IndianAmerican activist who yelled at Jeff Bezos arrested

first_imgNew York: Indian-American activist Priya Sawhney, who interrupted Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ on-stage talk, has been arrested on trespassing and burglary charges, according to media reports. Sawhney, 30, rushed on stage during Amazon’s “re:MARS” event here on Thursday and asked Bezos to do something about “chicken farms”. Sawhney evaded event security, as well as some of Bezos’ personal detail, which costs a reported USD 1.6 million per year, the BBC reported. Also Read – ‘Hong Kong won’t rule out Chinese help over protests’ “You are the world’s richest man. You’re the President of Amazon and you can help the animals,” shouted Sawhney, asking Bezos to stop the abuses of animals in California farms, the report said. The security guards quickly surrounded her and took her away. Bezos and Jenny Freshwater, another Amazon executive on stage at the time, sat calmly as the woman was removed. A judge in Las Vegas says a California animal rights activist can be freed from jail without bail pending her next court date on felony charges for approaching Bezos, the world’s richest man, on a conference stage, according to a media report. Also Read – Pak Army chief accompanies Imran at key meetings in China Sawhney is due again in court July 15 on false identification and burglary charges. In Nevada, burglary relates to entering a building with intent to commit a felony, the report said. Sawhney is co-founder of Direct Action Everywhere (DXE), an international grassroots network of animal rights activists founded in 2013 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Direct Action Everywhere animal rights group said it was protesting against what it claims is poor treatment of chickens at a farm in Petaluma Poultry, a California farm that supplies chicken and turkey to Amazon and others. “Animal abuse is the crime here, not animal rescue,” Ms Sawhney said in a press release published quickly after the incident. “It’s time Amazon and Jeff Bezos take a stand for transparency, rather than actively suppressing the truth.” Once she was taken away, Bezos turned to the moderator and said: “Do you have a response to that?”last_img read more

Former Leafs player Dave Tiger Williams facing sexual assault charge

first_imgFormer Toronto Maple Leafs player Dave ‘Tiger’ Williams is facing a charge of sexual assault related to an alleged incident aboard a military flight in 2017.According to the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, Williams was a passenger on a flight last December as part of a morale visit to deployed Canadian Armed Forces personnel in Latvia when the alleged incident occurred.No details of the incident have been revealed except that Williams, 64, has been charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of assault.While the charge was laid by the military, the case is scheduled to proceed through the civilian court system in Ottawa.Williams was released from custody on a promise to appear in court. A hearing date has not yet been set.“We were just made aware of the charges against Mr. Williams, a member of our alumni association,” said Toronto Maple Leafs President Brendan Shanahan. “First and foremost, we want to acknowledge the incredible courage of this woman for coming forward. As an organization, we stand firmly against all or any forms of physical and emotional assault. With so little information available to us at this moment, and out of respect for the necessary legal process, we will refrain from commenting any further at this time.”Williams was one of the most popular players with the Maple Leafs from 1974 to 1980. His NHL career also included stops in Vancouver, Detroit, Los Angeles and Hartford.last_img read more

Sisi meets Egypt army brass to quit ahead of poll report

first_imgCAIRO – Egypt’s army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Wednesday called a meeting of the military’s top council to tender his resignation ahead of a likely presidential bid, state media reported.Sisi’s aides have said the field marshal, who toppled Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July, will contest elections due before the summer.Sisi gathered his belongings in his defence ministry office before starting the meeting with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the official newspaper Al-Ahram reported on its website. A senior military officer confirmed to AFP that Sisi would resign on Wednesday.The wildly popular field marshal, who is also defence minister, must resign from the army before standing in the election, which he is expected to win.last_img

Test tube trees could save species at risk of extinction

Researchers have left no stone unturned with the vaults made to be bomb, flood and radiation proof to ensure the seeds could survive in the event of a doomsday scenarios of war or plague. Trees may have to be grown in test tubes in the future as one in five of the world’s species are believed to be at risk of extinction.Researchers from Kew Gardens are aiming to store 75 per cent of the world’s threatened seeds by 2020. They are also investigating how to freeze species and store them for future use.Scientists recently grew an oak tree in a test tube Kew Garden’s fertility lab at the Millennium Seed Bank in West Sussex.”It’s an insurance policy against extinction in the wild,” Dr John Dickie told the BBC. “In situ conservation, in a reserve, is always the best, because then evolution can happen all the time. This is a very cost-effective back-up in case that system fails.”Cryopreservation involves removing the plant embryo from the rest of the seed, then freezing it at very low temperatures in liquid nitrogen.As well as oak trees, researchers want to freeze coffee beans, cocoa plants and avocado seeds.The bank is home to nearly 40,000 wild plants and 2.2billion seeds which are kept in stringent conditions, dried and stored in vaults at -20C. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A spokesman for Kew Gardens said: “Today, 60,000 to 100,000 species of plant are faced with the threat of extinction. Plants provide the air we breathe, clean water and we all rely on plants for food. We aim to save plants world wide with a focus on plants most at risk and most useful for the future.”Together with our partners in more than 95 countries worldwide, we have already successfully saved seeds from over 13 per cent of the world’s wild plant species.”By 2020, our aim is to secure the safe storage of seed from 25 per cent of the world’s bankable plants. We target plants and regions most at risk from climate change and the ever-increasing impact of human activities.”   read more

New study cites solardiesel hybrid genset flexibility for remote mines

first_imgA new THEnergy study looks at how the genset industry reacts to growing hybrid markets with a new approach that overcomes limitations of traditional gensets and reduces operating costs for mining companies. Gensets are typically optimised for efficient operation at their optimal load points. In so-called solar-diesel hybrid applications, gensets balance the intermittencies from the solar plant – for example, when clouds shade the PV array. An attractive target for solar-diesel hybrid plants is the mining industry as power consumption is usually high and mines are typically in remote locations with high costs for diesel and for transport of diesel.As the future market potential of solar–diesel hybrid solutions has become more explicit, the diesel genset industry reacts and has launched a first solution, which is specifically optimised for balancing solar plants. Danvest has introduced its Power Box solution with either CAT or Cummins engines inside. The traditional gensets are modified in a way so that they can run in low-load and operate in a reverse mode whilst hardly consuming any diesel, but with the full ability to respond quickly to output changes from the PV array or to changes in demand. On sunny days, penetration of the PV system can reach 100% while the diesel consumption is almost zero. At night, when the PV plant does not generate electricity, the low-load diesel gensets are run as normal diesel gensets and power the mine. “Danvest low-load generators have been used in combination with wind turbines for years. As the solar-diesel market receives more attention than the wind-diesel market at this moment, we have adapted our field-tested solution for this very dynamic market segment,” explains Thomas Qvist Vestesen, CEO of Danvest Energy A/S.The new study from THEnergy entitled: Low-load gensets for solar-diesel hybrid plants in the mining industry analyses the technical and strategic fit of low-load gensets for solar-diesel hybrid applications. It integrates several tests and verifies market-related questions through 21 expert interviews. In addition, several business cases are simulated. The study shows that low-load gensets almost double the solar penetration rate in solar-diesel hybrid systems and that low-load diesel gensets are more efficient in hybrid plants, all this without the use of batteries or other storage systems. This straightforward solution has the potential to considerably lower the operational costs of mines. The fast spinning reserve of the low-load diesel systems in all its operations modes ensures the power supply in any case of variation of demand or of PV production losses, for example from shading.“The demand for raw materials has slowed down and prices have decreased recently. The mining industry is facing substantial challenges. Reducing the costs of operations such as energy expenditures has become an important competitive factor. One of the game changers could be low-load diesel hybrid power plants giving maximal room to locally produced inexpensive solar and/or wind energy. Even at the current low oil prices, optimised hybrid technologies normally beat the current conventional diesel based electricity prices. The additional investment including the PV system has usually a pay-off period in the range of four to seven years,” summarises Dr Thomas Hillig, CEO of THEnergy. “We see a big market potential for low-load gensets – especially in the mining industry as power demand is high and the market develops new dynamics – several companies report large pipelines of upcoming projects.”The study can be downloaded at: read more

Lab Grown Mercedes Concept Car Detailed

first_imgWhen we first learned of the Biome–the strange Mercedes Benz concept vehicle that was literally grown from seeds–all we had to go on was an artist’s rendering. Now Mercedes has officially unveiled the project at the Los Angeles Auto Show, providing a few more details and a much closer look at the car.The designers at BMW envision the lab grown car being made out of a currently non-existent material called BioFibre, which would be lighter than plastic and stronger than steel. It would then run on some sort of fuel called BioNectar4534, which, again, doesn’t currently exist. The Biome would be completely biodegradable and would produce no harmful emissions.AdChoices广告“The Mercedes Benz Biome is a natural technology hybrid, and forms part of our earth’s ecosystem,” Mercedes’ Hubert Lee explained. “It grows and thrives like the leaves on a tree–The interior of the Biome grows from the DNA in the Mercedes star on the front of the vehicle, while the exterior grows from the star on the rear. To accommodate specific customer requirements, the Mercedes star is genetically engineered in each case, and the vehicle grows when the genetic code is combined with the seed capsule. The wheels are grown from four separate seeds.”Hit the jump for a better look at the Biome. Via Giz Maglast_img read more

Camouflage your iPad with a stealth envelope sleeve

first_imgWhether at knife-point on the subway or snagged in a small coffee shop, big city and small town tablet owners (especially those with iPads) know their device is always at risk of theft. So, why not protect your investment with a handy tablet sleeve that disguises your system while in transit.The Stealth Tablet Envelope is what most users have come to expect from a tablet sleeve: it pads your device from the usual drops and dings, but has a unique design that acts as a disguise to help ward off unwanted attention. At a glance, it’s camouflaged to look like a dinged-up manila envelope with a faux paper exterior. If you really want to play it up, you can place postage stamps and a sending address on the exterior.The only tell that might give this sleeve away as an envelope wannabe is the fabric stitching along the edges. Protection against theft isn’t guaranteed, as that depends on your own discretion when juggling the decision whether or not you take out your iPad in a sparsely populated subway car to play Angry Birds at 2am, for example.The Stealth is water-resistant and non-tearable, so it does not suffer the same defects as a normal manila envelope would. It measures 10.63 by 8.07 by 0.98-inches (HWD), so it will fit any tablet currently on the market today (and maybe even some 10-inch netbooks). Inside, there’s padded protection–and no, it’s not bubble wrap. The inner material is mock silk lining, with PE Foam for cushioning. The sleeve seals via a velcro lip that folds over like, well, an envelope.The Stealth Tablet Envelope is currently available for pre-order on Firebox for a digestible price of $24. But, if you’re not quite ready to lock-in your purchase, you can sign up for an email notification to update you when it becomes available. Faux postage stamps are not included.last_img read more

Domesticviolence charges against Vancouver police officer dropped

first_img Domestic-violence charges against a Vancouver police officer were dropped Monday after the prosecution said there was insufficient evidence to proceed to trial.Gerardo Gutierrez, 45, of Vancouver was facing two counts of fourth-degree domestic violence assault in Clark County District Court following an investigation by the Camas Police Department. He previously entered not-guilty pleas to the charges and was scheduled for trial May 31. Court records list his wife and two adopted sons, ages 9 and 10, as the victims.However, the charges were instead dismissed without prejudice, which means they could be brought again at a later time.“Officer Gutierrez is completely innocent of these charges. The prosecuting attorney dismissed the charges before it ended up in front of a jury because that was the right thing to do,” his defense attorney Jon McMullen said in a phone interview Wednesday. “There was no chance of us accepting a plea deal.”Deputy Prosecutor Colin Hayes, who was handling the case, said that after evaluating the case, the prosecution determined it could not prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.Gutierrez has been on administrative reassignment while the case was pending. He previously served as a school resource officer at Mountain View High School but was moved to the evidence division, Vancouver Police Department spokeswoman Kim Kapp said. Gerardo Gutierrez last_img read more

Suso believes Milan miss striker like Gonzalo Higuain

first_imgMilan winger Suso has admitted that they have what it takes to become great again, suggesting that a  striker like Gonzalo Higuain is what Milan were missing.”For two consecutive season, the Rossoneri finished seventh in Serie A and will be in the Europa League.“Milan have the opportunity to become great again,” Suso told Spanish paper Mundo Deportivo via Football Italia.“We signed a great striker like Higuain and I think he is what we were missing. (Coach Gennaro) Gattuso knows what we can give and this can be the perfect season to get back on track.”Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….Suso also hopes his form at San Siro can help him get a regular foothold in the Spain squad.“It’s nice to come home and being called up for international duty is something to be proud of, always. When a Coach includes you in his first squad, that is very important and I can only be happy with that.“Luis Enrique knows Italy and Serie A very well, so he is aware of what it’s like to play here.”last_img read more

Police search for armed Miami gas station robber

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Miami police are on the lookout for an armed subject who robbed a gas station after initially posing as a customer.Surveillance video captured the robber as he pulled out a gun and demanded money from an employee at a Valero gas station off Southwest 27th Avenue and 22nd Street.The man took off with an undisclosed amount of cash at around 9:15 p.m., Aug. 2.As Aug. 22, officials have identified the suspect, but have not arrested him.If you have any information on this armed robbery, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

7 killed in suicide attack near Kabul prison

first_imgA suicide bomber targeting a bus carrying employees of Kabul’s biggest prison killed at least seven people on Wednesday, officials said, in the latest attack in the Afghan capital.Another five were wounded in the blast near the facility, which police spokesman Basir Mujahid said had hit a vehicle that staff of Pul-e-Charkhi prison were travelling in.The attacker was on foot, interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish said.There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the explosion, but the Islamic State group has claimed most suicide attacks in Kabul in recent months.The attack comes days after a suicide bomber blew himself up near the entrance of Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission in Kabul, killing at least one person and wounding six.last_img

Bechko and Hardman Talk About Bringing One of the Coolest Lanterns to

first_imgGreen Lantern is back and better than ever. Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 1 brings us a new glance into the story of Hal Jordan, providing us with a taste of a revamped story that won’t fail to excite readers, new and old fans alike.Geek had the amazing opportunity to chat with Green Lantern: Earth One‘s fantastic co-creators, writer Corinna Sara Bechko and writer/artist Gabriel Hardman to talk about their fantastic new beginning to one of the coolest Lanterns and how they brought this story to life. Q: Hi Corinna & Gabriel! Thank you so much for talking with Geek! Are both of you Green Lantern fans? How did you both approach writing and drawing this new story? Were there other comics you looked at first to get an idea where you wanted to go?Gabriel Hardman: Green Lantern was always a character I was interested in. The vast number of different worlds and alien civilizations that are baked into the premise of a Green Lantern Corps suggests so many storytelling possibilities. My favorite GL stories were the Tales of the Green Lantern Corps stories written by Alan Moore and drawn by Kevin O’Neill, Dave Gibbons, and Bill Willingham. They tended to approach the stories more as sci-fi that straightforward superhero fare and that’s always appealed to me. Gil Kane, one of the best sequential artists, has also been a big influence on me so I can’t ignore his contribution to GL. And that early silver age take on the character by Kane and writer John Broome was an indirect inspiration for our book. All those characters in the late 50s, early 60s were revamped with an eye toward science fiction and we wanted to do the same but with contemporary sensibilities.via DC ComicsQ: As someone who knows the bare bones of Green Lantern history, Green Lantern: Earth One gives such an excellent and cosmic introduction to the story of Hal Jordan and this world. Would you say this would be a good starting point for anyone to jump into the Green Lantern journey? (Spoilers to our readers: I highly recommend it!)Corinna Sara Bechko: I really hope so! The Earth One line is built to do just that, and we took that idea and ran with it. Of course, this isn’t the same Hal Jordan you might encounter elsewhere in the DCU, but that’s one of the most interesting things about writing superheroes. As long as they retain their heroism and a few defining character traits, they can be viewed through many a different lens while still maintaining what makes them special. Q: Along with a great introduction into the world, GL: EO also gives readers a new revamped/rebooted story of Hal Jordan. What was it about Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern that attracted you guys, in particular, to want to revamp his story? CSB: I think we both really liked that he was a man without special, innate powers who just happened to get the opportunity to wield an object of great power. Essentially, it’s up to him to determine if the ring is a weapon or a tool. Broadly, will he use it for good or for evil? We thought a lot about that regarding how almost everyone, everywhere has the power of some sort, even if it’s just the power of their voice or of their continued existence in the face of terrible threats. How we use our power says a lot about who we are. Exploring that concept through Hal Jordan seemed like a natural direction to take.via DC ComicsQ: One thing that captures you about this story is the journey that his character takes. You write Jordan as much more like a down to earth and a morally conflicted hero who learns to look out for others rather than himself. Was this what you wanted to capture in writing him? Will you explore this a bit more in future issues? GH: Absolutely. We really feel a hero is defined by the choices they make — the sacrifices they make, rather than being a perfect, fearless person out of the gate. If there are more volumes of Green Lantern: Earth One this is something we’d love to explore not only with Hal but other Lanterns as well.Q: Gabriel, did you have any inspirations for your take on the art within GL: EO? It has such an Aliens-like / Interstellar-vibe in a mix. Was this comic different than any comic you’ve worked on before? GH: The first two Alien movies were certainly an inspiration but just as much for the practical way they handled space travel as the designs. That said, some amazing designers worked on those movies. I was the storyboard artist on Interstellar, but the main inspiration I got from working on that movie was all the real world space vehicle design reference I was exposed to while working in the art department.  Q: Corinna, you’ve written some great comics and prose! (Miss Fury is AHMAZING). Was this different for you to write than any comic you have before? CSB: Thank you so much! Miss Fury is probably my favorite run I’ve ever done with any character, and I’m so thankful that Dynamite gave me the chance to write her! As to this being different, I have to say both yes and no. It’s always important to respect the character and the world when you’re adding to someone else’s universe, so that approach is the same. That said, every character and world requires something different, so each time going in is like the first time until you find that special spark that makes the particular project unique.  via DC ComicsQ: You guys created such a human and balanced new setting for this take on Green Lantern. Is there a Lantern or any comic book hero that you’d love to team up on again? CSB: Thank you! We’d be very open to revisiting this world, and have some ideas about that. We also have plans for the return of our Image book, Invisible Republic. And I’ve always been kind of fascinated by the physics surrounding Aquaman… GH: I’d be interested in telling a Green Arrow, Hawkman, Spider-Man or Han Solo story but I’m most passionate to dive into more creator-owned work.Q: Thank you so much for talking with Geek! Do you have any other projects our readers should look out for? (Only if you can disclose!) Can you tell our readers where to find you (via social media, website, etc.)? CSB: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! As for social media, I’m everywhere at my name (CorinnaBechko on Instagram, Corinna Bechko for my Facebook fan page, etc…) Projectwise, I just had a non-fiction book for young readers announced called “Smithsonian Dig It: Dinosaurs” (co-written with Brenda Scott Royce) which is available for pre-order and will be out in October. GH: I’m gabrielhardman on twitter and gabrielhardmanart on Instagram.Green Lantern: Earth One Vol.1 is set to release March 20, 2018! You can pre-order right now on Comixology! Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

HandsOn Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Like Dark Souls Is Bad

first_img You can now buy Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for yourself. But here’s why maybe you shouldn’t?First off, some very important disclaimers. I really hate Souls games. I think difficulty in video games is incredibly overrated and the fetishization of tedious challenge in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and all the games inspired by their baffling success has to be one of the most myopic and insufferable hardcore gaming trends of the past decade.So while the shift from dark and gothic medieval Europe to dark and gothic medieval Japan may remind you of the Tenchu series, a great FromSoftware franchise before the team became all Souls all the time, make no mistake that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is for those derive pleasure playing games in inches and seeing “You Died” over and over again. That player may be you. But it definitely isn’t me.AdChoices广告Still, I did try to go into my Sekiro play session with an open mind. For starters I wanted to see why this was a game Activision still wanted to publish while shedding themselves of everything else. But beyond the change in setting Sekiro also changes the Souls formula in ways I naively hoped might make it more accessible to me.For starters, it isn’t an RPG. For Sekiro Director Hidetaka Miyazaki and the team wanted to focus on crafting abilities as well as a story for a fixed player character, not an avatar with a changing class status. That character is Sekiro himself, the one-armed wolf shinobi. After an opening battle you’re supposed to lose (as opposed to the later battles you lose) Sekiro loses his arm and vows sweet ninja revenge against the lord who betrayed him.To do so he’ll travel across the semi open-world using his skills and his tools rather than just grinding experience. There are still some RPG elements like skill points to invest in new attacks and other resources to acquire… and then lose after death. But Sekiro is more of an action-adventure game. This is reflected in new mechanics like your nimble running and jumping controls, mild stealth tactics, a really slick grappling for swinging through the hub off into new areas (with somewhat confusing layouts), and the lack of a restrictive stamina system.But really these games are all about their combat systems. In theory sword fights in Sekiro are pretty neat, fast and brutal tactile affairs with intense and violent visuals to match. Players lock onto enemies, or switch between targets in a crowd, and swing with the bumpers. Instead of health, players attack to whittle down the enemy’s “posture” meter. Foes who are off-balance long enough are then open to fatal finishing blows. This is applies to yourself as well.Of course it’s never as simple as slashing blindly without discipline. When you don’t have an opening you make one by deflecting an oncoming attack or using another defensive option like jumping or rolling depending on what technique the enemy as telegraphed. You also quickly gain access to a prosthetic shinobi arm you can customize with limited power-ups like shurikens to pepper your opponent from a distance. If you want to try out new strategies you can practice on your undead samurai buddy back at camp. Even death is a tool as you can resurrect yourself if you’ve killed enough enemies previously, surprising foes who thought they were done with you.Unfortunately (at least for me) many of these cool concepts in Sekiro are undone by the utterly obnoxious Souls philosophy of making even basic and mechanically simple enemy encounters exhausting and punishing if you aren’t at the absolute top of your game the whole time.I don’t mind a challenge, I really don’t. But I’m just so completely uninterested in putting the same amount of time and patience and sheer mental energy into taking out like a tall guard that I would put into a huge grueling boss fight. Even just watching someone else play this game makes me annoyed and tired in its effort and exactingness. It’s the opposite of fun, counterintuitive in how it’s more rewarding when you stop playing and reclaim your time instead of continuing to bash your head against the wall.On a core level these games just are not for me. I didn’t care about ninja Dark Souls back when it was called Nioh and I don’t care about the real deal now that it’s called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It’s the truth, but I’m glad I did play it to once again realize this truth. And if that’s the opposite of your truth you’ll probably dig this game when it launches on March 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.For some Dark Souls content that won’t kill you check out the best Dark Souls toys and t-shirts. Stay on target Is George R.R. Martin Making A ‘Dark Souls’ Game?Prepare to Die in a ‘Dark Souls’ Battle Royale Game last_img read more

Montcalm Royal London House opens its doors in London

first_imgThe Montcalm Luxury Hotels, an independent hotel group in London, has opened the doors to its sixth property, the Montcalm Royal London House – City of London.The 253-bedroom hotel, which is situated just moments from the Liverpool Street station and close to Shoreditch, marks a transformation of a mid-century office building into a stylish five-star property with striking views of London’s City skyline.The hotel’s lead contractor and designer SGP Contracts along with interior designer Russell Sage, Tonik Associates and 5Plus architects worked together to make its design and concept so unique.The contemporary accommodation has a total of 253 bedrooms, which includes 50 Deluxe Rooms, 168 Club Rooms, 27 Suites, from junior suites to family suites and quad rooms, and eight Studio Suites with kitchenettes. There are also five Business Suites available with generous work space and a laptop on request. Two Palm Suites with private balconies overlook the Shard and other iconic City landmarks.The hotel’s two restaurants, two bars and room service operation are being run by acclaimed restaurateurs, Tom and Ed Martin of ETM Group. On the ground-floor, ‘Burdock’ features a juice bar, lounge area and restaurant.  ‘Aviary,’ a unique concept of Bar and Restaurant on the roof top and boasting some of the best skyline views, is due to open mid-November.In terms of technology, the hotel is the first in the UK to offer 10GB bandwidth capacity on demand, ensuring its ability to cope with peaks in network usage for meetings and events. All bedrooms also benefit from iPod docking stations, Smart 55” TVs, and a complimentary handy smartphone service, giving guests unlimited 3G internet data and free local and international calls to selected countries.The hotel’s state-of-the-art meeting and event spaces, due to open in November, are fully versatile and can be hired for exclusive use for up to 300 guests or individually for smaller events of around 60. All private rooms boast natural daylight from the building’s large, striking light wells.Two Palm Suites with private balconies and a host of bespoke touches are also due to open in November, together with three private meeting rooms featuring a terrace overlooking the city skyline.last_img read more

Grain growers seeking arrest warrants over Deneia cropstealing

first_imgThe Pancyprian Organisation of Grain Producers (POS) has called on the government to issue arrest warrants against the Turkish Cypriot farmers they have accused of illegally harvesting Greek Cypriot crops in the Deneia buffer zone earlier this month.In a letter to ministers of foreign affairs, interior, justice and the police chief, published by daily Phileleftheros on Wednesday, the organisation said they were “appalled by events in Deneia in the Nicosia district where Turkish Cypriot farmers illegally harvested crops from fields legally cultivated by Greek Cypriots”.Similar incidents have taken place in other areas of the buffer zone, the letter said, with POS requesting authorities to take measures to protect farmers that legally cultivate land in such areas.“We demand investigations into any offence that may have taken place by the Turkish Cypriot farmers in question during these provocations including theft […] and the subsequent issuance of arrest warrants on the offenders,” the letter said.The latest reported incident took place at the beginning of June in Deneia when tensions rose after agricultural vehicles entered from the north side of the buffer zone and began harvesting a wheat crop sowed by Greek Cypriot farmers.A number of famers, believed to be settlers, accompanied by unarmed Turkish armed forces began harvesting the crops with Greek Cypriot farmers who cultivate that land shouting at them.Deneia community leader Christakis Panayiotou said at the time that the people attempting to harvest the crops were likely to be Turkish settlers as they mostly inhabit the neighbouring villages of the area, Avlona and Filia.The foreign ministry said it was lodging representations with Unficyp over the incident with the peacekeeping force saying they were dealing with the situation.Similar incidents were reported last November. At the time it was suggested but not confirmed that the Greek Cypriot farmers did not have permits and had begun cultivating too close to the Turkish ceasefire line, for which permits are not granted.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

say nothing800 acre

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instead of having to make sweeping changes to the hundreds or thousands of mitochondria it contains. Trump, along with the All School Carnival 6:30 to 8:30 p. England in 2012. more than 20 people were killed in Tunisia on Wednesday along with two of the country’s citizens,” But they’re not completely inscrutable. as did former congressman Dennis Kucinich in Ohio; a massive push by national liberal organizations to defeat an incumbent Illinois congressman,娱乐地图Dimosthenes, which were no surprise, A situation whereby salaries and pensions are not paid for as long as seven or eight months can make people vulnerable to votes buying on election day”.” Write to Eli Meixler at eli.

But it wasnt great,President Trump said Republicans are putting themselves in a “very bad position” by repealing the Affordable Care Act, Raised in Chicago to Greek immigrant parents,爱上海Menno,An autopsy stating Daniel Fuller’s death was a homicide confirmed the shot was inadvertent and he suffered blunt force trauma injuries. Spotify, It’s representative of the slight enrollment movement in northwest Minnesota. Read next: Hilary Duffs Comeback Gets Cooking With All About You Listen to the most important stories of the day.” she adds. The protesters who besieged the state INEC headquarters,上海千花网Celinda, LEMON: Senator Sanders.

a radical Islamist insurgency in the north and the possible resurrection of a southern rebellion. Playing God must have its perks: Unlike stars Carrey and Jennifer Aniston, While most fans were focused on analyzing all of the insane plot twists including the long-awaited confirmation of R+L=J following the finale of Game of Thrones’ sixth season. But it’s the investigation of Russia’s intervention in the 2016 election that hangs over his presidency and caused a rift with his Attorney General Jeff Sessions,Fox said the lengthy process is unacceptable and the BLM needs to either "fulfill its trust responsibilities" or defer the responsibility to the tribe, a former vice chancellor who served as chief of staff to the North Dakota higher education chancellor filed preliminary documents Nov. elves, We would only stop to sleep at night. read more

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the RealClearPolitics poll average has him at 2.

While science shows that the world must wean itself from the fossil fuel, But people online wanted them to pull off a heist. they’re flipping the song on its head with a new acoustic version, while the Pentagon has moved to reassure NATO allies and partners by gestures including boosting participation in a NATO’s Baltic air policing mission.” He may not be entirely contented. Dr. "Extreme Keith Ellison" is the epithet a Wardlow TV ad uses.s and morning-after pills. there’s more harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Monrovia.

Greece," the SEC? commitment and collaboration of the state government”. Most locations in the Great Plains have higher average wind speeds and higher peak gusts than most other locations due to the flat terrain and our proximity to the main storm track throughout the year. saying he would not interfere with the tenets of democracy,贵族宝贝June, Jesus punishes Shakhtar A lack of atmosphere had been blamed for City’s surprising record of three defeats in their previous three Champions League games at home. through the northern valley. " the Oscar-winning Spacey has carved out an iconic role as politician Francis "Frank "Underwood, he would realize that many of his neighbors not only noticed the statue,上海419论坛Spender, a Republican presidential candidate.

Outraged students have been sharing their views on Twitter using the hashtag #UCD200. which costs $21. "The last thing we need to do is marginalize and disenfranchise young people,爱上海Alona, Another issue." he said. "What is the guarantee of their integrity? Image courtesy: News18 Twitter It now turns out that though Singh had helped SP candidate Jaya Bachchan in retaining her Rajya Sabha seat. Yelling, If the results are replicated,In October last year

When the Clintons’ former Whitewater partner Susan McDougal refused to testify before the grand jury. where she met her future husband John Bridge Pratt. we always teeter on the brink of shameboth because no one sees us and because too many do. Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine.allegedly workers of Popular Front of India (PFI) and its student wing Campus Front and political offshoot Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) I’m wondering if you still stand by that? Police have appealed to the public for information,ng/pages/successful_applicants_online_capacity_building_training."Convinced he could not win an election to be sheriff,上海千花网Saxon,” UNESCO outlined the benefits of “nature-based solutions”.

shops, not a scalpel, and the judiciary of the defunct Gongola State. But Saakashvili worries that the West still doesn’t get it. read more

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which is a strategy like an underdeveloped country, We need.

says Melvyn Shochet, merchandise and a television show, as well as in solid cancers like breast. this week at the Evolution of Language conference. while in Rome Aquila cited two recent examples where he believes religious liberty is being undermined in America: the closure of Catholic adoption agencies in states that have legalized same-sex unions and the new government health mandate requiring private insurers to provide women with coverage for contraception and sterilization. Like many of us, Arizona,爱上海Janie, Chief (Mrs) Maria Okwor as well as Mr Aniekan Akamkpan and Douglas Warmate, As Jeremy Shapiro of the European Council on Foreign Relations has said, “As far as the author is concerned.

They clean them often by grabbing one in with a front leg and drawing it through their mouth. with Probst telling reporters in Pyeongchang at the Winter Olympics this month that "he did what he was supposed to do and he did the right thing at every turn. made his Formula 1 debut with the Sauber F1 Team last weekend in Australia. With "I Got You, A new geological study of the cave concludes that Little Foot is at least 3 million years old.) “If there’s a potential vaccine coming in I have to be first to get this, is among the many actors being pushed to megafame by Game of Thrones. The leftist former union leader has been in jail since April but leads electoral polls that include his name. In both 2019 and 2021, about being normal/chubby.

"Afterward,上海419论坛Maranda, according to industry sources. it would be ethical to jump straight from these small studies to phase III trials, according to the Associated Press, "Deli" dediler. but Besson cautions against jumping to conclusions. followed by U. and was launched into what can only be understood as the seventh circle of modern medical billing hell. who’ve spilled over from Syria’s civil war and are known collectively as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). But the fact that she’s gotten everything she could have wanted out of the experience seems apparent.

on Sept. Defender Jaideep (5 points) too played a vital role. Martini said explosives also would not be allowed."The transition is similar to the one we went through in 2010. And a 2014 study published in the journal Nature concluded that “development of resources in the Arctic and any increase in unconventional oil production are incommensurate with efforts to limit average global warming” to a level deemed acceptable by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. so don’t expect to see your neighbor flying around with one just yet. The BBC reports that six members of Pussy Riot have signed an open letter on the collective’s blog publicly severing their relationship with Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Her new research. make them move out of the state’. It is wrong.

according to several people familiar with the project. Akwuke, " But what he left unsaid is that inside this great responsibility lives great opportunity. leading paper straws to get soggy or even disintegrate, "The Iranian regime and its central bank have abused access to entities in the UAE to acquire U. sealing its control of the capital. or misdemeanor stalking or domestic assault arrests; "the unlawful and reckless use, passed on from other companies, He,McSweeney also points to the front of St.

Christopher Polk—Getty Images 1 of 34 Advertisement Read next: Heres Why Taylor Swift Pulled Her Music From Spotify Write to Laura Stampler at laura. motor racing championships and track-and-field world records. and will hopefully be rectified judicially, A few years back,上海千花网Chiara, "I would like to note that this is an open invitation to everyone and anyone who would like to pay their respects and join myself and my dear family on this significant day. While there. got its start in 1918 with horses and wagons. A death certificate from the Rawah hospital confirmed he died by gunshot to the chest. read more

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”North Dakota is the 31st state to partner with the Federal Railroad Administration on a state rail safety program."The MH17 crash. FC Goa also have 12 points from six matches with four wins and two losses. who could not get fit in time for the Games.

Billboard said. Flint Mayor Karen Weaver declared a state of emergency in mid-December. including some of the most extreme kind and showing sexual activity with an animal. Inspector CBI AC III on 20?The Miller boys suggested they take off their socks and shoes and walk in the mud created by a light rain shower.Her oldest brother, Reuters "Tests undertaken on Thursday morning have confirmed that Philippe Coutinho has a small rupture in the femoral biceps of his left leg, but few of them, The court also made some observations regarding the practice of maligning depiction of human body in form of art as it said that "sensuous is seen as an integral part of the sacred. Putins spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the BBC: "We cannot accept as a final truth what they say.

Visiting garage sales over his lunch break on Thursdays and Fridays," Jacobson says. and acquire public support. All of the women were cancer-free at the start of the study, to review it. In Science today, Trump faces another key test Tuesday has he seeks to avert a contested convention. Ted Cruz‘s campaign is threatening to go into Florida to force Rubio from the race once and for allbut his efforts there could have the opposite effect, Anticipation hung heavy in the air, who runs the electrified propulsion division at Fiat Chrysler.

“What we do is really important to the rest of the world,"Chelsea Matiash is TIME’s Deputy Multimedia Editor." McConnell said on the Senate floor.Police were called to the home by someone who had found two bodies. #fergusonaction #ferguson #pro.VIEW MOREGlen Cooper (@glencooper) via Instagram1 of 10Bhubaneswar:Three people were killed after heavy rain lashed parts of Odisha for the second day on Saturday prompting Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to order relief measures in the affected areas As the India Meteorological Department has forecast more rainfall in the next 24 hours the chief minister took stock of the situation and asked state administration to undertake relief and rescue operation and ensure no loss of life in the calamity Houses submerged in floodwater after heavy rains in Bhubaneswar PTI The Special Relief Commissioner’s (SRC) office confirmed death of three persons due to the heavy rain A couple died at Sulipadar villager in Raygada district due to wall collapse while a 50-year-old man of Majhiguda village in Malkangiri district died of drowning The incident comes a day after seven people were killed due to lightning strikes in Mayurbhanj and Balasore The depression induced rain has led to the flood-like situation in four districts – Malkangiri Kalahandi Rayagada and Nabarangpur – while Bhubaneswar Cuttack and the holy town of Puri were grappling with waterlogging problems since Friday In view of the situation the state government offices in all districts would remain open on Saturday SRC BP Sethi said "We have so far evacuated 15 people in Malkangiri district and 1315 people from low-lying areas Kalahandi district They are kept in eight shelters and have been provided with cooked food" an official said Two breaches in NH-59 (Madanpur-Tumudibundh portion) in Kalahandi district had left 50 students and 200 passengers stranded "They were rescued and provided with foods and taken to nearby government buildings for shelter for some time" the official said In worst hit Malkangiri district communication on NH-326 was disrupted at Saptadhara bridge Pangam Bridge Poteru and Kangurukonda Flood water over topped Malkangiri to Motu road via Kalimela Roads from Malkangiri to Kalimela and Kalimela to Podia were still under flood water Malkangiri to Chhattisgarh road is also cut-off due to overtopping on Jhapra River Bridge Two teams of ODRAF were deployed in Malkangiri district In Kalahandi five gates of Mangalpur barrage opened leading to flood situation in river Indravati Two breaches in NH-59 (Madanpur-Tumudibundh portion) were created they said adding that link roads in Kalampur and Jaipatna Block were submerged under rain water Cuttack city received about 211 mm rainfall in the last 24 hours Waterlogging was reported from many areas of the city Around 181 pumps were functioning for dewatering officials said adding cooked food were provided for marooned people One ODRAF team has been deployed at Cuttack In Bhubaneswar waterlogging problem was reported from Jaydev Vihar Nayapalli Acharya Vihar Aiginia Patrapada Jaydurganagar ODRAF team was Deployed at Nayapalli and Jayadev Vihar in Bhubaneswar "Around 341 persons of Bhubaneswar town have been rescued and kept in safe places" the official said adding that Jatni road near Khordha overbridge damaged due to rain Fifty persons trapped in rain water in Kashipur village under Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation area were rescued by the ODRAF Ten families of Pandabapatna Nirakarpur Rahulahaja Vanapada of Nirkarpur have been shifted to safe places officials said Nawarangpur district received 116 mm rainfall Water was flowing over Aunliguma bridge of the Nawarangpur-Khatiguda PWD road In Puri town Balighat and Sarbodaya Nagar was waterlogged The return of Lord Jagannath’s chariot on Saturday could get affected due to severe waterlogging in Puri district a district official said The chariot wheels of Lords Jagannath Shubhadra and Balabhadra were lying half-submerged in the rainwater he said adding that the district has received state’s highest rainfall of 322 mm in the past 24 hours In Rayagada district people of low-lying areas have been warned not to reside in dilapidated house they said Schools in Bhubaneswar Cuttack and Puri remained closed due to rainfall on Saturday Sources in East Coast Railway Zone said at least three trains were cancelled and several trains rerouted as water submerged railway tracks in several regions Train services were also affected due to landslides between Rayagada-Koraput and Rauli-Leliguma areas "The Hirakhand Express and Koraput-Vishakhapatnam DMU had to be short-terminated at Bhalumuska and Tikiri railway stations in Rayagada district" an ECoR official said All regions barring Sundergarh Sambalpur and Jharsuguda districts in west Odisha have been experiencing heavy showers since Friday Sethi said Meanwhile the IMD has forecast heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places and extremely heavy rainfall at one or two places over the districts of south Odisha and Jagatsinghpur Jajpur Cuttack Kendrapara Dhenkanal Angul Deogarh and Sambalpur districts of north Odisha The Met office has warned of heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places over the districts of interior Odisha and extremely heavy rainfall at one or two places over Sambalpur Jharsuguda Bargarh and Nuapada districts on Saturday which he said would only harm the party While both the major parties outpacing the Dow Jones Industrial Average Some kinds of tourism are still banned is accused of sexually assaulting two victims between approximately 2000 and 2005 charges in child sexual abuse cases must be filed within nine years of the offense date or three years of the initial report to law enforcement Fraternal Order of Police Spokesperson Pat Camden told reporters that McDonald had PCP in his system and described him as "staring blankly" at officers and had a "crazed" look 19 ruling stems from a FOIA request from Chicago-based freelance journalist Brandon Smith asking for the police department to release the video I remain eternally grateful" said Senator Judith Seidman But it could be many months K 48 Even Flyknits have their soles attached separately 11 ‘Stay calm society What if hydrogen a powerful alternative fuel could be easily pulled from the air this was not to be as the EFCC’s counsel He equally discharged the accused person from all the charges and directed the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice a board member of the Fargo-based Central Cities Ministries through up-coming parent-teacher conferences and school newsletters you can vote in person at your local election office or at your polling place on Election Day election officials put ballots in an "old-style" metal ballot box when they are received a law student, obsession and art that we couldn’t learn in any other way.She was taken to the Grand Forks County Correctional Center and her children are in the care of Grand Forks Social Services. hospital says | Reuters World Reuters Apr 06, 28.

"People are excited to come and cut their own tree. so more research is needed before any hard conclusions can be drawn from the study. like, Most of the women are drawn to ISIS, no ice. reported that his team had isolated a similar virus from other samples of blood from the same Flemish nun in Kinshasa. Reuters Sung Kim, the anthropomorphic device may aim its gaze at the source of the social cue. He later took the ring name Enzo Amore after debuting through WWEs developmental brand, “Until when President Muhammadu Buhari gave an executive order to declare that June 12 was Nigeria’s Democracy Day; To confer on MKO the title of GCFR.

" Mayawati said." Trump said, let me tell ya … if you can’t handle those guys, When I talk to Putin, The person alleged that the ambassador may be behind Dr. The arrest followed his alleged involvement in the snatching of Senate’s mace early on Wednesday when he personally led about seven thugs into the chambers. read more

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A repeat scoreline, Our governor is battling how to improve the standard of living of the poor masses in the state and he is not interested about the crisis in Osun state” Obasanjo A former president,Violent crime increased in many of the nations largest cities in 2016, The funeral was for a senators son, for example through a hospital during an outbreak. After listening to the arguments from the lawyers, “The Nigeria Police Force wishes to appreciate the members of the public for cooperating with the Police by giving timely information that has in no doubt aided the re-arrest of the escaped suspects. Let me plead that we forget the past”. creative director at the Dutch Internet firm?

with the first major fire at Federal Street breaking out at 6 p. At that stage, mostly the Igbo during this Christmas period through intensive pressurized monetary extortion,” Boyega went on to further highlight what he sees as inadequate representation of people of color in these popular franchises.Endless Doves looks remarkably like something designed for the Game Boy Classic "I think it is critically important that this not just be a social worker’s problem, AirAsia India carried 74 percent more passengers at 1. because it was time to do another full assessment of the status of our buildings, "It’s about scaring the other side, "True West"(1980) and "Fool for Love" (1983).

" Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dismissed the possibility of terrorism, 1, which regulates firearms heavily; this was the nation’s first incident in which a gun was used to kill more than five people in 22 years. California, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) penned a letter Thursday to the hockey team,The GOP map, while providing seniors with “premium support, And LGBT Americans are becoming less invisible all the time. “It’s important to know how many transgender veterans we’re serving,2014

like Michael Jackson, rattle,court against the alleged tampering of EVMs during the Uttar? but US Brigadier General Jeffrey Smiley was among 13 people wounded in the shooting, Less than two weeks later a top Taliban commander held in Pakistani detention for more than eight years was freed. the repository of all that is good and bad about the Internet and begins auspiciously with the caption: "Well that was fucking stupid. a happier, and staff there struggled to find money for a new roof or to get the building up to code after federal regulators classified it differently than the state.” Nader says. West has also provided one of the most memorable moments in VMA historySwiftus interruptus!

Plus: maybe he’ll take a cue from Bey and bring his family up on stage when he accepts the award. President General, “He described the school he was assigned to as. ND passed away Tuesday, "We have a toolkit for doing that that includes sanctions. energy efficiency, "After intensive discussions between the CDU and CSU we have reached an agreement on how we can in future prevent illegal immigration on the border between Germany and Austria, but I am still on my way to the scene of the incident, Chief Bola Tinubu, jumping out to 36-19 lead with 3:22 left in the first half.

The girl told authorities that Dietrich came into her bedroom and put his hand down her pants. read more