lord Freud whether he was confident that the full rollout of PIP to the bulk of existing DLA recipients – currently scheduled to begin in October – was “entirely safe”.Lord Freud said average waiting-times had fallen from 30 weeks to seven, and added: “On that basis we are confident about the full rollout, although we will and are doing it on a safe and controlled basis.”Earlier in the week, disabled people’s minister Justin Tomlinson (pictured) had released an article about the court’s ruling, in which he claimed the government had taken “swift action” to correct the problems in the system that had led to lengthy delays and backlogs.He claimed DWP had “doubled the number of staff working on PIP and we drove the assessment providers to make radical improvement to their service”.Those providers, Capita and Atos, now employ “almost four times more health professionals than they did in early 2014”, he said, and had opened new assessment centres.Tomlinson said: “We simply cannot afford to put this progress in jeopardy. I remain absolutely committed to the further rollout of personal independence payment – but in a way which ensures we learn from our past experiences.“I am clear that the next and final stage of PIP roll-out, which will reassess those on lifetime DLA awards, must be carried out in a safe and controlled manner.”DNS first began reporting on delays and backlogs in the system in late 2013. In January, one disabled woman described how she had been forced to wait more than 14 months to be assessed for PIP.last_img read more

Public transport providers and local authorities a

first_imgPublic transport providers and local authorities are using loopholes in legislation to avoid their legal obligations to ensure that buses are accessible to disabled people, campaigners fear.They believe that transport companies are using three different loopholes to allow them to cut costs and use ageing, inaccessible buses.Access laws state that all buses and coaches have to meet the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR) – which date back to 2000 – but coaches have until January 2020 to comply, while all single-deck buses have had to comply by January 2016.One of the ways that some bus companies have been dodging the regulations, it is believed, is by simply removing the hanging straps in buses, and placing “no standing” signs in their vehicles.This means they can call their vehicles coaches instead of buses, because there are no standing passengers.Another tactic is to block-book inaccessible buses for contracts to provide free school transport.Buses that provide only free school transport do not have to meet PSVAR, but the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has told disabled activist Doug Paulley that it believes some councils are trying to cut costs by using inaccessible vehicles, while at the same time allowing members of the public to use the buses as fare-paying passengers, and also charging some pupils, which should invalidate the PSVAR exemption.The third loophole used by bus companies is to take advantage of regulations that allow inaccessible vehicles that are more than 20 years old to be used for a maximum of 20 days a year.Paulley (pictured), who is currently awaiting a Supreme Court ruling on whether disabled people should have priority in using the wheelchair space on buses, said he has caught a bus that was inaccessible to wheelchair-users, despite the PSVAR, and which was taking advantage of both the 20 days-a-year loophole, and the free school transport loophole.He said: “When the government put the deadlines for accessibility in place, they set the deadlines at the projected lifetime of buses and predicted that all existing buses would be worn out and out of circulation by now.“It seems bonkers to me that operators are playing silly buggers to get round the ban on using inaccessible buses, to enable them to use recently bought, ancient and inaccessible buses on scheduled bus services. And I think it treats us with contempt.”Paulley is also concerned that the law is almost impossible to enforce for a disabled person because it comes under criminal legislation, rather than civil law.This means that any breach of the law would have to be proved “beyond reasonable doubt” instead of “on the balance of probabilities”, even if an organisation could be persuaded to take on the prosecution.He added: “It’s perverse that something that was considered so important that failure to comply was made a criminal offense, is so easily sidestepped and not enforced or enforceable.”The Department for Transport failed to comment by 11am today (18 August), despite repeatedly promising to do so.last_img read more

Neighbors to Developer Too Tall Too Little Parking

first_img 0% The building would have 24 units above a small ground-floor retail space. Four of the units are one-bedrooms and 20 are two-bedrooms sized at around 1,000 square feet. The architects said they did not yet know whether the units would be rentals or condos and suggested that the developers were more likely to pay an fee for affordable housing than build affordable housing on-site.Although it was unclear why, the design shrank from 28 units proposed at an earlier neighborhood meeting to 24 units, but residents still felt there would not be enough parking. The current plan calls for 12 off-street parking spaces, or half a spot per unit — the maximum allowed by the city under its transit-first policy.“I’d rather have more parking,” said another neighbor. “We’ve lost so many parking spots in the neighborhood.”“It doesn’t look like any of the concerns have been addressed from last time,” said Ari, who lives 61 feet from the project. Sternberg, the architect, said that in all likelihood there was nothing he could do to appease those concerned with the building’s height. “If we went down 5 to 10 feet, would that be enough for you?” he asked. “That’s a good question,” Ari said. “Can we see a shadow study?”Eddie Stiel, a local activist and frequent attendee of neighborhood housing meetings, also asked that architects do a shadow study. “Are you going to pay for it?” Sternberg asked.Sternberg’s partner, Mitchell Benjamin, told the neighbors that the city had made dense building a priority in large streets like Cesar Chavez and in transit-heavy areas like the Mission District. They were simply following the city’s guidelines in building to the height limit on the lot, he said. “Cesar Chavez is a wide boulevard, it’s a transit corridor,” said Benjamin. “This is what Planning has designated for main boulevards. This is what happens in urban settings.” Benjamin said the lot, which is five blocks from the 24th Street Bart Station and across the street from the new 142-foot tall St. Luke’s Hospital building under construction, was just one of the many zoned to rise to 65 feet on Cesar Chavez Street. The building would soon be joined by tall neighbors, he said, and it would be irresponsible to build any lower on a main thoroughfare. “Planning is looking for density of housing,” he said, adding that 65 feet is the height limit on Cesar Chavez. “That’s what they’re going to expect from all the parcels on this street.”Other attendees had a myriad of complaints. One neighbor said he worked from home one week a month and would be disturbed by the construction, asking whether the developer could make any “accommodations” around his sleep schedule.  Gary Nathan, another neighbor, said the solar panels on his roof would be blocked by shadows. He currently pays nothing in utilities, he said, and would have half his sunlight blocked by the building, according to solar technicians he hired to do an analysis. “How am I going to be compensated for that?” he asked. Nathan said he had no problem with the project and that the development would be “an improvement over the dump” currently on-site, but that he wanted something from the developer to mitigate the lack of sunlight. “Yup, yup,” admitted Sternberg, the architect, saying he had worked on city legislation meant to address this very issue, legislation that was eventually killed off. He offered to connect Nathan to friends in the solar industry, but said simply, “You will be affected part of the time.”Jackie Barshak, another local activist, entered the meeting late and asked the architect about the affordable housing on-site.“Who’s gonna live in this building? Who’s going to be able to afford to live in this building?” she asked. Benjamin and Sternberg said they did not know and that the units would go for their market value. Asked what the percentage of affordable housing would be on-site, the architects said it would be 14.5 percent — as required by the city, since the project was grandfathered in before the new 25 percent requirement imposed by Proposition C in June.More likely, however, architects said the developer would pay an in-lieu fee equivalent to 20 percent of the housing on-site.“That’s not enough,” Barshak said. “Could you go higher? Higher than 20 percent?”“No,” said Benjamin. “This is a moderate sized project. We can only absorb so much.” Barshak and the architects continued arguing and after a few minutes, Sternberg had had enough. “Quite frankly you’re being adversarial,” said Sternberg. Barshak agreed.“Yes I am adversarial,” she said. “I am against this project.” Sternberg, whose firm Sternberg Benjamin Architects has a few projects in the Mission District, including a 32-unit project on the corner of Harrison and 21st streets and a 24-unit project on the corner of 17th and Valencia streets, said the project would begin the permitting process soon. He said the project but was unlikely to break ground before 18 months, and that construction would take another 12 to 14 months after that.The project will not require a hearing before the Planning Commission, Benjamin said, unless opponents ask for a discretionary review. Barshak and Stiel were the only activists at the meeting, and no organized opposition to the project has yet emerged.Correction: An earlier version of this piece was titled “Neighbors to Developer: Too Tall, Too Much Parking.” A housing development planned for Cesar Chavez Street received a mostly unwelcome reception at a meeting on Tuesday night, when a handful of neighbors told project sponsors that the 6-story building would cast too much of a shadow and make parking too difficult.The project would replace a single-story office building at 3620 Cesar Chavez St. near Guerrero Street with 24 units of market-rate housing.“Did you guys do a shadow study?” asked one neighbor named Ari, who was worried that the 65-foot building would rob his backyard of sunlight. He was one of 13 neighbors to attend the meeting and lives 61 feet from the project on 26th Street.“No,” answered David Sternberg, the lead architect for the project, saying the city didn’t require such a study. Sternberg said the building went to the height limit for the lot, and that with any new construction, there would be consequences to surrounding neighbors.center_img Tags: development • housing Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Electrical equipment apparently explodes on Mission Street halts business on two block

first_img Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter Businesses went dark on two blocks of Mission Street after some electrical equipment at the intersection of 20th and Mission apparently exploded and sent sparks raining down onto the street at 10 a.m. Friday.“We heard a loud boom — a really loud boom — enough for people to get scared,” said Hugo Gonzalez, the owner of Compupod, an electronics-repair store on Mission between 20th and 21st streets. Then, he said, “Everything went out.”As his mother was getting into work, he said, she saw large sparks raining down onto the street immediately following the loud boom. He said a few minutes later firefighters responded, and PG&E arrived around 15 minutes later.Crews were still working at the intersection around 1 p.m., as police directed traffic at the intersections on 20th and 21st, where the traffic lights had gone out. Indeed, most businesses between 20th and 21st streets on Mission were still without power by 1 p.m. At around 12:45 p.m., the lights were still out at Gonzalez’s store. He said that, of course, the outage hindered his business. “Some stores do have power,” he said. “It’s bad for us, good for them.” At around 1 p.m., many proprietors milled about on Mission Street, looking confused and frustrated that their electricity was still out. “They way they’re going, it’s going to be tomorrow night,” yelled one store owner.“More like Sunday,” replied another.Pete Koutoulas, who owns Pete’s Barbecue at 20th and Mission, said he also heard a loud a boom around 10 a.m. and saw large sparks fall into the street. The restaurant was dark at around 12:45 p.m. One customer approached, looking disappointed that the eatery had its doors closed and lights out. “Want some cold chicken?” an employee named Gus said to the man, joking.A PG&E employee, observing work being performed on an electrical pole at the intersection of 20th and Mission, said it was too soon to identify the problem. “We’re still troubleshooting,” he said. “All I can say, is it was an unexpected outage.”PG&E has not yet returned Mission Local’s requests for comment.Update, 1:55 p.m.: PG&E’s Andrea Menniti sent us a note: Here’s the info about the power outage: An outage occurred shortly after 10 a.m. near Mission and 20th Streets. PG&E crews responded, assessed the situation, and restored approximately half of the customers impacted by the outage. Currently, approximately 130 customers remain without power as crews continue to safely make repairs. The cause of the outage remains under investigation, but it’s likely equipment failure played a role. Crews are working safely and as quickly as possible to restore the reaming 130 customers.PG&E crews work on the electrical equipment in question at 20th and Mission Streets. Photo by Julian Mark. center_img Email Addresslast_img read more

SAINTS suffered Grand Final heartbreak once again

first_imgSAINTS suffered Grand Final heartbreak once again as Leeds came from behind to win the Grand Final 32-16.Tries from Tommy Makinson and Michael Shenton plus two goals from Jamie Foster’s boot had given them a 16-8 lead.But the loss of Paul Wellens and Shenton to injury – as had been the curse all season – put pay to their Championship hopes.Leeds led 8-2 after pinning Saints back in their own twenty for the majority of the first half.Royce Simmons’ men had to come off their own line consistently to make any inroads into the Rhinos’ defence.Both sides exchanged penalties before Rob Burrow produced a moment of class to put side ahead.In the second half, Saints had a bundle of pressure on Leeds line before Tommy Makinson unlocked the defence with an opportunistic try.Michael Shenton then sent the fans into raptures and Jamie Foster kicked two penalties to put Saints in charge.But Brent Webb pulled one back for Leeds to set up a tense finale.Burrow then combined with Hall to put Leeds ahead before Carl Ablett ended the Championship dream.Continuity was the name of the game with both sides naming virtually unchanged line-ups from the ones that won through the Semi Finals.For Saints that meant Gary Wheeler taking the ‘17th’ spot on the bench and Matty Ashurst and Tom Armstrong missing out.Ali Lauitiiti coming in on the bench for Leeds.Leeds got the game underway and Tony Puletua was the first to put in a big charge up the field.But on the Rhinos first set Brent Webb knocked on and Saints were right in striking territory.Lee Gaskell almost sneaked through and did Jonny Lomax but Brett Delaney cleaned up and galloped 40 yards; the set seeing Leeds force a drop out.Saints weathered the pressure to end a superb opening four minutes for the neutral.Both sides then fielded massive high bombs.Leeds were beginning to offer more in attack though and that meant Saints consistently coming off their own line.But it was Saints who were first to strike when Jamie Peacock was penalised and Jamie Foster slotted it over.Kevin Sinfield levelling it up on 26 minutes with a similar penalty.The deadlock was finally broken when Rob Burrow produced a scampering run from distance to put Leeds ahead.Sinfield converting with ease.Saints had a set of six right on Leeds line in the final two minutes of the half, but couldn’t break through some resolute defence.Half Time: Saints 2 Leeds 8Saints needed a big half to come away with the Championship and got off to a good start when Jamie Foster’s kick off resulted in a drop out.They then won another two courtesy of Michael Shenton’s boot.And finally, after another drop out it looked like Andy Dixon had scored but the video referee ruled he had knocked on.Saints then knocked on on their next set and that handed the initiative to Leeds – Sinfield just missing with a drop goal attempt.Tommy Makinson then scored a try out of nothing. A simple grubber looked to be going dead but Brent Webb missed the grounding and Makinson managed to stretch his arm around the full back and out down.Foster with the extras.And when Saints came again a massive towering bomb handed them another set of six. From there a superb off the scrum move involving Roby, Lomax and Gaskell saw Shenton get over.Gaskell then shoed a magnificent 40:20 and Jamie Foster made it 14-8 with 20 minutes to go.And he made it 16-8 with a massive kick from the half way line.Try scorer Shenton left the field with what looked like a dislocated elbow and Leeds then went and scored on his side.Webb putting down under pressure and Sinfield adding the extras.Sinfield made it 16-16 after Jon Wilkin was penalised for stripping.It was a major turning point as seconds later Burrow burned down the left to put Ryan Hall over.Carl Ablett made it safe for Leeds in the final stages – withThe loss of Wellens and Shenton made a massive difference to Saints tonight and once they’d gone, we couldn’t cope. But we have so much to be proud of this season.Match Summary:Saints:Tries: Makinson, ShentonGoals: Foster (4 from 5)Leeds:Tries: Burrow, Webb, Hall, Ablett, HardakerGoals: Sinfield (6 from 6)Penalties:Saints: 6Leeds: 5HT: 2-8FT: 16-32REF: Phil BenthamATT: 69107Teams:Saints:1. Paul Wellens; 28. Tom Makinson, 3. Michael Shenton, 5. Francis Meli, 22. Jamie Foster; 25. Lee Gaskell, 20. Jonny Lomax; 10. James Graham, 9. James Roby, 11. Tony Puletua, 12. Jon Wilkin, 4. Sia Soliola, 16. Paul Clough.Subs: 14. Scott Moore, 15. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 17. Gary Wheeler, 19. Andrew Dixon.Leeds:1. Brent Webb; 23. Ben Jones-Bishop, 27. Zak Hardaker, 12. Carl Ablett, 5. Ryan Hall; 13. Kevin Sinfield, 6. Danny McGuire; 8 Kylie Leuluai, 9. Danny Buderus, 10. Jamie Peacock, 11. Jamie Jones-Buchanan, 3. Brett Delaney, 21. Chris Clarkson.Subs: 7. Rob Burrow, 14. Ali Lauitiiti, 16. Ryan Bailey, 17. Ian Kirke.last_img read more

ACTING Head Coach Mike Rush paid full tribute to t

first_imgACTING Head Coach Mike Rush paid full tribute to the players following their stunning 46-6 win over Leeds on Sunday.After an eventful week the Saints produced a performance of real class to beat the Super League Champions.“I have to put that down to the players today,” he said. “They understood where we were and what position we were in. I think they have taken a long hard look at themselves, and that is what the Chairman, Board and the fans, who were fantastic, expect.“We tinkered with a few things and bringing Lance (Hohaia) in at half made a bit of a difference. Having someone older and wiser was a good thing and he was outstanding, as was Lee Gaskell who played in the 20s.“I do think the players had the shock of losing their Head and Assistant Coach and that hit home. They can make changes and they did tonight. Maybe being at home against Leeds was a good thing for us too.“The lads certainly seemed to play like they enjoyed it and now we look forward to Friday. Let’s see if we can play with the same spirit and passion we showed tonight.”He continued: “The players showed confidence and belief in themselves but we can’t get ahead of ourselves. Warrington are a good team and we need to keep our focus.”last_img read more

MIKE Rush said he was happy with the 300 win over

first_imgMIKE Rush said he was happy with the 30-0 win over London Broncos but did admit he was a little frustrated with the game as a whole.“The game was a little stop start and the penalty count was something like 13-12,” he said. “25 penalties in a game is a lot but that’s how it was. It slowed the game up. Even the scrums seemed to take forever to form and the game was disrupted.“But that’s one of those things you have to learn to cope with and we did that. We would get some momentum, then we would get a penalty and sometimes it didn’t help us.“In the end though, I am happy to score 30 and keep them to nil.”He continued: “Paul Wellens is something like a year off 40-years-old and is still killing it! He has scored 23 tries and in some quarters you hear he isn’t this or that… and then you see he’s scored that many. Enough said.“Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook was man of the match for me. He brought plenty of energy against his old club and caused them plenty of trouble.“He has great speed for a front rower and is not afraid to chance his arm with an offload too.“Mark Flanagan was good too – he came off the bench and had his best game in a Saints shirt.”last_img read more

SAINTS are seeking their first in in three attempt

first_imgSAINTS are seeking their first in in three attempts against Leeds when they host the Rhinos this Friday.Last 10 Meetings:Leeds 30, St Helens 18 (SLR6, 18/3/16)Leeds 20, St Helens 13 (SLSF, 2/10/15)Leeds 18, St Helens 32 (SLS8-R4, 4/9/15)Leeds 24, St Helens 14 (CCSF, 31/7/15) (at Halliwell Jones Stadium, Warrington)Leeds 46, St Helens 18 (SLR20, 3/7/15)St Helens 16, Leeds 41 (SLR11, 17/4/15)Leeds 12, St Helens 13 (SLR25, 29/8/14)Leeds 32, St Helens 12 (CCR5, 26/4/14)St Helens 14, Leeds 10 (SLR7, 28/3/14)Leeds 11, St Helens 10 (SLPSF, 20/9/13)Super League Summary:St Helens won 31 (includes wins in 1999, 2001, 2007 and 2008 play-offs)Leeds won 29 (includes wins in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 Grand Finals; 1998, 2005, 2013 and 2015 play-offs)Highs and Lows:St Helens highest score: 62-18 (H, 1999) (Widest margin: 56-10, H, 2004)Leeds highest score: 74-16 (H, 2001) (Widest margin: 70-0, H, 2004)Point-Scoring Run:Luke Walsh has the longest scoring streak in the game, having registered points in St Helens’ last 24 matches.His scoring streak began with five goals and a field goal in a 35-34 home win against Huddersfield on July 10 2015.Walsh last failed to score in Saints’ 46-18 defeat at Leeds on July 3 2015.First Utility Super League Leading Scorers:Tries:1 Denny Solomona (Castleford Tigers) 132 Corey Thompson (Widnes Vikings) 123 Jodie Broughton (Catalans Dragons) 114 = Jermaine McGillvary (Huddersfield Giants), Ben Currie (Warrington Wolves), Tom Lineham (Warrington Wolves) 107 Stefan Marsh (Widnes Vikings) 98 = Jamie Shaul (Hull FC), Josh Griffin (Salford Red Devils), Chris Sandow (Warrington Wolves), Dominic Manfredi (Wigan Warriors) 8Goals:1 = Luke Gale (Castleford Tigers), Pat Richards (Catalans Dragons), Marc Sneyd (Hull FC) 394 Luke Walsh (St Helens) 375 Rhys Hanbury (Widnes Vikings) 366 Liam Finn (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats) 357 Kurt Gidley (Warrington Wolves) 328 = Danny Brough (Huddersfield Giants), Matty Smith (Wigan Warriors) 2410 Gareth O’Brien (Salford Red Devils) 20Goals Percentage:1 Jordan Lilley (Leeds Rhinos) 87.50 (14/16)2 Kurt Gidley (Warrington Wolves) 82.05 (32/39)3 Luke Gale (Castleford Tigers) 81.25 (39/48)4 Luke Walsh (St Helens) 80.43 (37/46)5 Michael Dobson (Salford Red Devils) 78.94 (15/19)6 Marc Sneyd (Hull FC) 78.00 (39/50)7 = Liam Finn (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats) (35/45), Josh Mantellato (Hull Kingston Rovers) 77.77 (14/18)9 Pat Richards (Catalans Dragons) 75.00 (39/52)10 Rhys Hanbury (Widnes Vikings) 72.00 (36/50)Points:1 Pat Richards (Catalans Dragons) 1022 Rhys Hanbury (Widnes Vikings) 1003 Marc Sneyd (Hull FC) 854 Luke Walsh (St Helens) 845 Luke Gale (Castleford Tigers) 836 Liam Finn (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats) 747 Kurt Gidley (Warrington Wolves) 728 Danny Brough (Huddersfield Giants) 579 Matty Smith (Wigan Warriors) 5410 Denny Solomona (Castleford Tigers) 52last_img read more

Firstly you could select our Man of the Match and

first_imgFirstly, you could select our Man of the Match and have your company name announced both across the Stadium and live on Sky Sports.Following the game you will then meet him on stage in the 1873 Lounge, give him his Champagne and he will present you with his personalised, signed shirt.This eight person package is available for just £1,000 + vat with full package details including car parking, gifts and programme advertising here.Joining us that night are Saints Legends Alan Hunte and Anthony Sullivan to discuss their careers with the Club, one not to be missed!We also have availability in Corporate Box No. 9 for 12 guests for £1,600 + vat,This outstanding private box facility comes with balcony seating and a four-course meal plus advertising in both the Match programme and on our LED boards.Full details are here – and we only have availability for one more game in the regular season, so we recommend you move quickly to secure your places.To book, please call 01744 455053 or email sales@saintsrlfc.com for more information.last_img read more

Wilmington man charged in Abbington Terrace shooting

first_imgKhalief Ballard (Photo: NHSO) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man is behind bars facing several charges after allegedly shooting at a man and damaging his car and home.Police arrested Khalief Onzel Ballard, 21, Thursday night on Shipyard Boulevard.- Advertisement – Ballard is charged with the following:Assault with a deadly weapon with intent to killInjury to personal propertyCarrying concealed weapon- gunPossession of a firearm by a felon (two counts)Possession with intent/manufacture/sell/deliverMaintain vehicle/dwelling/controlled substancePossession of drug paraphernaliaWilmington Police spokeswoman Jennifer Dandron says officers responded to a shooting in the 4100 block of Abbington Terrace on Sunday just before 11 p.m.Related Article: Man arrested for making fake bomb threat at CFCCDandron says the victim told police that a man, identified as Ballard, was driving a Dodge Charger erratically and then parked next to the victim’s car.Ballard got out and walked up to the victim and started having a conversation, claiming he lived in the area.Dandron says the victim told Ballard he was uncomfortable, so Ballard got upset and got back in his car and drove away. As the victim was walking back up his driveway, Ballard drove back to the house, pointed a gun out the window and started shooting.The victim was not injured.Ballard is in jail under a $291,000 bond.last_img read more

Watch Maltese youths and immigrants share a meal at the Archbishops Curia

first_img SharePrint Archbishop Charles Scicluna announced that he will be hosting a dinner service open for Maltese youths and immigrants, hosted at the yard of the Curia in Floriana.Calling the activity ‘A Good Neighbourhood Dinner’, Mgr. Scicluna stated that 30 youths and 30 immigrants will be able to eat together, on the 11th of June. He described this activity as an opportunity for youths to interact and learn to live together.Read: Half of the proceeds of the Archbishop’s concert will go to Cisse’s familyMgr. Scicluna explained that he used the word “learn” because it takes work to reach the goal. He referred to the Parish of Balzan, in which multiple positive experiences have already been achieved. In Balzan there is a house which hosts immigrants originating from various countries around the world, such as Ghana and Nigeria. <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>center_img Footage: Curia.mt/filmati WhatsApplast_img read more

Multiple Vulnerabilities found in InfiniteWP Admin Panel Upgrade immediately

first_imgAdvertisement Security researcher Walter Hop from Slik BV in the Netherlands has disclosed multiple serious vulnerabilities in the InfiniteWP Admin Panel on the Full Disclosure and Bugtraq mailing lists.This admin panel is a standalone PHP application that is installed on a website and used as an interface to manage multiple WordPress websites.The disclosed vulnerability includes several issues, the most serious of which appear to allow unauthenticated SQL injection. There is also a file upload vulnerability but only for certain web server configurations. – Advertisement – Initially disclosed on November 26th, InifiniteWP has released two fixes, the most recent of which were released yesterday.The following recommendations can help protect your sites from the vulnerabilities:Upgrade InfiniteWP Admin Panel to version 2.4.4.Check the uploads directory for the presence of any unauthorized file uploads.Change admin passwords for the InfiniteWP Admin Panel and any WordPress sites in the panel. Use long and unique passwords.Remove and re-add WordPress sites to the InfiniteWP Admin Panel, in order to generate new secret keys.Strongly consider limiting access to the InfiniteWP Admin Panel, especially if you do not require customer access to the panel. For instance, use a .htaccess file to add authentication and limit IP addresses. If possible, protect the panel with a web application firewall (WAF) such as ModSecurity.share this information with other WordPress site administrators to help keep the community safe.Via Wordfencelast_img read more

Now try out your Android game before you buy

first_imgAdvertisement Google as of yesterday, announced a number of new services for game developers at its annual Developer Day at the Game Developers Conference. They include tools for managing virtual goods and currencies.According to TechCrunch, Google launched a Video Recording API so developers can make it easier for players to stream and share videos to YouTube, and a new ad type that allows new players to try a game for 10 minutes right from the mobile search results page before deciding to make their purchase for the game.Google pointed out that the number of games reaching more than a million installs grew by 50%. – Advertisement – The most interesting of these new features is probably the announcement of Google’s new “Search Trial Run Ads” which will be rolled out to all Android users for the coming weeks. The new Ad will allow users to stream a game right from the search results page without having to first install it on their phones.Try out the game before you install or buy it. Credit: TechCrunchWhile searching for any game in the Play Store, and perhaps you find one that you seem to like, simply click on the “Try Now” button and the game will stream onto your phone straight from the Google’s servers. However, the trial period only lasts for 10 minutes. After then, you will be prompted to either install the game or pay for it.“Streaming content from games, though, is obviously a tougher challenge.” As a Google spokesperson told TechCrunch, “the new feature will only appear for users who are connected to Wi-Fi.”sWith this new feature, game developers will soon be able to allow players to stream their gaming session’s right on YouTube. They can, of course, also record their games offline and share them later on via YouTube.TechCrunch who did attend the GDC, also reports that some of the other new features Google announced included: the ability to update gameplay and game economy parameters in games in real time without having to upload a new version of an app to Google Play.last_img read more

Now you can make group calls on LINE for up to 200

first_imgLine messaging app. Image Credit: trutower Advertisement As we have been seeing social media companies making updates and coming up with new features, from Facebook introducing live video to android users to WhatsApp introducing document sharing in chats to Facebook rolling out a new, Material Design-styled version of Messenger on Android and so forth.As of yesterday, Line Corporation also known as LINE, an instant messaging application rolled out a group voice calling update/feature to its Android and iOS apps with version 5.11. What’s more interesting, the feature will be coming to LINE app for Windows and Mac with versions 4.5 and later.The new update/feature now let’s users voice call more than one person at a time within groups or multiple person chats. According to the company, the group calling feature supports up to 200 users at the same time at no charge. – Advertisement – All you’ll need is the latest version of LINE to use the group call feature, so be sure to update yours! Your LINE friends who are still using an older version of LINE will receive an update notice as well. It is available for download from Google Play and App Store.Once a group call has been initiated, a notification is sent to all the members of the group you have invited to participate in the chat. The call screen displays thumbnail images of everyone that is currently part of the group call and a mark is displayed over the image of the person who is currently talking, so even large groups can enjoy conversations while avoiding chaos.A mark is displayed over the image of the person who is currently talking. Image Credit: LINE“The new group call feature will totally change what you can do with your phone. Get together to gossip, discuss, report, brainstorm, fantasize, or just have fun.” says the company blog post.Line of course is not the first instant messenger application to introduce the group voice calling feature. Last year, Hike brought group voice calling functionality that would allow up to 100 people to talk to each other in a group call, Gadgets 360 reports.last_img read more

How Artificial Intelligence is set to change the face of Online Gambling

first_imgAdvertisement Artificial Intelligence or AI is making revolutionary changes in most of the industries in the recent years. Almost every industry face the heat of AI, and many of them will get the benefit of it in future. Per industry experts, transportation, medicine, gambling, and Personal Assistance Services Industry would see most visible changes. Due to the transition of gambling to online mode, the technology would enhance the gaming experience to higher levels. It is great to know how AI is going to change the pace of online gambling.Improving the Online Gambling ExperienceEach of the new AI system implemented in the online gambling platform improves the customer experience. Last year, BtoBet introduced an AI system that gave intelligence connections between player’s behavior and the platform. The gaming platforms could analyze the customer priorities and personalize different betting according to their expectations and needs. Please note that understanding customers are one of the most important techniques in retention of customers and continued business. It is also capable of responding to the player behavior in various channels including mobile applications, social networks, and more. – Advertisement – All these changes are increasing the popularity of online gambling. A gaming-like experience with hassle-free gaming environment plays a significant role in connecting with the young generation. Considering the advancement of AI technology in the coming years, the gamblers can expect more innovative changes in future. Interestingly, the casinos around the world including South African online casinos grab the new technology and improve their business.To create a unique platform for gambling, researchers started working with BetBuddy, a renowned software developer. The upcoming version of BetBuddy platform would have some of the best solutions for the gambling industry. Interestingly, it analyses the gamer’s gambling behavior using random forest algorithms, neural networks, and interface mechanisms. Interestingly, it would have the option to signal the players while reaching the problematic levels along with notifying the casino operators.Better Gaming Analysis for the Players The AI system gives better analysis for the players and increases their winning percentage through the integrated information system. Experts predict that the AI system and its algorithm can even out the odds and make the gambling in favor of tech-savvy gamblers. In fact, the industry and its operators design the system by giving lesser odds of winning the games, now. It is visible in games that require skills, including poker and other games – most of the time the house wins.However, the experts warn that the bookmakers across the world would face bigger challenges when AI starts challenging the house. Casino operators can expect significant changes in their business model in the coming years. The AI system has the capability to shatter all the business models of bookmarkers. For instance, Microsoft’s AI system, Bing Predicts, successfully predicted the initial week of the NFL season – 2015. It also predicted all the 15 matches of Brazil World Cup – 2014 knockout round and 2015 Academy Awards. The results show that Bing Predicts is an effective tool in gambling even beyond sports betting.The Future is AINobody can stop the integration of AI into the online gambling, and it will open better opportunities for the gamblers. When it comes to the betting houses, they can utilize AI to increase the reach and popularity of online gambling. However, when the algorithms beat the houses, it is a real challenge for the operators to manage. Many industries have implemented AI system without understanding the consequences of the new technology. If the gambling industry could learn from those experiences, they can shape AI advancement for their betterment. Because, the future is all about AI, considering the latest trends, and gambling industry can nourish with it.last_img read more

Some good advice

first_img“Wheah yah gahn, gahv?”“Sloane Street, please.”“Ahrah-t.”As we crossed Marble Arch there was an almighty thud up ahead and the soundof a guy falling off his motorbike. As the taxi passed round the accidentthere was already a crowd around a young lady who had been knocked over.She was unconscious but thankfully had a steward putting her in the recoveryposition and calling for help.“Did you see that?”“Nyeah, vees peepaw dahn loohk wheah ve-ah gahin. Vats wot appins when yahdahn wahyt fa v groin mahn…”. His rant continued about how he sees iteveryday and that pedestrians have it coming to them.During the rest of his white noise I had a red mist come over my mind…THE SHIT. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO BE SO HEARTLESS AND COLD TO A FELLOWHUMAN BEING? I WANT TO PROD YOU WITH A METAL ELECTRIC ROD. I WANT TO PUSHYOU IN THE DIRECTION OF A SHED. A SHED WHERE I KNOW, BUT YOU DON’T, THATYOU WILL BE SLAUGHTERED WITH ALL OF THE OTHER IGNORANT PIGS. ROT IN HELL,YOU BASTARD.After at least another forty seconds of his bile I interupted him and simplysaid…“I don’t think you would be saying that if it was your daughter.”He tried to back-peddle but I had turned the intercom off and just chose toblank him.Like many of the other oiks driving around our capital in their rip-offcartel black-cabs, he may be served well by observing the following:1) Learn to wipe your own arse and memorise the knowledge properly. It’snot for me to do your over-paid job for you and direct you to basiclocations.2) Have some change, you spoilt idiot, and don’t make an unlucky face, as ifsomeones taking a liberty, when they give you a score for a nine quid job.3) Realise that if you weren’t driving a cab you would be practicallyunemployable, not because you are thick, but because noone would want younear them on a daily basis.4) You are overpaid by multiples, not by a percentage. Stop extra rippingpeople off by making up stories of traffic and other routes that they shouldgo by, so you can earn an extra four quid.5) Stop sneering at everyone. You are offering a grotesquely expensiveservice – appreciate it. Smile, and say ‘thank you’ when a punter pays you.You are not just working for yourself, you are representing London.Thank you, blog. I feel so much better now.In other news:I love taking counsel and learning from people who have been there and doneit. Yesterday I gleaned two very good pieces of advice.My journey to Sloane Street was to meet ‘The Dark Knight’ for a coffee and astroll. He is a man who has been there and done it all, who’s CV is such,that all self-made bookmakers try to follow his example. There is a bigdifference between trying and succeeding in doing so though, and he has few,if any, peers.He is not only a very interesting man, but he is also engagingly interestedin others that he meets. He nudges and nurdles and always likes to delve alittle further into most topics that are brought up in conversation.I passed my observation on to him and he responded thus, in his everrecongnisable tone..“You know, Ben. My golden rule, you know, that I always say to people is…‘Listen’. When you’re talking, you can’t learn.’So obvious. So right. So clear. Do put that one in the notebook, blog.It’s come from the right source, believe me.I then moved on to Aldgate East, where the delightful supporters of theSpanish Synchronised Swimming team who have been staying with me, wereholding their farewell to the Olympics party. In traditional Spanish style,the food didn’t come out till eleven ‘o clock (don’t worry, blog, I had atactical bowl of cereal at six ‘o clock) but the ambience and conversationof the evening was in the typically happy and positive Spanish mode that Ioh so love.Amongst the people I met were the father of a former Spanish internationalgymnast and the mother and father of one of the current medal winningsynchronised swimming team.It was clear to me that these people knew something about parenting. Themother and father of the swimmer were both doctors and their son, who was inattendance supporting his sister, had just gained a degree in maths andbiology. They have done the job properly and I asked the group what theirsecret to good parenting was. All three answered in unison, like it was amantra:“Don’t ever try to be your child’s friend. You are their parent and assuch, there to guide them and keep them moving straight forward. Don’t evercross that line. Friendship will come, naturally, later when they are oldenough to appreciate and respect you.”Priceless. Thank you. Last night was great practise for my Spanish and Ihave made a promise to go to the World Championships in Barcelona next year.At this Olympics the Spanish took Silver and Bronze.I said I’ll be going to Barcelona but they must promise me it will be Goldthis time.We made a deal.Ben xlast_img read more

BEN KEITHS BLOG An icelolly for you Maam

Blog, I’ve never really been that enamoured by all of her hanger-onners and limp offspring, but I am a huge fan of HRH The Queen. I think that, unlike many senior politicians and judges, she really is in-touch with her people, and has a fabulous ‘common touch’.Please let me tell you a couple of things I have noticed whilst snooping around London…When strolling through some of the most high-end neighbour-hoods of the capital, you come across, every few hundred yards, another ‘square’, with adjoining ‘mews’. Both the square and the mews, have access to a large communal, but private garden, in the centre of the location. These gardens are often delightfully kept, and may even too have tree-houses, open spaces, flowered areas, and occasionally as well, little wooden garden-houses in them. BUT, virtually all, have the most silly of notices, saying that dogs are not welcome and children aren’t allowed to play ball games. Well what’s the point having them then?! For old farts to sit decrepit in them, sneering at ‘the youth of today’?!Not all the gardens of such squares have silly rules plastered around them though, Blog.The Queen’s don’t.If you walk past a square owned by ‘The Crown Estate’ there are no such restrictions.Well done, M’aam!This week Belindabelle has had a friend to stay, over from Spain. In an effort to look normal and socialised, I offered to take them to Windsor for the day. When we got to the ‘Long Walk’ park, we rested our bones and slumped under a tree, and I, obviously, turned my radar on, to find the nearest ice-cream van. On achieving my mission, I purchased a Magnum Classic for £2.50, and two orange ice-lollies for £1 each. Well, that was certainly a result, and I commented so, to the gentleman selling them! He replied, with a not so happy face, that the Crown Estate set the prices and keep them fair for all.It’s a bit of a leftie move, but Long Live The Queen!In other news:A school dinner-lady has been fired for accidentally serving a Muslim child a gammon steak. As Nigel Farage said; ‘I feel desperately sorry for her. If she’d served gammon to a vegetarian would she have been fired? I think not.’I hope all of you rascals have been getting stuck in to the many silly concessions the wally corporate firms have been offering you, this week at Glorious Goodwood! The results have certainly gone the punters way. The ‘Punters Pal’ committee, at Star, pushed me off the end of the plank at the beginning of the week, and forced me to offer some too. They’ve cost us a bloody fortune, and I hope you’re all very grateful!!Over and out, B x read more


first_img[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to Starters Orders. Our daily midday update from the trading room at Star Sports with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Sunday 26 OctoberRACING3.15 AintreeSaffron Wells 8/1 > 6/13.50 AintreeRossini’s Dancer 7/1 > 11/2FOOTBALLSmall move for Man U 2/1 > 15/8What’s your view?CALL STAR SPORTS ON 08000 521 321last_img


first_imgHORSE RACING3.20 HamiltonJacob’s Pillow 5/1 > 3/13.40 KemptonHersigh 6/1 > 3/14.10 KemptonNext Train’s Gone 12/1 > 7/14.40 KemptonQueens Pearl 33/1 > 16/1LIVE FOOTBALLLa Liga19:45 Sky Sports 1 / Sky Sports 1 HD7/5 Alaves 9/4 Deportivo La Coruna 21/10 DRAWBET WITH STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321 [dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to Starters Orders. Our daily midday update from the trading room at Star Sports with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Monday 19 Septemberlast_img

£100 CASH Man City v Lyon

first_img£50 CASH IFAGUERO SCORES HAT-TRICKTo celebrate the launch of our brand new betting site starsports.bet we are giving all NEW CUSTOMERS £100 CASH if AGUERO SCORES HAT-TRICK.You simply need to open an account and place a bet at evens or above, of at least £10, on any market at starsports.bet between 9am on Wednesday 19 September and 8pm on Wednesday 19 September. TERMS AND CONDITIONS(1) This promotion is for new account holders only. To qualify, you must open a new account at starsports.bet anytime from 9am on Wednesday 19 September to 8pm (GMT) on Wednesday 19 September.(2) In addition you must place at least one bet online with starsports.bet before 8pm (GMT) on Wednesday 19 September. The bet must be for a stake of £10 (or more), on a selection at evens or above, on any market as displayed on the starsports.bet web site.(3) The bonus promotional offer if AGUERO SCORES A HAT-TRICK.(4) If, for any reason, the event(s) do not take place or are declared void for betting purposes this offer will also be voided.(5) The bonus, if successful, will be paid as CASH within 48 hours, direct to your online account.(6) Usual Star Sports Betting Rules and Terms and Conditions apply, these can be viewed at starsports.bet.(7) This promotion can only be used once per person and per account. Only one bonus can be awarded per person, household, shared computer or shared IP address.(8) Star Sports reserve the right to withdraw or refuse this promotion at any point.(9) If you have any further questions about this promotion you can contact our customer service team cs@www.starsportsbet.co.uklast_img read more