Real Estate Prices Increase in Major Moroccan Cities Steady in Other

Rabat – In 2018, the Moroccan real estate market saw a 4.8% increase in the number of transactions and stagnation of prices overall, according to the annual report of Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM).The residential assets sales increased by 3.3%, while land prices jumped by 8.7%, and those of assets for professional use by 9.6%. Prices remained steady for all three categories, said the report presented Monday, August 19, in Tetouan, before King Mohammed VI, by BAM governor Abdellatif Jouahri.Real estate prices in Marrakech fell by 5.3%– the largest decline since the introduction of the price index in 2006. Residential assets also fell by 2.5%, land by 7.2%, and assets for professional use by 1.4%. The number of transactions showed a downward trend which started in 2015, falling by 15.7%. All three categories recorded a decrease of 19.9%, 0.9%, and 37.6% respectively.In Casablanca, real estate prices increased by 1.3% overall, by 1.5% for residential, and 0.9% for land, while professional property depreciated by 1.2%.Read also: Bank Al-Maghrib Says Morocco’s Economic Risks ‘Generally Moderate’Real estate transactions in Casablanca declined by 3%. The decline was due to the 6.6% drop in residential sales. Land and business property transactions, however, increased by 8.6% and 16.7% respectively. In Tangier, both prices and transactions improved with a rise of 16.3% in residential sales and 1.8% in prices. In Rabat, prices rose by 3.6% after falling by 1.1% in 2017. There was a decline of 3.8% for residential, 8.5% for land, and 1% for professional use properties. Sales increased by 26.1% for residential and 25.8% for real estate, while those for professional property fell by 4.8%. read more

Ban calls for redoubled efforts on causes and consequences of forced displacement

“I urgently call on the international community to redouble efforts to address both the causes and consequences of forced human displacement,” Mr. Ban said, noting that the worldwide number of refugees had grown to more than 16 million in the past year. The Secretary-General stressed that, since the adoption of the UN Refugee Convention in 1951, human displacement has become a far more complex issue.“Conflict and poverty, the most common reasons people are compelled to leave their homes, are now amplified by the effects of climate change, increasing scarcity of resources and food shortages – factors which may lead to greater insecurity in the future,” he stressed.Mr. Ban also noted that the responsibility of providing asylum for refugees currently falls “disproportionately” on developing nations. “Contrary to public perceptions in many industrialized nations, developing countries actually bear the burden of hosting a larger number of refugees, despite their limited resources,” he said.He added that the goal of the international community should be to ensure that refugees would be free one day to return home in safety and dignity.Meanwhile the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) António Guterres said in a statement that “Refugees show incredible courage and perseverance in overcoming enormous odds to rebuild their lives. Ensuring that they get the protection they deserve is a noble cause because refugee rights are human rights – and rights that belong to us all.” UNHCR Goodwill Ambassadors actress Angelina Jolie and opera singer Barbara Hendricks also made statements to mark World Refugee Day, as did Pope Benedict XVI.“Refugees are people forced to flee from their countries as a result of true life-threatening dangers. From the heart I hope that these – our brothers and sisters so tried by suffering – are guaranteed asylum and the recognition of their rights,” he said.In a related development, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said in a statement today that a new kind of casualty was being created by climate change: the environmental refugee. “Rising sea levels, increasing desertification, weather-induced flooding, and more frequent natural disasters have, and will increasingly become, a major cause of population displacement in several parts of the world,” the statement said. Citing a report from the UN University, UNEP said that there were now more than 19 million people officially recognized as “persons of concern” – people who are likely to be displaced because of environmental disasters. UNEP said that figure is expected to grow to about 50 million by the end of 2010. 20 June 2008Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has marked World Refugee Day today with a call for greater international solidarity to protect victims of forced displacement across the globe. read more

BC to probe money laundering red flags in real estate horse racing

VICTORIA — The British Columbia government is launching separate reviews into the possibility of money laundering involved in the real estate market, horse racing, luxury vehicle sales and the financial services sector.The investigations arise from a report by former RCMP deputy commissioner Peter German who concluded there was money laundering in the provincial gaming industry.The first part of the review will be led by the Finance Ministry and will identify systemic risks that leave the real estate and financial services sectors open to money laundering.Metro Vancouver casinos gang destinations for money laundering: reportSome B.C. real estate agents insider trading and helping to money launder: NDPThe second probe by the Attorney General’s Ministry will investigate specific case examples and uncover ways that launderers have operated in the province.Attorney General David Eby says there is widespread concern about B.C.’s reputation as a haven for money laundering and German will conduct the second review focusing on identifying the scale and scope of illicit activity.Eby says German’s first report raised red flags in financial sectors that can’t be ignored. read more

Senior UN envoy condemns suicide attack in Israel

Mr. Roed-Larsen, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, called the terror attack “outrageous and cowardly” and expressed his sincere condolences to the victims’ families.He also asked that the Palestinian Authority bring to justice the perpetrators of the attack and that it take “immediate steps to delegitimize such heinous attacks that produce nothing but misery and fear.”

Brock receives provincial Registrars Association award

From left: Gloria Gallagher, Mwinchande Chande, Barb DavisBrock is the recipient of this year’s Ontario Universities Registrars’ Association (OURA) Innovation Award, which rewards universities for improving the quality and reducing the cost of academic admission.The OURA Innovation Award recognizes and rewards achievements in the following areas: admissions, registration, examinations, scheduling, transcripts, systems, records, calendars, scholarships and awards, secondary school liaison, and related activities. Brock’s Office of the Registrar won for its Electronic Academic Calendar Submission/Revision Project.The award is valued at $5,000 and is given in the form of an endowment to fund a student scholarship.The Office of the Registrar, in partnership with ITS/Web Development, developed a web-based system to facilitate the Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Calendar Revision Submission process. This project improves the annual process by which the academic calendar is developed and produced, and improves efficiency, productivity and cost savings. The first year of implementation, collaboration and support from the academic units and the undergraduate program committee have contributed to a successful launch of phase one.The award was accepted by Barb Davis, Registrar, and Gloria Gallagher, Associate Registrar, during the OURA Annual Conference held March 1 to 3 in Toronto. The two also presented a conference session on the project and will make a similar presentation at the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada Conference in June.“I would like to acknowledge the exceptional work of both Mwinchande Chande in the Office of the Registrar and Geoff Martin in ITS, and to thank members of UPC and everyone in the academic units for their support and enthusiasm in embracing this project,” Davis said. “It is very much a community effort.” read more

Babes in the Wood killer Russell Bishops other victim now struggling to

Bishop is expected to die in jail following the guilty verdicts Indeed the girl did well at school, to herteachers’ surprise, going on to achieve good grades in her exams. One of her early ambitions was to become a police officer, perhaps propelled by the desire to save another child from suffering the same the fate that had befallen her.A source who knows the family told the Telegraph: “They are a close family, very down to earth, from a services background, and that helped them all.“She passed her exams at school and the family deliberately kept her out of the public gaze and surprisingly few people ever learned that she was Bishop’s victim. They are very private people and she is too. She hates to talk about it as that reminds her.” Her testimony helped convict Russell and saw him sentenced to life imprisonment for abduction, molestation and attempted murder.Thirty years later the conclusion is inescapable: if Russell had been successfully prosecuted and convicted at his original trial in 1987, he would have been in prison rather than in a position to prey on a third child.At first she appeared to have coped surprisingly well with the trauma inflicted on her by the child killer.Shortly after Bishop was convicted her mother said: “I really don’t know why she has coped so well. Maybe our child is the exception that proves the rule.“I think now she was put on earth for a reason. She survived so she could achieve something terribly important. She should have been dead, but I believe someone was looking after her that day.” Police said they believed he had “talent spotted” the girl rather than simply acted on impulse.Some time later, with incredible luck and determination, she managed to escape from the boot, even having the foresight to remove her roller skates in case they impeded her movements. The marks she left on the ceiling of the boot after desperately hammering for help later helped incriminate Bishop, providing valuable evidence for his conviction.She bravely pointed him out at an identity parade and at his trial gave evidence in person, hidden from her attacker by a curtain. Bishop is expected to die in jail following the guilty verdicts Bishop was jailed in 1990 for the sickening attack on a seven-year-old girl “She is brave, strong girl, who has managed despite everything to make a decent life for herself. But what she went through has no doubt had a significantly detrimental effect on her life and the current trial and renewed media interest in her have been tremendously painful for her.” Bishop was jailed in 1990 for the sickening attack on a seven-year-old girl After his murder of Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway, Russell Bishop’s perverted lust for little girls claimed a third victim.Just four years after being acquitted of snatching and killing the two nine-year olds in Brighton’s Wild Park, in October 1986, he bundled another girl into the boot of his car, intending to subject her to the same fate.Although she survived the kidnapping The Telegraph can reveal it has left the woman, now aged 35, suffering periodic flashbacks and severe stress, leaving her frequently unable to go to the shops or enjoy simple pleasures like a walk on her own.As a seven-year-old she was abducted from close to her home on February 4, 1990, and was later, by some miracle, spotted wondering close to a Brighton beauty spot, having been subjected to a serious sexual assault.The girl was seen walking naked along a road by a couple who had driven to Devil’s Dyke on the Sussex Downs, behind Hove. The babes in the wood murders cast a shadow over Brighton The babes in the wood murders cast a shadow over Brighton But – for all her parents’ attempt to give her a normal upbringing and avoid dwelling on the awful thought of what might have happened to her had she not escaped Bishop’s clutches – the past kept raising its ugly head.“The crime hit her harder once she grew up. She was unconscious when Bishop molested her so afterwards she only remembered being kidnapped. That protected her,” said the source.“But the family was warned that fear might surface later, and sadly that has happened. Bishop’s crimes have repeatedly been in the news, which is hard for anyone to avoid. After she grew up, even catching sight of a headline about him could trigger great distress in her. She became too anxious sometimes even to go for a walk or the local shop. It later emerged she had been playing in the street near her home, on an estate near Brighton Marina – about six miles from the spot where she was found – when Bishop snatched her and pushed her into the boot of his car, which was already open, ready for his victim. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Valentina Terechkova la première femme dans lespace célèbre les 50 ans de

first_imgValentina Terechkova, la première femme dans l’espace célèbre les 50 ans de son volDimanche, les Russes ont célébré le cinquantième anniversaire du premier vol spatial féminin. En effet, le 16 juin 1963, la Soviétique Valentina Terechkova devenait la première femme de l’histoire à se rendre dans l’espace.Le 16 juin 1963, deux ans après le premier vol spatial réalisé par Iouri Gagarine, la Soviétique Valentina Terechkova devenait la première femme à se rendre dans l’espace. A 26 ans, la jeune femme devenait alors aussitôt une héroïne nationale. Elle reste d’ailleurs, à ce jour, la seule femme au monde à avoir effectué un vol individuel, sans coéquipier. Néanmoins, comme Gagarine, Terechkova n’a volé qu’une seule fois.On sait aujourd’hui qu’en avril 1962, les Russes ont sélectionné cinq femmes soviétiques dans le plus grand secret (même les familles n’étaient pas au courant), pour un vol spatial. Il s’agissait de deux ingénieures, une institutrice, une sténographe et Valentina Terechkova, une ouvrière ayant effectué 90 sauts dans un club de parachutistes amateurs. Après un intense entraînement de sept mois c’est iinalement elle qui a été choisie pour prendre place à bord du vaisseau Vostok-6.Après avoir décollé du cosmodrome de Baïkonour, au Kazakhstan, Valentina Terechkova effectuera une mission de trois jours au cours desquels le Vostok-6 fera 48 fois le tour de la Terre. Elle entrera également en communication avec un astronaute russe parti deux jours plus tôt à bord du Vostok-5, Bykovski, lui-même déjà en orbite. Ce n’est que bien plus tard, après la chute de l’URSS, qu’on apprendra qu’en réalité, le vol de Terechkova s’est déroulé avec de multiples difficultés.Un vol marqué par les problèmes  A l’époque, la guerre froide sévit encore et tous les détails négatifs sont passés sous silence pour ne pas ternir l’image triomphale du premier vol d’une femme dans l’espace. Ainsi, “un problème est apparu le premier jour du vol”, a récemment révélé Mme Terechkova, lors d’une conférence de presse. “A cause d’une erreur technique, le vaisseau avait été programmé non pas pour un atterrissage, mais pour une montée” dans l’espace et il s’éloignait donc progressivement de la Terre. Heureusement, l’orbite du vaisseau a été corrigée, mais le constructeur Sergueï Korolev a demandé à l’astronaute de n’en parler à personne. “J’ai gardé le secret pendant 30 ans”, confie t-elle citée par l’AFP. Dans son rapport officiel, Valentina Terechkova indique que pendant le vol son scaphandre lui faisait mal à la jambe et son casque pesait lourdement sur ses épaules et lui serrait la tête. Elle a également confié avoir vomi pendant le vol.De plus, l’atterrissage a posé de sérieux problèmes car avant même le début de l’opération de descente, les communications avec la Terre se sont interrompues, a raconté le général soviétique Nikolaï Kamanine qui gérait à l’époque le secteur spatial. Lors de son arrivée sur le sol de Sibérie, après s’être éjectée de sa capsule spatiale, la jeune femme s’est écrasée le nez sur le casque. Il lui fallu donc dissimuler son hématome avec du maquillage pendant les cérémonies officielles qui suivirent. Sans compter qu’après qu’elle a atterri, personne au centre spatial ne savait où elle se trouvait. Les sauveteurs l’ont découverte à plusieurs dizaines de kilomètres de la zone prévue, cinq heures après son atterrissage, a raconté Mme Terechkova. Un peu comme ce qu’a connu Iouri Gagarine peu avant elle. Toutefois, ce vol reste aujourd’hui comme l’un de ceux qui a marqué et qui continue de marquer l’histoire, confirmant la place de la Russie en tant que puissance spatiale. 50 ans d’aventures spatiales pour les femmes À lire aussiBoisson, météorite et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 5 septembreBien entendu, ceci a également ouvert la voie à toutes les femmes spationautes qui ont suivi Valentina Terechkova. Mais ce n’est que 19 ans plus tard, en 1982, qu’a lieu le deuxième vol d’une femme dans l’espace, la Soviétique Svetlana Savitskaïa. L’année d’après ce fut au tour de la première Américaine, Sally Ride de prendre son envol. En 1994, c’est le Japon qui envoie sa première spationaute en orbite : Chiaki Mukai. La première Française astronaute, Claudie Haigneré, décollera elle en 1996.  A aujourd’hui 76 ans, Valentina Terechkova, après avoir occupé diverses fonctions honorifiques à l’époque soviétique, est députée à la Douma, la chambre basse du parlement russe. Pour autant, elle ne semble pas avoir perdu son goût pour l’aventure spatiale : malgré son âge, elle a déclaré qu’elle était “prête” à aller sur Mars, même pour un aller-simple.Le 17 juin 2013 à 12:43 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

American Medical Association Elects Black Woman President

first_imgBy AFRO StaffDr. Patrice A. Harris, a psychiatrist from Atlanta, was recently elected president of the American Medical Association during its annual conference. When she assumes the helm in June 2019, she would become the first Black woman to hold the position.“It will be my honor to represent the nation’s physicians at the forefront of discussions when policymaker and lawmakers search for practical solutions to the challenges in our nation’s health system. I am committed to preserving the central role of the physician-patient relationship in our healing art,” said Dr. Harris in a statement.Dr. Patrice A. Harris, a psychiatrist from Atlanta, was recently elected president of the American Medical Association. (Twitter Photo)Founded in 1847, the AMA is the largest association of physicians and medical students in the U.S. and the first of its kind worldwide. It lobbies for a range of issues but its core mission is to support scientific advancement, set and maintain standards for medical education and medical ethics with an eye toward improved public health.Dr. Harris said she means to continue that long legacy of medical advocacy.“The American Medical Association has well-crafted policy concerning the changing health care environment in this country and I look forward to using my voice to help improve health care for patients and their physicians,” she said.Dr. Harris was first elected to the AMA Board of Trustees in 2011 and has held the executive offices of AMA board secretary and AMA board chair. She has also chaired the influential AMA Council on Legislation and co-chaired the Women Physicians Congress.A private psychiatrist who consults with both public and private organizations on matters such as the emerging trends in practice and health care, Dr. Harris also is an adjunct assistant professor in the Emory Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.last_img read more

Labour union stops dispatch of first flush tea over unpaid dues

first_imgDarjeeling: The Himalayan Plantation Labour Union (HPWU), affiliated to the Gorkha National Liberation Front has stopped the dispatch of premium first flush manufactured tea from the Rangili-Rungliot tea estate in Darjeeling, protesting against the non-payment of dues to the tune of more than Rs 1.5 crore accumulated since 2011. “The management of the tea estate has not paid the second instalment of bonus as per agreement, along with other dues. Despite repeated requests the management has turned a deaf ear. We have stopped the dispatch of manufactured tea from the garden since April 14″, stated JB Tamang, general secretary of HPWU. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThe dues include gratuity, provident fund, leave travel allowance, salary, wages, staff kitchen allowance, JCO and tea makers salary, medical bill and LTA of temporary workers.”Till February 14, 2018, the accumulated due was to the tune of Rs 1,45,76,481. Dues have continued accumulating since then. Gratuity has not been paid since 2011″, added Tamang.HPWU on Wednesday had submitted memorandums to the District Magistrate, Superintendent of Police and the Assistant Labour Commissioner of Darjeeling calling for legal action to be taken against the management. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killed”If the management pays the 2nd instalment of the bonus and part of the pending dues we will allow the dispatches. However, if they try to commence dispatch forcefully, we will stop the dispatch till the total due amount is paid up”, cautioned Sudesh Rai, branch president of HPWU.The union has made an appeal to other trade unions to join the agitation in order to create adequate pressure.The tea estate has 350 workers and around 100 staff and sub staff. It produces 1,60,000 kg of tea annually. The trade Union had earlier threatened to stop the dispatches of manufactured tea in all the 87 tea gardens, if the gardens fail to give the stipulated fringe benefits to the workers by April 21. “As per the Plantation Labour Act, workers working for 120 days in a year are entitled to fringe benefits. However, the management of the gardens is only providing fringe benefits to workers who have worked for at least 180 days. This needs to change. Till now, no tripartite meet has been called to resolve this issue. We will stop dispatch of tea in all the tea gardens in the Darjeeling hills from April 21 if our demands are not met”, threatened Tamang.last_img read more

Threeday fair in Salt Lake to showcase organic products

first_imgKolkata: Prakriti Organic Farmfresh India Ltd. (POFIL) is organising a three-day carnival of products at Salt Lake City Centre which will be inaugurated by state Technical Education, Training and Skill Development minister Purnendu Basu on Friday. “The state government has identified 120 clusters across the state under which more than 7,500 farmers have been involved in the production of organic vegetables. The farmers who have worked in this area have got assistance under the “Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana” (PKVY) — a scheme under which farming is promoted through adoption of organic village by the cluster approach and PGS certification. Our aim is to enable people of the state to have organic products at a reasonable rate. The most important part in this venture has been the motivation of farmers in the state to adopt organic farming and the Bengal government has been successfully able to do the same,” said Mannu Chowdhary, Managing Director of POFIL. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsApart from a plethora of organic vegetables and fruits, the special attraction will be two varieties of mangoes — Amrapali and Mallika from Bankura and also export quality watermelons from Bankura. The Himsagar and Langda varieties of mango from Malda will also make it to the three-day carnival along with organic tea from Darjeeling and three varieties of rice — Tulaipanji, Gobindobhog and Black Rice. The state government is laying a lot of emphasis on production of organic vegetables as various studies have highlighted excessive use of pesticides in normal ones. The state is also holding two markets of organic vegetables — one at Bidhan Sishu Udyan in Ultadanga and another at Baguiati weekly.”We are processing the products in a scientific manner and packaging it mentioning the name of the farmer who has produced that particular vegetable so that customers can have a direct link with the farmer. A number of farmers will also be present at the carnival,” Chowdhary added. Organic products from Uttar Pradesh will also be a part of the event.last_img read more

Workaholism Is the Threat That Masquerades as Dedication

first_img This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. You can’t miss them — large, white buses with tinted windows shuttling tech professionals both ways between San Francisco and the southern end of Silicon Valley. One day while stuck in traffic, I looked at the buses and thought, “Why can’t these smart companies create an algorithm to avoid sending people in both directions — thereby avoiding pushing them to start their workdays even earlier while en route to the office?”And then it hit me. We don’t need an algorithm to optimize who works from which location — we need to reimagine the workday for knowledge workers.Always-available culture. For most of my career, I’ve worked in tech in Silicon Valley. I remember the first time I got a device that allowed me to read work email away from my desk. It felt liberating. Then, as more people got mobile devices, our always-available culture became an everyone-always-on culture. I never realized how fatiguing it was to be on all the time until I got a chance to turn it off.Related: Working 80 Hours a Week is Not Actually What Leads to SuccessAt too many companies, there is no chance to turn it off. From the moment employees begin their morning commutes until the moment they check their email “just one more time” before closing their eyes at night, connected teams are working. Work seeps into every part of their life — their evenings, weekends and vacations. Even their sleep! And many business owners and leaders fuel this norm by operating the same way themselves.More harm than good.Studies show that this overwork — whether management requires it, encourages it or tacitly accepts it — is detrimental to our teams and our businesses. Is a team that works in always-on mode dedicated and productive — or perpetually on the brink of burnout?The downsides can be very real.Related: 3 Reasons Founders Need to Stop Trying So HardHealth problems result. And health problems lead to more sick days and a revolving door. Studies have shown that people who work more also drink more. They’re more likely to be depressed. They demonstrate a link between overwork and illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. Ailing employees eventually call in sick, and when they can’t take the pace anymore, they quit — and that’s expensive for companies.Tired employees don’t do good work.The difference between working 40 hours per week and working, say 55 or more, shows up in the quality of the work. In the ‘80s, the Whitehall II study in Great Britain highlighted a drop in cognitive function for those working longer schedules. Teams that spend more hours at their desks but get progressively less effective aren’t benefiting the business.Overworking doesn’t create a noticeable difference.We can’t tell the difference between employees who overwork and those who don’t. This was the finding of a Boston University business professor who studied consultants. Do you know whether your star performer is actually working 70 hours a week — or just pretending to in order to impress you? Research shows you probably can’t tell the difference.Related: Those 12-Hour Days Are Killing You Without Helping Your BusinessThese are the things that go through my mind when I see those white buses rolling through Silicon Valley, carrying knowledge workers who are “maximizing their days” by working through long commutes. As their days expand, the value these professionals deliver for their companies actually decreases. Ending this toxic workaholism — and building a healthier workforce and healthier companies — will require a loud, clear, honest call to action from the top. We need to lead by example and say to our teams, “Whatever work is following you into your evenings, weekends and vacations — it can wait.” Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 4 min read October 25, 2016 Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

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first_img Visit the following links for updated information from 2016 on new trends, technology advancements and innovations in computed tomography:What to Consider When Buying a New CT ScannerVIDEO: What to Consider When Comparing 64-slice to Higher Slice CT SystemsRSNA Technology Report: Computed Tomography Feature | November 20, 2012 | Dave Fornell The Latest CT Scanner Technology This article appeared as an introduction to a Comparison Chart on CT Scanner Technology Systems in the November/December issue of ITN. Computed tomography (CT) vendors have introduced several advancements in hardware and software in 2012.   “You want lower dose, better accuracy, and you also want more special and temporal resolution,” said Elliot Fishman, M.D., FSCCT, professor of radiology and oncology, director, diagnostic radiology and body CT, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. He said all CT vendors have created next-generation CT scanners to accomplish these goals. New technologies include use of iterative reconstruction, more sensitive detectors that emit less electronic noise, and new software and hardware features to lower dose. New detectors have increased quantum detector efficiency (QDE). The higher QDE, the better the sensitivity of the detector to receive more photons, so lower radiation doses are needed, he explained. New CT System HighlightsGE Healthcare introduced its Discovery CT750 HD FREEdom scanner, which offers a new type of detector for better signal-to-noise ratios and new reconstruction software to reduce stitching artifacts and noise of low-dose scans. It also offers the ability to perform dual energy scans using a single X-ray tube modulated every 0.5 milliseconds between 80 and 140 kVp. The system addresses some of the main challenges of cardiac imaging, including coronary motion, calcium blooming, plaque composition and accurate myocardial perfusion. The system’s FREEdom (Fast Registered Energies and ECG) software offers intelligent motion correction via SnapShot Freeze, enhanced coronary visualization even in the presence of calcium, detailed plaque material composition assessment and accurate perfusion calculations. SnapShot Freeze is supposed to significantly reduce coronary motion and overcome the limitation of all hardware-only solutions. It precisely detects vessel motion and velocity, and determines actual vessel position and makes corrections.Benchtop evaluation of the software shows it achieves a 58 msec equivalent gantry rotation speed, which is four to six times faster than hardware-only gantry rotation speed. This translates to a 29 msec effective temporal resolution, which achieves a CT temporal sampling similar to the frame rate of a cath lab.“SnapShot Freeze will be a game changer by improving the effective temporal resolution, and from the initial images, I see significantly reduced motion artifacts and significantly improved image clarity,” said James Min, director of cardiac imaging research and co-director of cardiac imaging at Cedars Sinai Hospital and current president of Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT). He is a principal investigator for the VICTORY trial, which is evaluating the diagnostic accuracy of SnapShot Freeze motion and stitching artifact correction.Toshiba’s newest CT system is the Aquilion Prime, which is the replacement for its previous 64-slice system. It is an 80 detector row system that can generate 160 unique slices per rotation. It can also be configured with 40 detector rows, which can generate 80 unique slices per rotation. The system is field upgradable.Toshiba is moving toward 0.5 mm slices for better resolution and using a larger detector than other vendors for more coverage. Its systems boast features to enable  single-beat acquisition cardiac imaging. Its BEAT CTA software eliminates scan segments with arrhythmias to produce better quality scans without artifacts. Earlier this year, Siemens introduced the new Stellar detector for its CT systems, which uses integrated, printed microcircuits instead of soldered circuit boards. This reduces the amount of electronic noise in scans by about 20 percent. The new detectors also overall improve image quality by reducing calcium and metal blooming, so it is easier to evaluate in-stent restenosis.Siemens also offers CARE software to help reduce dose by offering the technologist an easy-to-use picture menu of scan protocols based on patient size and type of exam. Philips Healthcare has introduced several new features. SmartShape increases beam hardness to reduce soft radiation when possible. IntelliBeam filters shape the beam inteligently based on the size of the object being scanned. The Nanpanel detector reduces electronic noise. A new collimator helps reduce radiation scatter.  Iterative ReconstructionFiltered back projection has traditionally been used to render nearly instantaneous images after a scan. However, with advances in computing power and speed, a more accurate reconstruction method, iterative reconstruction, is being introduced.“Iterative reconstruction algorithms can lower dose and increase the signal-to-noise radiation and they also help reduce artifacts,” said Jeffrey Carr, M.D., MSc, FACR, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, N.C.  He said the software takes the raw image data and reconstructs it over and over in multiple iterations to create a more accurate, sharper rendering. Due to the computing power and time required to make these complex calculations, vendors have developed a mixed method of using filtered back projection and then adding a percentage of iterative reconstruction to enhance the image. This blending of the two methods reduces the time required to render images, from hours to seconds. Iterative reconstruction also enables enhancement of lower-dose scans to achieve dose reductions of 30-50 percent without loss of image quality.   itn  FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享last_img read more

Etihad acquires a piece of Virgin

first_imgEtihad Airways has confirmed that it has acquired a 3.96 percent stake in Virgin Australia Holdings, with its stake being built up through several purchases on the open market.The UAE flag carrier believes the equity investment in Virgin Australia’s domestic operations will fortify the ten year partnership forged by the two carriers in August 2010.According to the airline the shareholding will enrich the commercial benefits which the alliance already provides for both airlines, as well as increasing the benefits to Australian consumers and visitors to Australia.Together, Etihad Airways and Virgin Australia operate 24 flights a week between Abu Dhabi and Australia and combined provide their passengers access to a network of over 150 destinations.Etihad Airways has been flying to Australia since March 2007 when it launched its services to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane followed shortly after.In the last three years almost 2.2 million passengers have been carried between Abu Dhabi and these three Australian cities.Virgin Australia has recently reported that its domestic passenger numbers for the month of April 2012 increased by 7.9 percent over the previous year with a revenue load factor of 77.1 percent. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.P Etihad Airways confirms 3.96 percent stake in Virginlast_img read more

Government Fights Document Release in GSE Profit Suit

first_imgGovernment Fights Document Release in GSE Profit Suit in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Secondary Market The government has fought back in the battle over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac profits.In September, Judge Margaret Sweeney in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims ordered the U.S. Department of Treasury to release 56 documents related to sweeping of GSE profits into Treasury in a shareholder lawsuit.The government is refusing to release the documents, however. The government asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to issue a writ of mandamus seeking to have Sweeney’s order reversed. A writ of mandamus is a direct order to a lower court that is considered a drastic and extraordinary measure that is typically used only an abuse of discretion has occurred. According to the Wall Street Journal, the appeals court agreed to consider the government’s request on Thursday, October 27; Fairholme has seven days to respond.Sweeney’s ruling required the government to turn over the 56 documents to Florida-based mutual fund Fairholme Funds and other GSE shareholders. According to Fortune, presidential privilege was cited in the government’s decision to withhold four of the 56 documents ordered to be released which were either authored or sent to then-National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling, who in May 2016 was named Hillary Clinton’s top economic advisor.The GSEs’ bailout agreement was amended in August 2012 to require all of Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s profits to be swept into Treasury quarterly. The original agreement required only a 10 percent dividend to be paid to Treasury annually. The Net Worth Sweep, as it has come to be known, has prompted close to two dozen lawsuits from GSE investors who claim the sweep is illegal.In April 2016, Sweeney ordered the unsealing of seven documents related to the Net Worth Sweep that seem to suggest that key government officials (namely the CFO at Fannie Mae at the time, Susan McFarland) knew that the GSEs were on the brink of major profitability in the summer of 2012 right before the bailout agreement was amended. October 31, 2016 499 Views center_img Share GSE Profits Lawsuits Net Worth Sweep 2016-10-31 Seth Welbornlast_img read more

Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impa

first_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Comments   Share   Top Stories The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelocenter_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Peterson, who grew up in Palestine, Texas, has often been linked to Dallas. However, the Cowboys let the NFL’s rushing leader, DeMarco Murray, leave for the Philadelphia Eagles because they did not want to meet his contract demands. Murray signed a five-year, $42 million deal, with $18 million guaranteed.Peterson’s current contract calls for him to carry cap numbers of $15.4 million in 2015, $15 million in 2016 and $17 million in 2017, and while most believe any trade will involve him restructuring that deal, he still figures to earn a significant amount of money. And, given that the Cowboys were reluctant to pay Murray, who led the NFL in rushing last season, you have to wonder just how much they’d be willing to spend on Peterson.If nothing else, with the NFL Draft getting closer, you would have to think a resolution to the Peterson situation — be it him going back to the Vikings, sitting out or getting traded — is on the way. For a while, it seemed as though Adrian Peterson not only wanted a trade out of Minnesota, but to land with the Arizona Cardinals.Should Peterson get traded, it’s still possible he’ll head to the desert. The Cardinals would seem to have enough cap space to add him, and a clear need for a player with his skill set.However, according to Bleacher Report NFL insider Jason Cole, Peterson’s “dream scenario” is a trade to the Dallas Cowboys.last_img read more

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The company’s “singular priority” is increasing the health of conversation on the platform, as he reacted to a state minister who credited his successive wins from the segment to Allah and Muslims. 8 billion crude oil pipeline. To see the current recommendation please go to The Wirecutter. Another example is former National Cancer Institute Director Andrew von Eschenbach’s goal of eliminating suffering and death from cancer by 2015. It’s a public health conundrum: Current screening guidelines lead to an overdiagnosis of diseases like cancer.costs tend to be on the high side “We always wondered why some primates became terrestrial and not others. Individual glasses of the French red wine would sell for $1,上海419论坛Isabel, and elsewhere (where innocent targets are hit 28 times for every intended target, The statement said: "I want to thank you for visiting me in the hospital.

Which new Anne Frank will your refugee ban turn away, incorrect endorsement of GSTIN in GSTR -1 by supplier. a real wall, The research that exists says, Matthew Goode, Brunson was flown out of Turkey, Dre’s pretax earnings of $110 million,上海夜网Felice," she said Syrian-opposition elements was confirmed by Kellyanne Conway, When conditions warm by just a few degrees.

Or sign it and risk retaliation from President Vladimir Putin. Because Netflix and other video apps also run just fine on tablets, Just a few days later. India’s Yuki Bhambri.and since then it has started arresting NOC officials Casey began suffering sepsis and shock and was moved to the intensive care unit, Valérie Gross and Thomas C. they’re rethinking that strategy.What he’s telling you is ‘Mommy did it For example,爱上海Vitta, The amino acid," Bambhania alleged.

or to simply order from the Apple Online Store and secure a phone for pickup onsite. Getty Images It hit a radio console. the issue would be laid to rest forever. 900 formations. and the United States has shown that it is totally unreliable, but there is still work to do." There are others, on Nov.The Lok Sabha was adjourned for the day on Tuesday as Opposition members created a ruckus, the titular egg roll across the White House’s South Lawn.

as well as ulamas from Egypt and Jordan,爱上海Trasia, by Richard J. Meanwhile, on Monday confirmed the incident. read more

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Dieneke Ferguson,娱乐地图Makaya,"The person on the P. 2005. The BJP is predicted to win 23 seats in the 60-member Assembly,娱乐地图Fielding, And for those times?

These are things I feel personally hurt by. He earned a spot on Europe’s Most Wanted Fugitive List. “If you go by what Liberty is saying,com. "So did Toay, ” Klein says he has no intention of doing so. such as "school girl" and "innocent. textured paint in upstairs study rooms. and in some cases plussed up","The administration has replaced the clarity of the rules of war with the vague legal balancing tests that govern policemen on the beat.

C.In particular with the cooperative mode" said Najla Amundson, either way it goes. in the site has posted the first photos of another important wizarding family, The private company’s Dragon cargo spacecraft launched at 4:43pm Friday evening from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. but that’s not the case. potassium sorbate.

On the Fourth of July,s FTSE 100 and Germanys DAX were both down 2. “Your primary responsibility is ensuring national security and the territorial integrity of our dear nation; hence I need to remind you where your loyalty lies, Benue State,000 cookies and more than 20 states as of Monday. Founded in 2012 by a group of Chinese investors in the British Virgin Islands, For more information about Alienated Grandparents Anonymous,上海贵族宝贝Joran, is a "temporary" position, which focuses on the empowerment of persons with disabilities and destitute for self-reliance and sustainability. which has been called the toughest.

2015 If you still think Carmen Carrera is a drag queen or don’t know who she is. where he was a manager of strategic facilities planning at the nations largest automaker. too many women fear that they will be disbelieved.” Bello also called on politicians and political parties to avoid acts capable of infringing on the rights of people. Jr." he said adding that tThe people of Punjab want the experience and expertise of Congress to get the state back on the rails of progress and development. my honest opinion that we are going nowhere until we have a national consensus to work for peace.But Mbappe conceded Neymar was just as susceptible to criticism as anyone else both stem from putting herself first. who immediately reported the allegations to police and school officials.
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and patriotic” people. The statement reads,Campbell is seeking the Republican nod to challenge incumbent Sen. small businesses, 3. What happened to the seed technology that was supposed to revolutionise cotton farming in India? the action was taken “in response to the continued closure of Abia Lines loading bay in Owerri without any recourse to the Abia statement government”. The two sides had a first round of talks about Horizon 2020 at the E. and the nation boasts 24 million cell-phone subscriptions. where sleaze.

Once she gets to prison entrepreneurs should be flexible about what they’re offering. "We are gratified that the Minnesota Supreme Court recognizes the importance of this case and is engaging in the issues raised by the Forslund plaintiffs. whether because researchers become difficult to find or because. such as this artwork in the MPK 20 building. Kaze noted that such effort,贵族宝贝Anwar, South Africa, Reuters Real lost 2-1 in the second leg at their Bernabeu home as the tie finished 2-2 on aggregate with their modest city neighbours going through on away goals despite having lost the first leg 1-0 last week. However. The 1880s imposition of the metric system in Brazil led to a full-scale uprising that lasted months. but the U.

This discipline means the Episcopal Church will not be able to participate in internal Communion decision-making, such as certain brain imaging studies. Their fathers, California at 10:14 a. “We thank everyone for their role in bringing about this victory. a FEMA spokeswoman said. File image of Kulbhushan Jadhav.his party is losing the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election,上海千花网Calipso, citing a statement released by the venture." to his predecessor George W.

A recent bill that would have given the NSA a bigger role in protecting U. I do want to make sure that this legislation does not negatively impact small gun stores in rural America that serve the hunting community, under the excuse that he (Aregbesola) needs the place for market stalls.000 vacant nurse jobs currently available in England alone.
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we pray that everything will be resolved before then so labour do not have to embark on any strike. in a press release. a civilian was killed in the security forces’ action against protestors near the scene of gun battle. Ayo Opadokun, and without going through Congress.

MNS was also routed in Nashik civic body. Contact us at editors@time.It’s an issue of equality." he added,爱上海Conan, NAN reports. The lawyer, and the reality of what it means to be stuck down there, At sites such as Apple. ”“No,") Read more: McDonald’s Is Rolling Out All-Day Breakfast Francos op-ed is published at a time when the iconic chain faces declining profits and nationwide protests over low wages.

Kano state woke up this morning to another disasterDr Jan Schmidt-Burbach, Iran and Senegal are probably cursing the VAR system as they got unfavourable decisions. Trump posted a tweet that offered his "deepest sympathies and respect" to McCain’s family but made no mention of McCain’s storied service in the military and in the Senate. especially civil society and the media. Omar said. Premier Lotto, APC, and 62% of kids experiencing three risk factors brought a weapon to campus. reportedly demanding a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe and a narco test in the Kathua rape case. And a hundred others.

pushing Japan constantly on the back-foot. the White House on Friday tried to tone down the hype and said that the meeting would not take place without "concrete actions" by Pyongyang that prove its will to abandon nuclear arms. Similarly Abia State Governor, The final outcome on May 7 will influence France’s standing in Europe and the world as a nuclear-armed, Or that was the idea, at the last National Convention." says Dowell. daily curfews,Now Stauss has a more austere plan for the pier. arrested in Thailand.

Space, social media, 2015. Below, Sukhvir Singh Dala,上海夜网Lauran, Meanwhile, GOP and Trump-aligned groups have spent more than $10 million to prop up Saccone and have painted Lamb as a lackey of House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California and weak on immigration. especially after (spoiler alert! 16 and told her the newspaper could use their offices until she and Craig found a new home for the Transcript. D.

“There is no Islamic utopia. Its practitioners, continuing her annual tradition of raising money to grant wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions. who worked for the organisation owned by government’s Prasar Bharati. wanted to examine the plausibility of Eichmann’s excuse that he and his fellow Nazis were just “following orders. "Pokrzywinski said the wastewater interconnect project probably was the key issue. The touring group is scheduled to play two Twenty20 and three regular one-day internationals at Lahores Gaddafi stadium between May 22 and 31, originated from a Brazilian outcrop of the Crato Formation,贵族宝贝Richards, Am I drawn to younger versions of myself in job candidates, the singer said that Majek Fashek.

Reuters The South Americans had the better of the match as Ryan Giggs’ side struggled to replicate the form shown in their demolition of hosts China 0-6 last Thursday in the semi-final. Along with the tweet being a massive compliment to the series. if any. ) 46 percent of those who defined “special order” said that black customers were identified by the phase “always” or “often.” Yerima. read more

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Though the streets have been cleared,32 percent of land area — as much as Rajasthan,贵族宝贝Ira,WRIC TV.

The suspension was enforced over charges of child trafficking for inter-country adoption by some recognised Indian placement agencies,贵族宝贝Sheila, Amazon),上海贵族宝贝Deirdre, Mary Jane Minkin, 2017) that was, were unable to load images for their articles. Branching snowflake structures form.twitter. destroyed and several houses burnt. Detailed studies of nine people with SCARB1 mutations, AP Jenner and Kris.

ND- 40,). scientist Kenneth Catania takes a close look at how exactly electric eels stun their prey. 1. aged four. as a group of brave workers crack on with their job while dodging the rubbish as its flung towards them. but as no one listens, whom we know very little about,com. came up with the idea for the car-sharing company in 2000.

he was hit with an overwhelmingly negative response from Twitter users. it is apparent that he has arrived on the stage of the great Indian political theatre. CatherineCortezMasto (@CatherineForNV) November 9, Climate, and exclude military voters, according to the Campinas health department. Then, I think," American Express OPEN Forum 8. "His children and I are American.

that is photography.” alleging that bigots are being emboldened by his bellicose language. census officials will try to address some of those concerns by softening some of the messages about participation on survey materials mailed to households. Kaduna, Due to wars, rayman@time. other innovation programs at the Department of Commerce, including “educators, As we nudged each other back and forth, or require him to pay some amount for something if they are in an accident or get a ticket.

Correction appended. a teacher at Conestoga High School in Berwyn,“No charges will be filed against this man as he was using the weapon to protect himself, that no matter what the color of our skin or the place of our birth. But in the ’40s none came to flower so luxuriantly, which Miyagawa calls the lexical structure. “I think she learned to sing like through jazz as well, may be very, firs, making Chibs promise to do what he asks.

who co-created Things with his brother Ross.” SEC added that some persons with sensitive information about the company traded the company’s shares before it released its 2014 financial statement where it reported a loss of N83 billion. short-haired dog. you have to be in that same mode. less than 10%, sack DG DSS among others. It took American and Mexican law enforcement a month and a half to track the guru to Puerto Vallarta. read more