Village Of Fredonia To Distribute Bottled Water During State Of Emergency

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Photo Credit: PixabayFREDONIA – The Village of Fredonia will be distributing bottles of water this week after officials issued a State of Emergency due to a problem with its water system.Officials say the water will be distributed at the Village DPW, 176 Eagle St., Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. both days.On Thursday, the Chautauqua County Health Department ordered customers of the Village of Fredonia Water System to boil water after high levels of cloudiness was found in a water sample taken on Wednesday.Residents who need further assistance can call (716) 679-1531 during normal business hours. last_img read more

Job counts up slightly in October, jobless rate unchanged at 5.2%

first_imgJob counts up slightly in October, jobless rate unchanged at 5.2%Montpelier (November 21, 2008) — The Vermont Department of Labor announced today that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for October 2008 was 5.2% percent, unchanged from the revised September rate and up 1.3 points from a year ago.”Though our employment and job numbers looked relatively good in October we believe that the impact is temporary,” said Patricia Moulton Powden, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Labor. “The increases we saw in seasonally adjusted employment and jobs may have been due to our surveys capturing a favorable foliage season. Never-the-less we welcome the stability in our unemployment rate in an environment where our national rate grew four-tenths of a point.”Job GrowthBefore seasonal adjustment, Total Non-Farm jobs grew by 2,000 or 0.6% from September to October. Despite this growth, Total Non-Farm jobs remains down by 0.3%, or about 900 jobs, over the year. The largest monthly gainers in October were Local Education (+1,750 or 7.6%), Retail Trade (+500 or 1.3%) and Accommodations (+400 or 4.3%). On an annual basis Healthcare & Social Assistance is the only sector showing significant job growth (+950 or 2.1%). The Manufacturing and Construction sectors have contracted by 750 and 950 jobs respectively over the year.When seasonally adjusted, job levels increased by 500 or 0.2% over September, but still lag a year ago by 900 or -0.3%. Leisure & Hospitality was primarily responsible for the job gain over the month, (+800 jobs or 2.5%). We believe this to be a temporary phenomenon caused by our sample capturing the impact of a favorable foliage season whereas in most years it does not.Employment GrowthVermont’s observed seasonally adjusted monthly changes in labor force and employment were statistically significant and greater than September values, but unemployment levels and rates were not. For comparison purposes, the US seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August was 6.5 percent, up four-tenths of a point form September 2008. Unemployment rates for Vermont’s 17 labor market areas ranged from 2.8 percent in Hartford to 6.2 percent in Newport. Local labor market area unemployment rates are not seasonally adjusted. For comparison, the unadjusted unemployment rate for Vermont was 4.6 percent, down three-tenths of a point from September 2008 and up 1.3 points from a year ago.last_img read more

NCUA offers grants to low-income credit unions

first_imgby: David MorrisonThe NCUA said its first round of grants for low-income credit unions will support their efforts to train staff and volunteers and to provide students with internship opportunities.The agency will provide at least $360,000 in funding during the first 2015 grant round. Credit unions may apply on the NCUA’s website Feb. 2 through March 3.In addition, the NCUA said it may provide funds to more than 100 low-income credit unions. continue reading » 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img

PODCAST: Build member engagement with cards

first_imgThe coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has accelerated both the move from cash to cards, and the use of advanced card technology including contactless cards, central issuance, and instant issuance.But it hasn’t changed the need for credit unions to be top of wallet with their cards. The best way to achieve that goal is by building member engagement, according to Nicole Machado, executive director, product strategy card services, for Harland Clarke.In this episode of the CUNA News Podcast, sponsored by Harland Clarke, Machado explains how to build a best-in-class engagement strategy through payments, how to become top of wallet, new developments in the card arena, payment trends accelerated by COVID-19, and more. This post is currently collecting data… ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrcenter_img This is placeholder text continue reading »last_img read more

Teacher recruitment needs upgrading for better quality, equality: IGI

first_imgAs a result, schools would rush through their selection process to find anyone who could replace their outgoing teachers, neglecting their selection criteria and perhaps sacrificing quality in terms of the incoming teacher.“We have [a saying] that ‘if a goat holds a bachelor’s degree, then the goat might as well teach’,” said Ramli.The policy to cancel the civil service exams also means that nonformal teachers would be denied the opportunity to advance to civil service status, which has a higher salary scale. At least 60 percent of all teachers in Indonesia were nonformal teachers paid by honorarium, Ramli said. Meanwhile, the preliminary results of an ongoing IGI survey found that 80 percent of all nonformal teachers it polled earned less than Rp 1 million (US$69.5) per month.Indonesia’s civil service system recruits both formal and contract teachers, and requires all teacher candidates to pass the civil service exam. Other aspiring teachers are informally recruited by individual schools as nonformal teachers who are paid by honorarium. Ramli’s warnings follow last week’s announcement from Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Tjahjo Kumolo.Tjahjo announced on July 6 that the government had canceled the civil servant recruitment program for this year and next due to a delay in the final process of the 2019 recruitment program, which he attributed to the COVID-19 health crisis.Read also: Civil servant recruitment for 2020 and 2021 canceled due to COVID-19, minister saysTeguh Widjinarko, the reform ministry’s acting undersecretary for state human resources, said on July 14 that while no new civil servants would be recruited this year, including teachers, the government planned to resume the selection program for contract teachers next year.He added that the ministry also planned to collaborate with the health and the education ministries to hold “coaching clinics” for local administrations to manage state employees.“We are responding to the concerns of stakeholders, in this case the [regions], the Education and Culture Ministry and the public, with good planning right from the outset,” said Teguh.While praising the planned initiatives, IGI’s Ramli also cautioned the government’s “halfhearted” stance on teacher recruitment, warning that poor recruitment had resulted in many current teachers who were teaching subjects in which they lacked expertise.He pointed to poor regularity clarity for the shoddy recruitment process, low wages for the lack of professionalism among nonformal teachers, and teacher training institutions (LPTKs) for producing substandard teachers.Ramli recalled a recent teacher recruitment held at his school in Makassar, South Sulawesi, during which only two out of 12 teacher candidates for English-language classes had demonstrated fluency in the language.“No matter how good the curriculum or the facilities may be, the quality of the education that the students receive will be poor if the teachers are not good at teaching,” Ramli said. He stressed that Indonesia could lag behind other countries in education if it did not reform its teacher recruitment system.Read also: Spotlight on teachers as Indonesian student competence worsensThe 2019 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey found a declining trend among Indonesian students in reading, mathematics and science skills, with the country ranking below Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Thailand.Meanwhile, the SMERU Research Institute published on June 29 a working paper indicating that the country was still struggling to improve the quality of its teachers because of institutional, political economy and social obstacles in recruitment.The paper revealed, for instance, the muddled delegation of tasks between the relevant ministries and the centralized recruitment system. This had resulted in ideas raised at interministerial discussions playing a greater role in teacher recruitment than the input from local administrations, all the while stakeholders pursued their own interests over educational goals.It also said that inequality between formal and nonformal teachers, as well as systemic bias for seniority over merit, had discouraged teachers from developing their professional skills and instead encouraged them to pursue civil servant status as a career goal.Read also: Nadiem’s reforms, up to teachers nowThe SMERU paper recommended limiting the term of contract teachers to identify the best qualified and most passionate candidates for the job.It also advised the government to address the absence of a state-level teacher management institution. Further, the government should develop mechanisms to stimulate public demand for high-quality teachers, instead of creating new laws to discourage politicking.“The key to improving education performance starts with improving the stock of the country’s teachers,” said the paper’s authors, who reviewed legal documents, conducted in-depth interviews and held focus group discussions.Topics : Indonesia could see a decline in the quality of new teachers, as the government’s recent cancellation of civil service entrance exams could result in a haphazard recruitment process, a teachers’ union has warned.Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) chairman Muhammad Ramli Rahim said that the new policy would affect schools, which would struggle to replace outgoing teachers who retired or left for a different job.IGI data shows that over 544,000 civil servant teachers will be retiring in the next four years, while around 226,000 teachers had retired in 2017-2020.last_img read more

‘Skinny dippers’ event to be kept under wraps

first_imgBay of Plenty Times 8 Nov 2012The EdgeSkinny dippers attempting a world record in the Bay will be covered in to ensure that unsuspecting beachgoers are not exposed to the fleshy scene. The event organisers have accepted recommendations from the Tauranga City Council for a new location and that shade screens be set up to create a visible barrier. The world record attempt for skinny dipping was arranged by radio station The Edge after listeners voted Mount Maunganui the ideal North Island location. The event will now be held at Papamoa’s Harrison’s Cut on December 1. Council spokeswoman Alison Clifford said other events planned for Mount Maunganui that weekend would make parking and access difficult for the event. Some roads would be closed for a Christmas parade which would be staged on the same day. Harrison’s Cut had ample parking. The council also suggested that a shade screen be erected.…Family First national director Bob McCoskrie said the move away from the main beach and introduction of screens was a “victory for common sense”. When the Bay of Plenty Times first published the story of the plans, Mr McCoskrie hit out at it, saying it was highly offensive and “completely unacceptable”. read more

Woman shocks doctors by using superfoods like turmeric to treat cancer

first_imgHealthLifestyle Woman shocks doctors by using superfoods like turmeric to treat cancer by: – July 3, 2012 Share Sharing is caring! 21 Views   no discussions Tumeric root and powder. Photo credit: Maybe you’ve seen those commercials where a doctor is working on a construction crew, then it shows the construction worker in the pharmacy looking for the right medicine, telling you not to do your doctor’s job because you wouldn’t want him doing yours. It’s quite a ridiculous analogy really, insinuating that there’s a similarity in a doctor running a jack hammer, and you taking care of your own body, like that’s someone else’s job. No one else can maintain your body or has to live with the consequences of how you do so, but you. Duh.In a similar tone, there was recently a story out of England about a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer, had the traditional treatments, but then declined the follow-up pharmaceuticals in favor of managing her health with nutrition. There seems to be genuine surprise at her success. Which is…. surprising. What’s the big shocker? There are numerous books, stories and websites out there documenting the success of “alternative” treatments to cancer. Before the age of Big Pharma, “alternative” treatments such as through diet, exercise, and supplementation, were the cancer treatments, and there was less cancer then too.To fight it, you have to understand itFor anyone who wants to understand how cancer works, there is a wealth of information out there that explains the causes, lifestyle factors, percentages, etc. Cancer lives in an acidic, anaerobic environment. So, it stands to reason that a strict vegan diet of organic fruits and vegetables, a good portion of them raw, would correct that environment. It swings the pH back to neutral or even alkaline, it oxygenates the blood, and it provides the body with the resources it needs to fight the fight itself.Many sources site animal protein as a culprit. It’s more all mainstream food because of the toxic way it is processed and preserved. Xenoestrogens from chemicals used on non-organic plants are just as involved in ill health as hormone laden animal products. When ill, detoxing with an organic vegan diet containing lots of superfoods is the best place to start – you need lots of extra ORACs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. Take therapeutic doses of things like vitamin D, coq10, garlic, vitamin C. A balanced diet of all organic food is fine for maintaining health.There’s no way for any of us to completely avoid the DNA damage that leads to abnormal cells. The Cancer Society says that 50 percent of American men and 33 percent of American women will develop some form of cancer in their lives. Causes are not just from poor diet, smoking or alcohol, lack of exercise, and environmental pollution. It can also come from genetics, viruses, and exposure to chemicals from a variety of places. The best we can do is to take care of our bodies in a way that limits the number of cells damaged and the severity of the damage so that our bodies can keep up with destroying the abnormal cells and maintaining cellular equilibrium.What is surprising…We can’t separate what we eat from our health. It’s not surprising that a good diet begets good health. What is surprising is that modern medical practitioners don’t address that angle more often, though they are doing so more and more recently. What is surprising is that nutrition is not always taught in medical school. How can that be? Would you take your car to a mechanic that doesn’t understand the fuel system? Don’t you expect your children’s teachers to be educated in education?Something else that is surprising is that using diet and ancient treatments is called “alternative” even though there is a longer history of using acupuncture or eating garlic, turmeric, and antioxidant-rich foods than the radical, barbaric modern treatments of radical mastectomies and hysterectomies. What is shocking is that we’re hardly counseled in nutrition, but fully expected to take extremely poisonous pharmaceuticals that are often more deadly than the original illness.We are sharing the planet with seven billion other souls now, with more coming daily. The world is increasingly toxic and having good health is becoming more of a decision than luck. Even some of us that exercise and eat well will become sick. Good food can only increase our chances of survival, let alone quality of life.What is further surprising is why the English woman didn’t change her diet sooner. She may have saved her breasts and a lot of headaches.By: Willow TohiNatural Newscenter_img Share Share Tweetlast_img read more

Holiday supply? P1.8-M ‘shabu’ seized in Bacolod drug bust

first_imgAccording to Gever,the suspect had been under surveillance for over a week. She was tagged as ahigh-value drug target. An undercover officerinitially bought from Berbor a sachet of suspected illegal drugs for P2,000. “She (Berbor) did notstop selling illegal drugs despite her live-in partner being arrested on similarcharges last October,” he said. The suspect was detained, facing chargesfor violation of Republic Act 9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of2002./PN Seven more sachets ofsuspected shabu were recovered during Berbor’s arrest around 3:30 p.m. onWednesday. center_img Major Charles Gever,chief of Police Station 8, identified the suspect as 25-year-old KimberlyBerbor, a resident of the city’s Barangay 30. BACOLOD City –Antidrug operatives here seized suspected shabu weighing about 150 grams valuedat around P1.8 million in a buy-bust operation in Barangay Pahanocoy.last_img read more

Gov. Pence in Israel on jobs mission

first_imgINDIANAPOLIS – Governor Mike Pence is on a nine-day trip to Israel as part of an economic development mission to bring jobs and investment to Indiana.“Hoosiers and Israelis have a bond connecting us in education, business, culture and values. With this trip we’ll focus on deepening those relationships, looking at ways to nurture shared growth and success,” said Pence.“As friends, we’re stronger together, and together our shared entrepreneurial spirit and drive can lead to opportunities that are boundless.”This is Pence’s fifth international job-hunting mission as governor.last_img

Oscar De La Hoya in sex scandal

first_imgRelatedPosts De La Hoya quits retirement Pacquiao to fight for WBA welterweight title Retired boxer-turned-promoter Oscar De La Hoya is being sued by a woman claiming he sexually assaulted and battered her during a drug- and alcohol-induced encounter in 2017, leaving her with physical injuries and in emotional distress.The woman is seeking unspecified damages from the 46-year-old former Olympic gold medalist and six-division world champion.Specifically, De La Hoya is accused of inviting the woman, a registered nurse, to his Pasadena, California home in November 2017. It was there, she claimed, that De La Hoya became intoxicated after downing several bottles of liquor and a bag of “what appeared to be cocaine” in his kitchen.De La Hoya allegedly brought the woman to his bedroom, where she says he told her about his fetish for transgender porn and asked if she wanted to “experiment” sexually. After she turned down several of his requests, Doe claimed De La Hoya grew angry and ultimately ‘held her down with one arm while sexually assaulting her.The woman claims she “repeatedly said no and demanded that De La Hoya stop.”In response to her screams, she said De La Hoya laughed and offered her a shot of alcohol. The woman claimed she refused and left his home in “extreme pain and shock.”“The acts of De La Hoya, as alleged herein, were extreme, outrageous, and beyond all bounds of decency tolerated in a civilized society,” read the complaint filed in Los Angeles Super Court. “Moreover, De La Hoya’s conduct was malicious, oppressive, highly reprehensible and done with the intent to subject Plaintiff to unjust hardship, and as such warrants the imposition of punitive damages in an amount sufficient to punish De La Hoya and deter all others from engaging in similar conduct.”A spokesman for De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions did not immediately respond to the Daily Mail’s request for comment.This is not the first time De La Hoya has been accused of sexual misconduct.He was accused of rape in 1998, but Mexican authorities ultimately declined to file charges and he maintained his innocence.A 15-year-old complainant previously sued him in San Bernadino, California Superior Court, accusing De La Hoya of raping her in Mexico in 1996. The two parties settled out of court.Tags: Oscar De La Hoyalast_img read more